The Collectors' Network

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Existing Reservations

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1220-0Office CodeE. Bergh
1220-1Office CodeE. Bergh
1220-2Office Codem. speedasterisk PBX in server room
1220-3Office CodeJ. AZBELL
1220-4Office CodeA. Moller
1220-5Office CodeVACANT
1220-6Office CodeVACANT
1220-7Office CodeVACANT
1220-8Office CodeVACANT
1220-9Office CodeVACANT
1221-0Office CodeVACANT
1221-1Office CodeR. IvanovAsterisk PBX
1221-2Office CodeR. IvanovAsterisk Tests
1221-3Office CodeC. StanfordFreePBX Asterisk
1221-4Office CodeVACANT
1221-5Office CodeVACANT
1221-6Office CodeVACANT
1221-7Office CodeVACANT
1221-8Office CodeVACANT
1221-9Office CodeVACANT
1222-0Office CodeA. Bloom
1222-1Office CodeA. Bloom
1222-2Office CodeA. Bloom
1222-3Office CodeA. Bloom
1222-4Office CodeA. Bloom
1222-5Office CodeA. Bloom
1222-6Office CodeA. Bloom
1222-7Office CodeA. Bloom
1222-8Office CodeA. Bloom
1222-9Office CodeA. Bloom
1223-0Office CodeVACANT
1223-1Office CodeVACANT
1223-2Office CodeVACANT
1223-3Office CodeVACANT
1223-4Office CodeVACANT
1223-5Office CodeVACANT
1223-6Office CodeVACANT
1223-7Office CodeVACANT
1223-8Office CodeVACANT
1223-9Office CodeVACANT
1224-0Office CodeT. Janssen1000 CUCM cluster (I don't have any classic telephone gear)
1224-1Office CodeVACANT
1224-2Office CodeVACANT
1224-3Office CodeVACANT
1224-4Office CodeVACANT
1224-5Office CodeVACANT
1224-6Office CodeVACANT
1224-7Office CodeJ. MunozFrontend Asterisk - Ambergate
1224-8Office CodeVACANT
1224-9Office CodeVACANT
1225-0Office CodeG. Robertson
1225-1Office CodeG. Robertson
1225-2Office CodeG. Robertson
1225-3Office CodeG. Robertson
1225-4Office CodeG. Robertson
1225-5Office CodeG. Robertson
1225-6Office CodeG. Robertson
1225-7Office CodeG. Robertson
1225-8Office CodeG. Robertson
1225-9Office CodeG. Robertson
1226-0Office CodeVACANT
1226-1Office CodeVACANT
1226-2Office CodeVACANT
1226-3Office CodeVACANT
1226-4Office CodeVACANT
1226-5Office CodeVACANT
1226-6Office CodeVACANT
1226-7Office CodeA. Carfrae
1226-8Office CodeVACANT
1226-9Office CodeVACANT
1227-0Office CodeJ. WinterSaint Josephs College, Rensselaer Indiana
1227-1Office CodeVACANT
1227-2Office CodeN. Hendrix
1227-3Office CodeVACANT
1227-4Office CodeVACANT
1227-5Office CodeC. Swanson
1227-6Office CodeVACANT
1227-7Office CodeVACANT
1227-8Office CodeVACANT
1227-9Office CodeVACANT
1228-0Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1228-1Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1228-2Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1228-3Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1228-4Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1228-5Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1228-6Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1228-7Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1228-8Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1228-9Office CodeK. HlavacsXY
1229-3Office CodeD. CruzFor former NPSTN users hosted lines and Asterisk stuff. Will also have numbers connected to various switches
1229-4Office CodeD. CruzFor former NPSTN users hosted lines and Asterisk stuff. Will also have numbers connected to various switches
1229-5Office CodeD. CruzFor former NPSTN users hosted lines and Asterisk stuff. Will also have numbers connected to various switches
1229-6Office CodeD. CruzFor former NPSTN users hosted lines and Asterisk stuff. Will also have numbers connected to various switches
1229-7Office CodeD. CruzFor former NPSTN users hosted lines and Asterisk stuff. Will also have numbers connected to various switches
1229-8Office CodeD. CruzFor former NPSTN users hosted lines and Asterisk stuff. Will also have numbers connected to various switches
1229-9Office CodeD. CruzFor former NPSTN users hosted lines and Asterisk stuff. Will also have numbers connected to various switches
1230-0Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1230-1Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1230-2Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1230-3Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1230-4Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1230-5Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1230-6Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1230-7Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1230-8Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1230-9Office CodeD. CruzFor Leich L55 switchboard, WE Franken board, And WE 6A Modified dial intercom (Senderized) It will have DID and subscribers served off it. As well as manual subscribers
1231-0Office CodeN. Albert
1231-1Office CodeN. Albert
1231-2Office CodeN. Albert
1231-3Office CodeN. Albert
1231-4Office CodeN. Albert
1231-5Office CodeN. Albert
1231-6Office CodeN. Albert
1231-7Office CodeN. Albert
1231-8Office CodeN. Albert
1231-9Office CodeN. Albert
1232-0Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1232-1Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1232-2Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1232-3Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1232-4Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1232-5Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1232-6Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1232-7Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1232-8Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1232-9Office CodeA. SNo. 5 crossbar, Connections Museum
1233-0Office CodeA. S
1233-1Office CodeA. S
1233-2Office CodeA. S
1233-3Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1233-4Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1233-5Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1233-6Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1233-7Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1233-8Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1233-9Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1234-0Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1234-1Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1234-2Office Code. The Telephone Museum
1234-3Office CodeVACANT
1234-4Office CodeVACANT
1234-5789Single NumberJ. CovertBEechwood 4-5789
1234-6Office CodeVACANT
1234-7Office CodeVACANT
1234-8Office CodeVACANT
1234-9Office CodeVACANT
1235-0Office CodeVACANT
1235-1Office CodeVACANT
1235-2Office CodeVACANT
1235-3Office CodeVACANT
1235-4Office CodeVACANT
1235-5Office CodeVACANT
1235-6Office CodeVACANT
1235-7Office CodeVACANT
1235-8Office CodeVACANT
1235-9Office CodeVACANT
1236-0Office CodeK. Stanfield
1236-1Office CodeK. Stanfield
1236-2Office CodeK. Stanfield
1236-3Office CodeK. Stanfield
1236-4Office CodeK. Stanfield
1236-5Office CodeK. Stanfield
1236-6Office CodeK. Stanfield
1236-7Office CodeK. Stanfield
1236-8Office CodeK. Stanfield
1236-9Office CodeK. Stanfield
1237-0Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1237-1Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1237-2Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1237-3Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1237-4Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1237-5Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1237-6Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1237-7Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1237-8Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1237-9Office CodeE. BerghAsterisk PBX interconnection and trunking to other systems
1238-0Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1238-1Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1238-2Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1238-3Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1238-4Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1238-5Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1238-6Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1238-7Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1238-8Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1238-9Office CodeS. YoungRedcom MDX384
1239-0Office CodeVACANT
1239-1Office CodeVACANT
1239-2Office CodeVACANT
1239-3Office CodeVACANT
1239-4Office CodeVACANT
1239-5Office CodeVACANT
1239-6Office CodeVACANT
1239-7Office CodeVACANT
1239-8Office CodeVACANT
1239-9Office CodeVACANT
1240-0Office CodeVACANT
1240-1Office CodeVACANT
1240-2Office CodeVACANT
1240-3Office CodeVACANT
1240-4Office CodeVACANT
1240-5Office CodeVACANT
1240-6Office CodeVACANT
1240-7Office CodeVACANT
1240-8Office CodeVACANT
1240-9Office CodeVACANT
1241-0Office CodeE. Stewart
1241-1Office CodeE. Stewart
1241-2Office CodeVACANT
1241-3Office CodeVACANT
1241-4Office CodeVACANT
1241-5Office CodeE. Stewart
1241-6Office CodeVACANT
1241-7Office CodeVACANT
1241-8111Single Numberm. thedeip voip tl
1241-9Office CodeE. Stewart
1242-0Office CodeW. FisherAsterisk switch w/ goodies! :D
1242-1Office CodeW. Fisher1000 for extensions, since my extensions are laid out as 1xxx leaving 0000 for services. Nice and tidy! :D
1242-2Office CodeE. Stewart3 link 30 line step switch (online intermittently)
1242-3Office CodeVACANT
1242-4Office CodeW. Fisher4000 block for conferences and such.
1242-5Office CodeVACANT
1242-6Office CodeVACANT
1242-7Office CodeW. FisherReservation for conferences
1242-8Office CodeVACANT
1242-9Office CodeVACANT
1243-0Office CodeVACANT
1243-1Office CodeVACANT
1243-2Office CodeVACANT
1243-3Office CodeVACANT
1243-4Office CodeVACANT
1243-5Office CodeVACANT
1243-6Office CodeVACANT
1243-7Office CodeVACANT
1243-8Office CodeVACANT
1243-9Office CodeVACANT
1244-0Office CodeD. Karr
1244-1Office CodeD. Karr
1244-2Office CodeD. Karr
1244-3Office CodeD. Karr
1244-4Office CodeD. Karr
1244-5Office CodeD. Karr
1244-6Office CodeD. Karr
1244-7Office CodeD. Karr
1244-8Office CodeD. Karr
1244-9Office CodeD. Karr
1245-0Office CodeVACANT
1245-1Office CodeVACANT
1245-2Office CodeVACANT
1245-3Office CodeVACANT
1245-4Office CodeVACANT
1245-5Office CodeVACANT
1245-6Office CodeVACANT
1245-7Office CodeVACANT
1245-8Office CodeVACANT
1245-9Office CodeVACANT
1246-0Office CodeVACANT
1246-1Office CodeVACANT
1246-2Office CodeVACANT
1246-3Office CodeVACANT
1246-4Office CodeVACANT
1246-5Office CodeVACANT
1246-6Office CodeVACANT
1246-7Office CodeVACANT
1246-8Office CodeVACANT
1246-9Office CodeVACANT
1247-0Office CodeVACANT
1247-1Office CodeVACANT
1247-2Office CodeVACANT
1247-3Office CodeVACANT
1247-4Office CodeVACANT
1247-5Office CodeVACANT
1247-6Office CodeVACANT
1247-7Office CodeVACANT
1247-8Office CodeVACANT
1247-9Office CodeVACANT
1248-0Office CodeVACANT
1248-1Office CodeVACANT
1248-2Office CodeVACANT
1248-3Office CodeVACANT
1248-4Office CodeVACANT
1248-5Office CodeVACANT
1248-6Office CodeB. Hill
1248-7Office CodeVACANT
1248-8Office CodeVACANT
1248-9Office CodeVACANT
1249-0Office CodeVACANT
1249-1Office CodeVACANT
1249-2Office CodeVACANT
1249-3Office CodeL. Spenadel
1249-4Office CodeVACANT
1249-5Office CodeVACANT
1249-6Office CodeVACANT
1249-7Office CodeVACANT
1249-8Office CodeVACANT
1249-9Office CodeVACANT
1250-0Office CodeVACANT
1250-1Office CodeVACANT
1250-2Office CodeVACANT
1250-3Office CodeVACANT
1250-4Office CodeVACANT
1250-5Office CodeVACANT
1250-6Office CodeVACANT
1250-7Office CodeVACANT
1250-8Office CodeVACANT
1250-9Office CodeVACANT
1251-0Office CodeVACANT
1251-1Office CodeVACANT
1251-2Office CodeVACANT
1251-3Office CodeVACANT
1251-4Office CodeVACANT
1251-5Office CodeVACANT
1251-6Office CodeVACANT
1251-7Office CodeVACANT
1251-8Office CodeVACANT
1251-9Office CodeVACANT
1252-0Office CodeVACANT
1252-1Office CodeVACANT
1252-2Office CodeVACANT
1252-3Office CodeVACANT
1252-4Office CodeVACANT
1252-5Office CodeVACANT
1252-6Office CodeVACANT
1252-7Office CodeVACANT
1252-8Office CodeVACANT
1252-9Office CodeVACANT
1253-0Office CodeVACANT
1253-1Office CodeA. Reynolds
1253-2Office CodeVACANT
1253-3Office CodeVACANT
1253-4Office CodeVACANT
1253-5Office CodeVACANT
1253-6Office CodeVACANT
1253-7Office CodeVACANT
1253-8Office CodeA. Reynolds
1253-9Office CodeVACANT
1254-0Office CodeVACANT
1254-1Office CodeVACANT
1254-2Office CodeVACANT
1254-3Office CodeVACANT
1254-4Office CodeVACANT
1254-5Office CodeVACANT
1254-6Office CodeVACANT
1254-7Office CodeVACANT
1254-8Office CodeVACANT
1254-9Office CodeVACANT
1255-0Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1255-1Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1255-2Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1255-3Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1255-4Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1255-5Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1255-6Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1255-7Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1255-8Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1255-9Office CodeL. SpenadelWestern SxS / ITEC SxS / GEC PAX
1256-0Office CodeVACANT
1256-1Office CodeT. GriffinKey Systems
1256-2Office CodeVACANT
1256-3Office CodeVACANT
1256-4Office CodeVACANT
1256-5Office CodeVACANT
1256-6Office CodeVACANT
1256-7Office CodeVACANT
1256-8Office CodeVACANT
1256-9Office CodeVACANT
1257-0Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1257-1Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1257-2Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1257-3Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1257-4Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1257-5Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1257-6Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1257-7Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1257-8Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1257-9Office CodeC. PerkinsPlymouth Leich 40
1258-0Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1258-1Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1258-2Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1258-3Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1258-4Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1258-5Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1258-6Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1258-7Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1258-8Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1258-9Office CodeS. YoungWestern SxS (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1259-0Office CodeVACANT
1259-1Office CodeVACANT
1259-2Office CodeVACANT
1259-3Office CodeVACANT
1259-4Office CodeVACANT
1259-5Office CodeVACANT
1259-6Office CodeVACANT
1259-7Office CodeVACANT
1259-8Office CodeVACANT
1259-9Office CodeVACANT
1260-0Office CodeK. Jennings
1260-1Office CodeM. Blocker
1260-2Office CodeVACANT
1260-3Office CodeVACANT
1260-4Office CodeVACANT
1260-5Office CodeVACANT
1260-6Office CodeVACANT
1260-7Office CodeVACANT
1260-8Office CodeVACANT
1260-9Office CodeM. BlockerI already have some numbers in that range on NPSTN. Thinking of doing more, and experimenting with some things. Maybe sharing some numbers with folks, and maybe connecting it with a second Asterisk server I'm going to set up soon.
1261-0Office CodeVACANT
1261-1Office CodeVACANT
1261-2Office CodeVACANT
1261-3Office CodeVACANT
1261-4Office CodeVACANT
1261-5Office CodeVACANT
1261-6Office CodeVACANT
1261-7Office CodeVACANT
1261-8Office CodeVACANT
1261-9Office CodeVACANT
1262-0Office CodeB. Hill
1262-1Office CodeVACANT
1262-2Office CodeD. EberhartAsterisk interconnection to vintage systems including 1A2 key system, Merlin 410 key system, and some TDM equipment including a Patton DialFire modem bank. GS lines terminate via Adit 600. Likely more to come...
1262-3Office CodeVACANT
1262-4Office CodeB. Hill
1262-5Office CodeVACANT
1262-6Office CodeVACANT
1262-7Office CodeVACANT
1262-8Office CodeVACANT
1262-9Office CodeB. Hill
1263-0Office CodeJ. Covert
1263-1Office CodeJ. Covert
1263-2Office CodeJ. Covert
1263-3Office CodeJ. Covert
1263-4Office CodeJ. Covert
1263-5Office CodeJ. Covert
1263-6Office CodeJ. Covert
1263-7Office CodeJ. Covert
1263-8Office CodeJ. Covert
1263-9Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-0Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-1Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-2Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-3Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-4Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-5Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-6Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-7Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-8Office CodeJ. Covert
1264-9Office CodeJ. Covert
1265-0Office CodeVACANT
1265-1Office CodeVACANT
1265-2Office CodeG. McGaha
1265-3Office CodeVACANT
1265-4Office CodeVACANT
1265-5Office CodeG. McGaha
1265-6Office CodeVACANT
1265-7Office CodeVACANT
1265-8Office CodeVACANT
1265-9Office CodeVACANT
1266-0Office CodeVACANT
1266-1Office CodeVACANT
1266-2Office CodeVACANT
1266-3Office CodeVACANT
1266-4Office CodeVACANT
1266-5Office CodeVACANT
1266-6Office CodeVACANT
1266-7Office CodeVACANT
1266-8Office CodeC. Antonelli
1266-9Office CodeC. Antonelli
1267-0Office CodeR. Walsh
1267-1Office CodeR. Walsh
1267-2Office CodeR. Walsh
1267-3Office CodeR. Walsh
1267-4Office CodeR. Walsh
1267-5Office CodeR. Walsh
1267-6Office CodeR. Walsh
1267-7Office CodeR. Walsh
1267-8Office CodeR. Walsh
1267-9Office CodeR. Walsh
1268-0Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1268-1Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1268-2Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1268-3Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1268-4Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1268-5Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1268-6Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1268-7Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1268-8Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1268-9Office CodeS. YoungNorth CX 60 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1269-0Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1269-1Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1269-2Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1269-3Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1269-4Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1269-5Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1269-6Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1269-7Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1269-8Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1269-9Office CodeD. HockCascow Telephone
1270-0Office CodeR. WerthWerthnet Telephone
1270-1Office CodeVACANT
1270-2Office CodeR. WerthWerthnet Telephone
1270-3Office CodeVACANT
1270-4Office CodeF. Coffey
1270-5Office CodeVACANT
1270-6Office CodeVACANT
1270-7Office CodeVACANT
1270-8Office CodeVACANT
1270-9Office CodeVACANT
1271-0Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1271-1Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1271-2Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1271-3Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1271-4Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1271-5Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1271-6Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1271-7Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1271-8Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1271-9Office CodeR. Rodriguez
1272-0Office CodeVACANT
1272-1Office CodeVACANT
1272-2Office CodeT. JuszczakAsterisk + AT&T Spirit
1272-3Office CodeVACANT
1272-4Office CodeVACANT
1272-5Office CodeVACANT
1272-6Office CodeVACANT
1272-7Office CodeVACANT
1272-8Office CodeG. West
1272-9Office CodeVACANT
1273-0Office CodeVACANT
1273-1Office CodeVACANT
1273-2Office CodeB. LawsonAsterisk PBX
1273-3Office CodeVACANT
1273-4Office CodeVACANT
1273-5Office CodeVACANT
1273-6Office CodeVACANT
1273-7Office CodeVACANT
1273-8Office CodeVACANT
1273-9Office CodeVACANT
1274-0Office CodeVACANT
1274-1Office CodeVACANT
1274-2Office CodeVACANT
1274-3Office CodeVACANT
1274-4Office CodeVACANT
1274-5Office CodeVACANT
1274-6Office CodeVACANT
1274-7Office CodeVACANT
1274-8Office CodeVACANT
1274-9Office CodeVACANT
1275-0Office CodeVACANT
1275-1Office CodeVACANT
1275-2Office CodeVACANT
1275-3Office CodeVACANT
1275-4Office CodeA. SStep-by-Step, Connections Museum
1275-5Office CodeVACANT
1275-6Office CodeVACANT
1275-7Office CodeVACANT
1275-8Office CodeA. SStep-by-Step, Connections Museum
1275-9Office CodeA. SStep-by-Step, Connections Museum
1276-0Office CodeVACANT
1276-1Office CodeVACANT
1276-2Office CodeVACANT
1276-3Office CodeVACANT
1276-4Office CodeVACANT
1276-5Office CodeVACANT
1276-6Office CodeVACANT
1276-7Office CodeVACANT
1276-8Office CodeVACANT
1276-9Office CodeVACANT
1277-0Office CodeVACANT
1277-1Office CodeVACANT
1277-2Office CodeVACANT
1277-3Office CodeVACANT
1277-4Office CodeVACANT
1277-5Office CodeVACANT
1277-6Office CodeVACANT
1277-7Office CodeVACANT
1277-8Office CodeVACANT
1277-9Office CodeVACANT
1278-0Office CodeVACANT
1278-1Office CodeR. Sasongko
1278-2Office CodeVACANT
1278-3Office CodeVACANT
1278-4Office CodeVACANT
1278-5Office CodeVACANT
1278-6Office CodeVACANT
1278-7Office CodeVACANT
1278-8Office CodeVACANT
1278-9Office CodeVACANT
1279-0Office CodeD. Heimer
1279-1Office CodeD. Heimer
1279-2Office CodeD. Heimer
1279-3Office CodeD. Heimer
1279-4Office CodeD. Heimer
1279-5Office CodeD. Heimer
1279-6Office CodeD. Heimer
1279-7Office CodeD. Heimer
1279-8Office CodeD. Heimer
1279-9Office CodeD. Heimer
1280-0Office CodeVACANT
1280-1Office CodeVACANT
1280-2Office CodeVACANT
1280-3Office CodeM. FlynnInfoAge
1280-4Office CodeVACANT
1280-5Office CodeVACANT
1280-6Office CodeVACANT
1280-7Office CodeVACANT
1280-8Office CodeVACANT
1280-9Office CodeVACANT
1281-0Office CodeVACANT
1281-1Office CodeVACANT
1281-2Office CodeVACANT
1281-3Office CodeVACANT
1281-4Office CodeVACANT
1281-5Office CodeVACANT
1281-6Office CodeVACANT
1281-7Office CodeVACANT
1281-8Office CodeVACANT
1281-9Office CodeVACANT
1282-0Office CodeA. White
1282-1Office CodeA. White
1282-2Office CodeA. White
1282-3Office CodeA. White
1282-4Office CodeA. White
1282-5Office CodeA. White
1282-6Office CodeA. White
1282-7Office CodeA. White
1282-8Office CodeA. White
1282-9Office CodeA. White
1283-0Office CodeVACANT
1283-1Office CodeVACANT
1283-2Office CodeVACANT
1283-3Office CodeVACANT
1283-4Office CodeVACANT
1283-5Office CodeVACANT
1283-6Office CodeVACANT
1283-7Office CodeVACANT
1283-8Office CodeVACANT
1283-9Office CodeVACANT
1284-0Office CodeVACANT
1284-1Office CodeE. Horst
1284-2Office CodeVACANT
1284-3Office CodeVACANT
1284-4Office CodeVACANT
1284-5Office CodeVACANT
1284-6Office CodeVACANT
1284-7Office CodeVACANT
1284-8Office CodeVACANT
1284-9Office CodeVACANT
1285-0Office CodeVACANT
1285-1Office CodeR. Hull1A2 Key / Mitel PBX
1285-2Office CodeVACANT
1285-3Office CodeVACANT
1285-4Office CodeVACANT
1285-5Office CodeVACANT
1285-6Office CodeVACANT
1285-7Office CodeVACANT
1285-8Office CodeVACANT
1285-9Office CodeVACANT
1286-0Office CodeVACANT
1286-1Office CodeVACANT
1286-2Office CodeVACANT
1286-3Office CodeVACANT
1286-4Office CodeVACANT
1286-5Office CodeVACANT
1286-6Office CodeVACANT
1286-7Office CodeVACANT
1286-8Office CodeVACANT
1286-9Office CodeVACANT
1287-0Office CodeVACANT
1287-1Office CodeVACANT
1287-2Office CodeVACANT
1287-3Office CodeVACANT
1287-4Office CodeVACANT
1287-5Office CodeVACANT
1287-6Office CodeVACANT
1287-7Office CodeVACANT
1287-8Office CodeVACANT
1287-9Office CodeVACANT
1288-0Office CodeVACANT
1288-1Office CodeVACANT
1288-2Office CodeVACANT
1288-3Office CodeVACANT
1288-4Office CodeVACANT
1288-5Office CodeVACANT
1288-6Office CodeVACANT
1288-7Office CodeVACANT
1288-8Office CodeVACANT
1288-9Office CodeVACANT
1289-0Office CodeJ. Sichert
1289-1Office CodeJ. Sichert
1289-2Office CodeJ. Sichert
1289-3Office CodeJ. Sichert
1289-4Office CodeJ. Sichert
1289-5Office CodeJ. Sichert
1289-6Office CodeJ. Sichert
1289-7Office CodeJ. Sichert
1289-8Office CodeJ. Sichert
1289-9Office CodeJ. Sichert
1290-0Office CodeVACANT
1290-1Office CodeVACANT
1290-2Office CodeVACANT
1290-3Office CodeVACANT
1290-4Office CodeVACANT
1290-5Office CodeVACANT
1290-6Office CodeVACANT
1290-7Office CodeVACANT
1290-8Office CodeVACANT
1290-9Office CodeVACANT
1291-0Office CodeVACANT
1291-1Office CodeVACANT
1291-2Office CodeVACANT
1291-3Office CodeVACANT
1291-4Office CodeVACANT
1291-5Office CodeVACANT
1291-6Office CodeVACANT
1291-7Office CodeVACANT
1291-8Office CodeVACANT
1291-9Office CodeVACANT
1292-0Office CodeVACANT
1292-1Office CodeVACANT
1292-2Office CodeVACANT
1292-3Office CodeVACANT
1292-4Office CodeVACANT
1292-5Office CodeVACANT
1292-6Office CodeVACANT
1292-7Office CodeVACANT
1292-8Office CodeVACANT
1292-9Office CodeVACANT
1293-0Office CodeVACANT
1293-1Office CodeVACANT
1293-2Office CodeVACANT
1293-3Office CodeVACANT
1293-4Office CodeVACANT
1293-5Office CodeVACANT
1293-6Office CodeA. GoldbergKey systems with access via Panasonic KX-T1232
1293-7Office CodeVACANT
1293-8Office CodeVACANT
1293-9Office CodeVACANT
1294-0Office CodeVACANT
1294-1Office CodeVACANT
1294-2Office CodeVACANT
1294-3Office CodeVACANT
1294-4Office CodeVACANT
1294-5Office CodeVACANT
1294-6Office CodeVACANT
1294-7Office CodeVACANT
1294-8Office CodeVACANT
1294-9Office CodeVACANT
1295-0Office CodeVACANT
1295-1Office CodeVACANT
1295-2Office CodeJ. Richards
1295-3Office CodeVACANT
1295-4Office CodeVACANT
1295-5Office CodeVACANT
1295-6Office CodeVACANT
1295-7Office CodeVACANT
1295-8Office CodeVACANT
1295-9Office CodeVACANT
1296-0Office CodeVACANT
1296-1Office CodeVACANT
1296-2Office CodeVACANT
1296-3Office CodeVACANT
1296-4Office CodeVACANT
1296-5Office CodeVACANT
1296-6Office CodeVACANT
1296-7Office CodeVACANT
1296-8Office CodeVACANT
1296-9Office CodeVACANT
1297-0Office CodeVACANT
1297-1Office CodeVACANT
1297-2Office CodeVACANT
1297-3Office CodeVACANT
1297-4Office CodeVACANT
1297-5Office CodeVACANT
1297-6Office CodeVACANT
1297-7Office CodeVACANT
1297-8Office CodeVACANT
1297-9Office CodeVACANT
1298-0Office CodeS. Rodgers
1298-1Office CodeVACANT
1298-2Office CodeVACANT
1298-3Office CodeVACANT
1298-4Office CodeVACANT
1298-5Office CodeVACANT
1298-6Office CodeVACANT
1298-7Office CodeVACANT
1298-8Office CodeVACANT
1298-9Office CodeVACANT
1299-0Office CodeVACANT
1299-1Office CodeF. Haynes
1299-2Office CodeF. Haynes
1299-3Office CodeF. Haynes
1299-4Office CodeF. Haynes
1299-5Office CodeVACANT
1299-6Office CodeVACANT
1299-7Office CodeVACANT
1299-8Office CodeVACANT
1299-9Office CodeVACANT
1320-0Office CodeVACANT
1320-1Office CodeC. Stanford400 Line FreePBX with hobbyist legacy r equipment on Grandstreams plus club extensions
1320-2Office CodeVACANT
1320-3Office CodeB. Crackers
1320-4Office CodeVACANT
1320-5Office CodeVACANT
1320-6Office CodeVACANT
1320-7Office CodeVACANT
1320-8Office CodeVACANT
1320-9Office CodeVACANT
1321-0Office CodeG. See
1321-1Office CodeG. See
1321-2Office CodeG. See
1321-3Office CodeG. See
1321-4Office CodeG. See
1321-5Office CodeG. See
1321-6Office CodeG. See
1321-7Office CodeG. See
1321-8Office CodeG. See
1321-9Office CodeG. See
1322-0Office CodeG. Smith
1322-1Office CodeG. Smith
1322-2Office CodeG. Smith
1322-3Office CodeG. Smith
1322-4Office CodeG. Smith
1322-5Office CodeG. Smith
1322-6Office CodeG. Smith
1322-7Office CodeG. Smith
1322-8Office CodeG. Smith
1322-9Office CodeG. Smith
1323-0Office CodeJ. ZatarskiVCFMW for the weekend, and my own PBXes after that
1323-1Office CodeJ. Zatarski
1323-2Office CodeJ. ZatarskiVCFMW for the weekend, and my own PBXes after that
1323-3Office CodeJ. ZatarskiVCFMW for the weekend, and my own PBXes after that
1323-4Office CodeJ. ZatarskiVCFMW for the weekend, and my own PBXes after that
1323-5Office CodeJ. ZatarskiVCFMW for the weekend, and my own PBXes after that
1323-6Office CodeJ. ZatarskiVCFMW for the weekend, and my own PBXes after that
1323-7Office CodeJ. ZatarskiVCFMW for the weekend, and my own PBXes after that
1323-8Office CodeJ. ZatarskiVCFMW for the weekend, and my own PBXes after that
1323-9Office CodeJ. ZatarskiVCFMW for the weekend, and my own PBXes after that
1324-0Office CodeA. Hoppe
1324-1Office CodeA. Hoppe
1324-2Office CodeA. Hoppe
1324-3Office CodeA. Hoppe
1324-4Office CodeA. Hoppe
1324-5Office CodeA. Hoppe
1324-6Office CodeA. Hoppe
1324-7Office CodeA. Hoppe
1324-8Office CodeA. Hoppe
1324-9Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-0Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-1Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-2Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-3Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-4Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-5Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-6Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-7Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-8Office CodeA. Hoppe
1325-9Office CodeA. Hoppe
1326-0Office CodeVACANT
1326-1Office CodeVACANT
1326-2Office CodeVACANT
1326-3Office CodeVACANT
1326-4Office CodeVACANT
1326-5Office CodeVACANT
1326-6Office CodeVACANT
1326-7Office CodeVACANT
1326-8Office CodeVACANT
1326-9Office CodeVACANT
1327-0Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1327-1Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1327-2Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1327-3Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1327-4Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1327-5Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1327-6Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1327-7Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1327-8Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1327-9Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBRFRMEYAMG0 #3XB
1328-0Office CodeVACANT
1328-1Office CodeVACANT
1328-2Office CodeVACANT
1328-3Office CodeVACANT
1328-4Office CodeVACANT
1328-5Office CodeC. LauterAsterisk
1328-6Office CodeVACANT
1328-7Office CodeVACANT
1328-8Office CodeVACANT
1328-9Office CodeVACANT
1329-0Office CodeVACANT
1329-1Office CodeVACANT
1329-2Office CodeVACANT
1329-3Office CodeVACANT
1329-4Office CodeVACANT
1329-5Office CodeVACANT
1329-6Office CodeVACANT
1329-7Office CodeVACANT
1329-8Office CodeVACANT
1329-9Office CodeVACANT
1330-0Office CodeVACANT
1330-1Office CodeVACANT
1330-2Office CodeVACANT
1330-3Office CodeVACANT
1330-4Office CodeVACANT
1330-5Office CodeVACANT
1330-6Office CodeVACANT
1330-7Office CodeVACANT
1330-8Office CodeVACANT
1330-9Office CodeVACANT
1331-0Office CodeVACANT
1331-1Office CodeVACANT
1331-2Office CodeE. ForandEric Forand
1331-3Office CodeVACANT
1331-4Office CodeVACANT
1331-5Office CodeVACANT
1331-6Office CodeVACANT
1331-7Office CodeVACANT
1331-8Office CodeVACANT
1331-9Office CodeVACANT
1332-0Office CodeVACANT
1332-1Office CodeVACANT
1332-2Office CodeVACANT
1332-3Office CodeVACANT
1332-4Office CodeVACANT
1332-5Office CodeVACANT
1332-6Office CodeVACANT
1332-7Office CodeVACANT
1332-8Office CodeVACANT
1332-9Office CodeVACANT
1333-0Office CodeVACANT
1333-1Office CodeS. JonesSDF Public Access UNIX System /
1333-2Office CodeVACANT
1333-3Office CodeVACANT
1333-4Office CodeB. DuRoss
1333-5Office CodeVACANT
1333-6Office CodeVACANT
1333-7Office CodeVACANT
1333-8Office CodeD. LevensonAsterisk server with miscellaneous stuff behind and within it
1333-9Office CodeS. JonesXY, 1A2, intercept drum and time
1334-0Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1334-1Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1334-2Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1334-3Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1334-4Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1334-5Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1334-6Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1334-7Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1334-8Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1334-9Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFHBR CX100
1335-0Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1335-1Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1335-2Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1335-3Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1335-4Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1335-5Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1335-6Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1335-7Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1335-8Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1335-9Office CodeE. BerghHome SxS switch
1336-0Office CodeVACANT
1336-1Office CodeVACANT
1336-2Office CodeVACANT
1336-3Office CodeVACANT
1336-4Office CodeVACANT
1336-5Office CodeVACANT
1336-6Office CodeVACANT
1336-7Office CodeVACANT
1336-8Office CodeVACANT
1336-9Office CodeVACANT
1337-0Office CodeVACANT
1337-1Office CodeJ. Scott
1337-2Office CodeK. KoscherShadytel
1337-3Office CodeK. KoscherShadytel
1337-4Office CodeK. KoscherShadytel
1337-5Office CodeK. KoscherShadytel
1337-6Office CodeK. KoscherShadytel/Millenniums
1337-7Office CodeJ. Alberts
1337-8Office CodeJ. Alberts
1337-9Office CodeD. FanningTelephreaking ;)
1338-0Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1338-1Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1338-2Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1338-3Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1338-4Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1338-5Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1338-6Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1338-7Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1338-8Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1338-9Office Code. The Telephone MuseumBLFSMEWAMG0 #5XB
1339-0Office CodeVACANT
1339-1Office CodeVACANT
1339-2Office CodeVACANT
1339-3Office CodeVACANT
1339-4Office CodeVACANT
1339-5Office CodeVACANT
1339-6Office CodeVACANT
1339-7Office CodeVACANT
1339-8Office CodeVACANT
1339-9Office CodeVACANT
1340-0Office CodeVACANT
1340-1Office CodeVACANT
1340-2Office CodeVACANT
1340-3Office CodeVACANT
1340-4Office CodeVACANT
1340-5Office CodeVACANT
1340-6Office CodeVACANT
1340-7Office CodeVACANT
1340-8Office CodeVACANT
1340-9Office CodeVACANT
1341-0Office CodeVACANT
1341-1Office CodeB. OBrien
1341-2Office CodeVACANT
1341-3Office CodeVACANT
1341-4Office CodeVACANT
1341-5Office CodeVACANT
1341-6Office CodeVACANT
1341-7Office CodeVACANT
1341-8Office CodeVACANT
1341-9Office CodeVACANT
1342-0Office CodeVACANT
1342-1Office CodeR. Dekema
1342-2Office CodeR. Dekema
1342-3Office CodeVACANT
1342-4Office CodeVACANT
1342-5Office CodeVACANT
1342-6Office CodeVACANT
1342-7Office CodeVACANT
1342-8Office CodeVACANT
1342-9Office CodeVACANT
1343-0Office CodeVACANT
1343-1Office CodeVACANT
1343-2Office CodeVACANT
1343-3Office CodeVACANT
1343-4Office CodeVACANT
1343-5Office CodeVACANT
1343-6Office CodeVACANT
1343-7Office CodeVACANT
1343-8Office CodeVACANT
1343-9Office CodeVACANT
1344-0Office CodeVACANT
1344-1Office CodeVACANT
1344-2Office CodeVACANT
1344-3Office CodeVACANT
1344-4Office CodeVACANT
1344-5Office CodeVACANT
1344-6Office CodeVACANT
1344-7Office CodeVACANT
1344-8Office CodeVACANT
1344-9Office CodeVACANT
1345-0Office CodeVACANT
1345-1Office CodeVACANT
1345-2Office CodeVACANT
1345-3Office CodeVACANT
1345-4Office CodeVACANT
1345-5Office CodeVACANT
1345-6Office CodeVACANT
1345-7Office CodeVACANT
1345-8Office CodeVACANT
1345-9Office CodeVACANT
1346-0Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1346-1Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1346-2Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1346-3Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1346-4Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1346-5Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1346-6Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1346-7Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1346-8Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1346-9Office CodeS. YoungFederal/ITT Step (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1347-0Office CodeVACANT
1347-1Office CodeVACANT
1347-2Office CodeVACANT
1347-3Office CodeVACANT
1347-4Office CodeVACANT
1347-5Office CodeVACANT
1347-6Office CodeVACANT
1347-7Office CodeVACANT
1347-8Office CodeVACANT
1347-9Office CodeVACANT
1348-0Office CodeVACANT
1348-1Office CodeVACANT
1348-2Office CodeVACANT
1348-3Office CodeVACANT
1348-4Office CodeVACANT
1348-5Office CodeVACANT
1348-6Office CodeVACANT
1348-7Office CodeVACANT
1348-8Office CodeVACANT
1348-9Office CodeVACANT
1349-0Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1349-1Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1349-2Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1349-3Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1349-4Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1349-5Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1349-6Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1349-7Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1349-8Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1349-9Office CodeL. SpenadelKeyStone Telephone & Telegraph
1350-0Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1350-1Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1350-2Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1350-3Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1350-4Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1350-5Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1350-6Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1350-7Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1350-8Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1350-9Office CodeB. HillRobComm
1351-0Office CodeVACANT
1351-1Office CodeVACANT
1351-2Office CodeVACANT
1351-3Office CodeVACANT
1351-4Office CodeVACANT
1351-5Office CodeVACANT
1351-6Office CodeVACANT
1351-7Office CodeVACANT
1351-8Office CodeVACANT
1351-9Office CodeVACANT
1352-0Office CodeVACANT
1352-1Office CodeVACANT
1352-2Office CodeVACANT
1352-3Office CodeVACANT
1352-4Office CodeVACANT
1352-5Office CodeVACANT
1352-6Office CodeVACANT
1352-7Office CodeVACANT
1352-8Office CodeVACANT
1352-9Office CodeVACANT
1353-0Office CodeJ. Morgan
1353-1Office CodeJ. Morgan
1353-2Office CodeJ. Morgan
1353-3Office CodeJ. Morgan
1353-4Office CodeJ. Morgan
1353-5Office CodeJ. Morgan
1353-6Office CodeJ. Morgan
1353-7Office CodeJ. Morgan
1353-8Office CodeJ. Morgan
1353-9Office CodeJ. Morgan
1354-0Office CodeVACANT
1354-1Office CodeVACANT
1354-2Office CodeVACANT
1354-3Office CodeVACANT
1354-4Office CodeVACANT
1354-5Office CodeVACANT
1354-6Office CodeVACANT
1354-7Office CodeVACANT
1354-8Office CodeVACANT
1354-9Office CodeVACANT
1355-0Office CodeVACANT
1355-1Office CodeVACANT
1355-2Office CodeVACANT
1355-3Office CodeVACANT
1355-4Office CodeVACANT
1355-5Office CodeVACANT
1355-6Office CodeVACANT
1355-7Office CodeVACANT
1355-8Office CodeVACANT
1355-9Office CodeVACANT
1356-0Office CodeVACANT
1356-1Office CodeVACANT
1356-2Office CodeVACANT
1356-3Office CodeVACANT
1356-4Office CodeVACANT
1356-5Office CodeVACANT
1356-6Office CodeVACANT
1356-7Office CodeVACANT
1356-8Office CodeVACANT
1356-9Office CodeVACANT
1357-0Office CodeVACANT
1357-1Office CodeVACANT
1357-2Office CodeVACANT
1357-3Office CodeVACANT
1357-4Office CodeVACANT
1357-5Office CodeVACANT
1357-6Office CodeVACANT
1357-7Office CodeVACANT
1357-8Office CodeVACANT
1357-9Office CodeVACANT
1358-0Office CodeVACANT
1358-1Office CodeR. Fierce
1358-2Office CodeVACANT
1358-3Office CodeVACANT
1358-4Office CodeVACANT
1358-5Office CodeVACANT
1358-6Office CodeVACANT
1358-7Office CodeVACANT
1358-8Office CodeVACANT
1358-9Office CodeVACANT
1359-0Office CodeVACANT
1359-1Office CodeVACANT
1359-2Office CodeVACANT
1359-3Office CodeVACANT
1359-4Office CodeVACANT
1359-5Office CodeVACANT
1359-6Office CodeVACANT
1359-7Office CodeVACANT
1359-8Office CodeVACANT
1359-9Office CodeVACANT
1360-0Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1360-1Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1360-2Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1360-3Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1360-4Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1360-5Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1360-6Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1360-7Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1360-8Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1360-9Office CodeC. HendrixCaptainChris Community PBX
1361-0Office CodeVACANT
1361-1Office CodeVACANT
1361-2Office CodeVACANT
1361-3Office CodeVACANT
1361-4Office CodeVACANT
1361-5Office CodeVACANT
1361-6Office CodeVACANT
1361-7Office CodeVACANT
1361-8Office CodeVACANT
1361-9Office CodeVACANT
1362-0Office CodeVACANT
1362-1Office CodeVACANT
1362-2Office CodeVACANT
1362-3Office CodeVACANT
1362-4Office CodeVACANT
1362-5Office CodeVACANT
1362-6Office CodeVACANT
1362-7Office CodeVACANT
1362-8Office CodeVACANT
1362-9Office CodeVACANT
1363-0Office CodeVACANT
1363-1Office CodeVACANT
1363-2Office CodeVACANT
1363-3Office CodeVACANT
1363-4Office CodeVACANT
1363-5Office CodeVACANT
1363-6Office CodeVACANT
1363-7Office CodeJ. Sichert
1363-8Office CodeM. Kiron
1363-9Office CodeVACANT
1364-0Office CodeVACANT
1364-1Office CodeVACANT
1364-2Office CodeVACANT
1364-3Office CodeVACANT
1364-4Office CodeJ. Renaud364-4 364-5 Modern equipments and northern electric phones
1364-5Office CodeJ. Renaud364-4 364-5 Modern equipments and northern electric phones
1364-6Office CodeVACANT
1364-7Office CodeVACANT
1364-8Office CodeVACANT
1364-9Office CodeVACANT
1365-0Office CodeVACANT
1365-1Office CodeVACANT
1365-2Office CodeVACANT
1365-3Office CodeVACANT
1365-4Office Coden. Connections MuseumPanel Office Tandem, Connections Museum
1365-5Office Coden. Connections MuseumPanel Office Tandem, Connections Museum
1365-6Office CodeVACANT
1365-7Office CodeB. Lane
1365-8Office CodeVACANT
1365-9Office CodeVACANT
1366-0Office CodeD. Alderdice
1366-1Office CodeD. Alderdice
1366-2Office CodeD. Alderdice
1366-3Office CodeD. Alderdice
1366-4Office CodeD. Alderdice
1366-5Office CodeD. Alderdice
1366-6Office CodeD. Alderdice
1366-7Office CodeD. Alderdice
1366-8Office CodeD. Alderdice
1366-9Office CodeD. Alderdice
1367-0Office CodeP. McCarter
1367-1Office CodeP. McCarter
1367-2Office CodeP. McCarter
1367-3Office CodeP. McCarter
1367-4Office CodeP. McCarter
1367-5Office CodeP. McCarter
1367-6Office CodeP. McCarter
1367-7Office CodeP. McCarter
1367-8Office CodeP. McCarter
1367-9Office CodeP. McCarter
1368-0Office CodeVACANT
1368-1Office CodeVACANT
1368-2Office CodeVACANT
1368-3Office CodeVACANT
1368-4Office CodeVACANT
1368-5Office CodeP. Axmanfuture itec sxs
1368-6Office CodeVACANT
1368-7Office CodeVACANT
1368-8Office CodeVACANT
1368-9Office CodeVACANT
1369-0Office CodeVACANT
1369-1Office CodeVACANT
1369-2Office CodeVACANT
1369-3Office CodeVACANT
1369-4Office CodeVACANT
1369-5Office CodeVACANT
1369-6Office CodeVACANT
1369-7Office CodeVACANT
1369-8Office CodeVACANT
1369-9Office CodeVACANT
1370-0Office CodeVACANT
1370-1Office CodeVACANT
1370-2Office CodeVACANT
1370-3Office CodeVACANT
1370-4Office CodeVACANT
1370-5Office CodeVACANT
1370-6Office CodeVACANT
1370-7Office CodeVACANT
1370-8Office CodeVACANT
1370-9Office CodeVACANT
1371-0Office CodeVACANT
1371-1Office CodeVACANT
1371-2Office CodeVACANT
1371-3Office CodeVACANT
1371-4Office CodeVACANT
1371-5Office CodeVACANT
1371-6Office CodeVACANT
1371-7Office CodeVACANT
1371-8Office CodeVACANT
1371-9Office CodeVACANT
1372-0Office CodeVACANT
1372-1Office CodeVACANT
1372-2Office CodeVACANT
1372-3Office CodeVACANT
1372-4Office CodeVACANT
1372-5Office CodeVACANT
1372-6Office CodeVACANT
1372-7Office CodeVACANT
1372-8Office CodeS. Gemeny
1372-9Office CodeVACANT
1373-0Office CodeVACANT
1373-1Office CodeVACANT
1373-2Office CodeVACANT
1373-3Office CodeVACANT
1373-4Office CodeVACANT
1373-5Office CodeVACANT
1373-6Office CodeVACANT
1373-7Office CodeVACANT
1373-8Office CodeVACANT
1373-9Office CodeR. Courtney
1374-0Office CodeVACANT
1374-1Office CodeVACANT
1374-2Office CodeVACANT
1374-3Office CodeVACANT
1374-4Office CodeVACANT
1374-5Office CodeVACANT
1374-6Office CodeVACANT
1374-7Office CodeVACANT
1374-8Office CodeVACANT
1374-9Office CodeVACANT
1375-0Office CodeVACANT
1375-1Office CodeVACANT
1375-2Office CodeVACANT
1375-3Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SCK FTR SXS TPS
1375-4Office CodeVACANT
1375-5Office CodeVACANT
1375-6Office CodeVACANT
1375-7Office CodeVACANT
1375-8Office CodeVACANT
1375-9Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SCK FTR SXS TPS COIN
1376-0Office CodeVACANT
1376-1Office CodeVACANT
1376-2Office CodeVACANT
1376-3Office CodeVACANT
1376-4Office CodeVACANT
1376-5Office CodeVACANT
1376-6Office CodeVACANT
1376-7Office CodeVACANT
1376-8Office CodeVACANT
1376-9Office CodeVACANT
1377-0Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1377-1Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1377-2Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1377-3Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1377-4Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1377-5Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1377-6Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1377-7Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1377-8Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1377-9Office CodeP. McCarterSxS
1378-0Office CodeVACANT
1378-1Office CodeS. ReyFRontier Telephone
1378-2Office CodeVACANT
1378-3Office CodeVACANT
1378-4Office CodeS. ReyFRontier Telephone
1378-5Office CodeVACANT
1378-6Office CodeVACANT
1378-7Office CodeVACANT
1378-8Office CodeVACANT
1378-9Office CodeS. ReyFRontier Telephone
1379-0Office CodeVACANT
1379-1Office CodeR. BaxAstersisk experimentation
1379-2Office CodeVACANT
1379-3Office CodeVACANT
1379-4Office CodeVACANT
1379-5Office CodeVACANT
1379-6Office CodeVACANT
1379-7Office CodeVACANT
1379-8Office CodeVACANT
1379-9Office CodeVACANT
1380-0Office CodeVACANT
1380-1Office CodeVACANT
1380-2Office CodeVACANT
1380-3Office CodeVACANT
1380-4Office CodeVACANT
1380-5Office CodeVACANT
1380-6Office CodeVACANT
1380-7Office CodeVACANT
1380-8Office CodeVACANT
1380-9Office CodeVACANT
1381-0Office CodeVACANT
1381-1Office CodeVACANT
1381-2Office CodeVACANT
1381-3Office CodeVACANT
1381-4Office CodeVACANT
1381-5Office CodeVACANT
1381-6Office CodeVACANT
1381-7Office CodeVACANT
1381-8Office CodeVACANT
1381-9Office CodeVACANT
1382-0Office CodeJ. Stewart
1382-1Office CodeVACANT
1382-2Office CodeVACANT
1382-3Office CodeVACANT
1382-4Office CodeVACANT
1382-5Office CodeVACANT
1382-6Office CodeVACANT
1382-7Office CodeVACANT
1382-8Office CodeVACANT
1382-9Office CodeVACANT
1383-0Office CodeVACANT
1383-1Office CodeVACANT
1383-2Office CodeVACANT
1383-3Office CodeVACANT
1383-4Office CodeVACANT
1383-5Office CodeVACANT
1383-6Office CodeVACANT
1383-7Office CodeVACANT
1383-8Office CodeVACANT
1383-9Office CodeVACANT
1384-0Office CodeVACANT
1384-1Office CodeVACANT
1384-2Office CodeVACANT
1384-3Office CodeVACANT
1384-4Office CodeVACANT
1384-5Office CodeVACANT
1384-6Office CodeJ. NovackNCHMT
1384-7Office CodeVACANT
1384-8Office CodeVACANT
1384-9Office CodeVACANT
1385-0Office CodeVACANT
1385-1Office CodeVACANT
1385-2Office CodeVACANT
1385-3Office CodeVACANT
1385-4Office CodeVACANT
1385-5Office CodeVACANT
1385-6Office CodeVACANT
1385-7Office CodeVACANT
1385-8Office CodeVACANT
1385-9Office CodeVACANT
1386-0Office CodeP. Braverman
1386-1Office CodeP. Braverman
1386-2Office CodeP. Braverman
1386-3Office CodeVACANT
1386-4Office CodeS. LProtel/Millennium Manager/Dialup Pool
1386-5Office CodeVACANT
1386-6Office CodeVACANT
1386-7Office CodeVACANT
1386-8Office CodeVACANT
1386-9Office CodeVACANT
1387-0Office CodeVACANT
1387-1Office CodeVACANT
1387-2Office CodeVACANT
1387-3Office CodeVACANT
1387-4Office CodeVACANT
1387-5Office CodeVACANT
1387-6Office CodeVACANT
1387-7Office CodeVACANT
1387-8Office CodeVACANT
1387-9Office CodeVACANT
1388-0Office CodeVACANT
1388-1Office CodeVACANT
1388-2Office CodeVACANT
1388-3Office CodeVACANT
1388-4Office CodeVACANT
1388-5Office CodeVACANT
1388-6Office CodeVACANT
1388-7Office CodeVACANT
1388-8Office CodeVACANT
1388-9Office CodeVACANT
1389-0Office CodeVACANT
1389-1Office CodeVACANT
1389-2Office CodeVACANT
1389-3Office CodeVACANT
1389-4Office CodeVACANT
1389-5Office CodeVACANT
1389-6Office CodeVACANT
1389-7Office CodeVACANT
1389-8Office CodeVACANT
1389-9Office CodeVACANT
1390-0Office CodeVACANT
1390-1Office CodeVACANT
1390-2Office CodeVACANT
1390-3Office CodeVACANT
1390-4Office CodeVACANT
1390-5Office CodeVACANT
1390-6Office CodeVACANT
1390-7Office CodeVACANT
1390-8Office CodeVACANT
1390-9Office CodeVACANT
1391-0Office CodeVACANT
1391-1Office CodeVACANT
1391-2Office CodeVACANT
1391-3Office CodeVACANT
1391-4Office CodeVACANT
1391-5Office CodeVACANT
1391-6Office CodeVACANT
1391-7Office CodeVACANT
1391-8Office CodeVACANT
1391-9Office CodeVACANT
1392-0Office CodeVACANT
1392-1Office CodeVACANT
1392-2Office CodeVACANT
1392-3Office CodeVACANT
1392-4Office CodeVACANT
1392-5Office CodeVACANT
1392-6Office CodeVACANT
1392-7Office CodeVACANT
1392-8Office CodeVACANT
1392-9Office CodeVACANT
1393-0Office CodeVACANT
1393-1Office CodeVACANT
1393-2Office CodeVACANT
1393-3Office CodeVACANT
1393-4Office CodeVACANT
1393-5Office CodeVACANT
1393-6Office CodeVACANT
1393-7Office CodeVACANT
1393-8Office CodeVACANT
1393-9Office CodeVACANT
1394-0Office CodeVACANT
1394-1Office CodeVACANT
1394-2Office CodeVACANT
1394-3Office CodeVACANT
1394-4Office CodeVACANT
1394-5Office CodeVACANT
1394-6Office CodeVACANT
1394-7Office CodeVACANT
1394-8Office CodeVACANT
1394-9Office CodeVACANT
1395-0Office CodeVACANT
1395-1Office CodeG. Lord
1395-2Office CodeVACANT
1395-3Office CodeVACANT
1395-4Office CodeVACANT
1395-5Office CodeVACANT
1395-6Office CodeVACANT
1395-7Office CodeVACANT
1395-8Office CodeVACANT
1395-9Office CodeVACANT
1396-0Office CodeVACANT
1396-1Office CodeVACANT
1396-2Office CodeVACANT
1396-3Office CodeVACANT
1396-4Office CodeVACANT
1396-5Office CodeVACANT
1396-6Office CodeVACANT
1396-7Office CodeVACANT
1396-8Office CodeVACANT
1396-9Office CodeVACANT
1397-0Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1397-1Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1397-2Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1397-3Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1397-4Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1397-5Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1397-6Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1397-7Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1397-8Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1397-9Office CodeC. RicciottiRockland Telephone History Center - Rockland, MA
1398-0Office CodeVACANT
1398-1Office CodeVACANT
1398-2Office CodeVACANT
1398-3Office CodeVACANT
1398-4Office CodeVACANT
1398-5Office CodeVACANT
1398-6Office CodeVACANT
1398-7Office CodeVACANT
1398-8Office CodeVACANT
1398-9Office CodeVACANT
1399-0Office CodeVACANT
1399-1Office CodeVACANT
1399-2Office CodeG. Dion
1399-3Office CodeVACANT
1399-4Office CodeE. Lynema
1399-5Office CodeVACANT
1399-6Office CodeVACANT
1399-7Office CodeVACANT
1399-8Office CodeVACANT
1399-9Office CodeVACANT
1420-0Office CodeT. Wisdom
1420-1Office CodeT. Wisdom
1420-2Office CodeT. Wisdom
1420-3Office CodeT. Wisdom
1420-4Office CodeT. Wisdom
1420-5Office CodeT. Wisdom
1420-6Office CodeT. Wisdom
1420-7Office CodeT. Wisdom
1420-8Office CodeT. Wisdom
1420-9Office CodeT. Wisdom
1421-0Office CodeVACANT
1421-1Office CodeVACANT
1421-2Office CodeE. Vander StoepKJ7BRE Communications
1421-3Office CodeVACANT
1421-4Office CodeVACANT
1421-5Office CodeVACANT
1421-6Office CodeVACANT
1421-7Office CodeVACANT
1421-8Office CodeVACANT
1421-9Office CodeVACANT
1422-0Office CodeVACANT
1422-1Office CodeVACANT
1422-2Office CodeJ. Churchill
1422-3Office CodeVACANT
1422-4Office CodeVACANT
1422-5Office CodeVACANT
1422-6Office CodeVACANT
1422-7Office CodeVACANT
1422-8Office CodeVACANT
1422-9Office CodeVACANT
1423-0Office CodeVACANT
1423-1Office CodeVACANT
1423-2Office CodeA. Perron
1423-3Office CodeVACANT
1423-4Office CodeVACANT
1423-5Office CodeVACANT
1423-6Office CodeVACANT
1423-7Office CodeVACANT
1423-8Office CodeVACANT
1423-9Office CodeVACANT
1424-0Office CodeVACANT
1424-1Office CodeVACANT
1424-2Office CodeC. Richard
1424-3Office CodeVACANT
1424-4Office CodeVACANT
1424-5Office CodeVACANT
1424-6Office CodeVACANT
1424-7Office CodeVACANT
1424-8Office CodeVACANT
1424-9Office CodeVACANT
1425-0Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1425-1Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1425-2Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1425-3Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1425-4Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1425-5Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1425-6Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1425-7Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1425-8Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1425-9Office CodeK. Hlavacsreserved for AE MAX
1426-0Office CodeC. PerkinsCLTNMEMLSG0 SXS
1426-1Office CodeC. PerkinsCLTNMEMLSG0 SXS
1426-2Office CodeC. PerkinsCLTNMEMLSG0 SXS
1426-3Office CodeC. PerkinsCLTNMEMLSG0 SXS
1426-4Office CodeC. PerkinsCLTNMEMLSG0 SXS
1426-5Office CodeC. PerkinsCLTNMEMLSG0 SXS
1426-6Office CodeC. PerkinsCLTNMEMLSG0 SXS
1426-7Office CodeJ. Walters
1426-8Office CodeC. PerkinsCLTNMEMLSG0 SXS
1426-9Office CodeC. PerkinsCLTNMEMLSG0 SXS
1427-0Office CodeVACANT
1427-1Office CodeH. MarshalFrame 100, Detroit
1427-2Office CodeVACANT
1427-3Office CodeVACANT
1427-4Office CodeVACANT
1427-5Office CodeS. Unekis
1427-6Office CodeVACANT
1427-7Office CodeVACANT
1427-8Office CodeVACANT
1427-9Office CodeR. Bowman
1428-0Office CodeVACANT
1428-1Office CodeVACANT
1428-2Office CodeVACANT
1428-3Office CodeVACANT
1428-4Office CodeVACANT
1428-5Office CodeVACANT
1428-6Office CodeVACANT
1428-7Office CodeVACANT
1428-8Office CodeVACANT
1428-9Office CodeVACANT
1429-0Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1429-1Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1429-2Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1429-3Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1429-4Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1429-5Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1429-6Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1429-7Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1429-8Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1429-9Office CodeS. YoungSecond AE Switch (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1430-0Office CodeM. Harriss
1430-1Office CodeM. Harriss
1430-2Office CodeM. Harriss
1430-3Office CodeM. Harriss
1430-4Office CodeM. Harriss
1430-5Office CodeM. Harriss
1430-6Office CodeM. Harriss
1430-7Office CodeM. Harriss
1430-8Office CodeM. Harriss
1430-9Office CodeM. Harriss
1431-0Office CodeVACANT
1431-1Office CodeVACANT
1431-2Office CodeVACANT
1431-3Office CodeVACANT
1431-4Office CodeVACANT
1431-5Office CodeVACANT
1431-6Office CodeVACANT
1431-7Office CodeVACANT
1431-8Office CodeVACANT
1431-9Office CodeVACANT
1432-0Office CodeVACANT
1432-1Office CodeVACANT
1432-2Office CodeE. Holskepublic homemade pbx in the works!
1432-3Office CodeVACANT
1432-4Office CodeVACANT
1432-5Office CodeVACANT
1432-6Office CodeVACANT
1432-7Office CodeVACANT
1432-8Office CodeVACANT
1432-9Office CodeVACANT
1433-0Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1433-1Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1433-2Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1433-3Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1433-4Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1433-5Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1433-6Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1433-7Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1433-8Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1433-9Office CodeD. CruzFor use on ITEC EMS-1 Step switch
1434-0Office CodeG. Goff
1434-1Office CodeG. Goff
1434-2Office CodeG. Goff
1434-3Office CodeG. Goff
1434-4Office CodeG. Goff
1434-5Office CodeG. Goff
1434-6Office CodeG. Goff
1434-7Office CodeG. Goff
1434-8Office CodeG. Goff
1434-9Office CodeG. Goff
1435-0Office CodeVACANT
1435-1Office CodeVACANT
1435-2Office CodeVACANT
1435-3Office CodeVACANT
1435-4Office CodeVACANT
1435-5Office CodeVACANT
1435-6Office CodeVACANT
1435-7Office CodeJ. Museum
1435-8Office CodeVACANT
1435-9Office CodeVACANT
1436-0Office CodeVACANT
1436-1Office CodeVACANT
1436-2Office CodeVACANT
1436-3Office CodeVACANT
1436-4Office CodeVACANT
1436-5Office CodeVACANT
1436-6Office CodeVACANT
1436-7Office CodeVACANT
1436-8Office CodeVACANT
1436-9Office CodeVACANT
1437-0Office CodeVACANT
1437-1Office CodeVACANT
1437-2Office CodeVACANT
1437-3Office CodeVACANT
1437-4Office CodeVACANT
1437-5Office CodeVACANT
1437-6Office CodeVACANT
1437-7Office CodeVACANT
1437-8Office CodeVACANT
1437-9Office CodeVACANT
1438-0Office CodeVACANT
1438-1Office CodeJ. Andrews
1438-2Office CodeJ. GolasAsterisk and Merlin PBX
1438-3Office CodeVACANT
1438-4Office CodeVACANT
1438-5Office CodeVACANT
1438-6Office CodeVACANT
1438-7Office CodeVACANT
1438-8Office CodeVACANT
1438-9Office CodeVACANT
1439-0Office CodeVACANT
1439-1Office CodeVACANT
1439-2Office CodeVACANT
1439-3Office CodeVACANT
1439-4Office CodeVACANT
1439-5Office CodeVACANT
1439-6Office CodeVACANT
1439-7Office CodeVACANT
1439-8Office CodeVACANT
1439-9Office CodeVACANT
1440-0Office CodeVACANT
1440-1Office CodeVACANT
1440-2Office CodeVACANT
1440-3Office CodeVACANT
1440-4Office CodeVACANT
1440-5Office CodeVACANT
1440-6Office CodeVACANT
1440-7Office CodeVACANT
1440-8Office CodeVACANT
1440-9Office CodeVACANT
1441-0Office CodeA. DELETE
1441-1Office CodeA. DELETE
1441-2Office CodeVACANT
1441-3Office CodeVACANT
1441-4Office CodeVACANT
1441-5Office CodeVACANT
1441-6Office CodeVACANT
1441-7Office CodeVACANT
1441-8Office CodeA. DELETE
1441-9Office CodeA. DELETE
1442-0Office CodeR. Price
1442-1Office CodeR. Price
1442-2Office CodeR. Price
1442-3Office CodeR. Price
1442-4Office CodeR. Price
1442-5Office CodeR. Price
1442-6Office CodeR. Price
1442-7Office CodeR. Price
1442-8Office CodeR. Price
1442-9Office CodeR. Price
1443-0Office CodeVACANT
1443-1Office CodeVACANT
1443-2Office CodeVACANT
1443-3Office CodeVACANT
1443-4Office CodeVACANT
1443-5Office CodeVACANT
1443-6Office CodeVACANT
1443-7Office CodeVACANT
1443-8Office CodeVACANT
1443-9Office CodeVACANT
1444-0Office CodeJ. Burwell
1444-1Office CodeJ. Burwell
1444-2Office CodeJ. Burwell
1444-3Office CodeJ. Burwell
1444-4Office CodeJ. Burwell
1444-5Office CodeJ. Burwell
1444-6Office CodeJ. Burwell
1444-7Office CodeJ. Burwell
1444-8Office CodeJ. Burwell
1444-9Office CodeJ. Burwell
1445-0Office CodeT. Hammonds
1445-1Office CodeT. Hammonds
1445-2Office CodeT. Hammonds
1445-3Office CodeT. Hammonds
1445-4Office CodeT. Hammonds
1445-5Office CodeT. Hammonds
1445-6Office CodeT. Hammonds
1445-7Office CodeT. Hammonds
1445-8Office CodeT. Hammonds
1445-9Office CodeT. Hammonds
1446-0Office CodeVACANT
1446-1Office CodeVACANT
1446-2Office CodeVACANT
1446-3Office CodeVACANT
1446-4Office CodeVACANT
1446-5Office CodeVACANT
1446-6Office CodeVACANT
1446-7Office CodeVACANT
1446-8Office CodeVACANT
1446-9Office CodeVACANT
1447-0Office CodeVACANT
1447-1Office CodeVACANT
1447-2Office CodeVACANT
1447-3Office CodeVACANT
1447-4Office CodeVACANT
1447-5Office CodeVACANT
1447-6Office CodeVACANT
1447-7Office CodeVACANT
1447-8Office CodeVACANT
1447-9Office CodeVACANT
1448-0Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1448-1Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1448-2Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1448-3Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1448-4Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1448-5Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1448-6Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1448-7Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1448-8Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1448-9Office CodeP. McCarterCX-100
1449-0Office CodeVACANT
1449-1Office CodeVACANT
1449-2Office CodeVACANT
1449-3Office CodeVACANT
1449-4Office CodeVACANT
1449-5Office CodeVACANT
1449-6Office CodeVACANT
1449-7Office CodeVACANT
1449-8Office CodeVACANT
1449-9Office CodeVACANT
1450-0Office CodeVACANT
1450-1Office CodeVACANT
1450-2Office CodeVACANT
1450-3Office CodeVACANT
1450-4Office CodeVACANT
1450-5Office CodeVACANT
1450-6Office CodeVACANT
1450-7Office CodeVACANT
1450-8Office CodeVACANT
1450-9Office CodeVACANT
1451-0Office CodeVACANT
1451-1Office CodeVACANT
1451-2Office CodeVACANT
1451-3Office CodeVACANT
1451-4Office CodeVACANT
1451-5Office CodeVACANT
1451-6Office CodeVACANT
1451-7Office CodeVACANT
1451-8Office CodeVACANT
1451-9Office CodeVACANT
1452-0Office CodeVACANT
1452-1Office CodeVACANT
1452-2Office CodeVACANT
1452-3Office CodeVACANT
1452-4Office CodeVACANT
1452-5Office CodeVACANT
1452-6Office CodeVACANT
1452-7Office CodeVACANT
1452-8Office CodeVACANT
1452-9Office CodeVACANT
1453-0Office CodeVACANT
1453-1Office CodeVACANT
1453-2Office CodeVACANT
1453-3Office CodeVACANT
1453-4Office CodeVACANT
1453-5Office CodeVACANT
1453-6Office CodeVACANT
1453-7Office CodeVACANT
1453-8Office CodeVACANT
1453-9Office CodeVACANT
1454-0Office CodeVACANT
1454-1Office CodeVACANT
1454-2Office CodeVACANT
1454-3Office CodeVACANT
1454-4Office CodeVACANT
1454-5Office CodeVACANT
1454-6Office CodeVACANT
1454-7Office CodeVACANT
1454-8Office CodeVACANT
1454-9Office CodeVACANT
1455-0Office CodeVACANT
1455-1Office CodeVACANT
1455-2Office CodeVACANT
1455-3Office CodeVACANT
1455-4Office CodeVACANT
1455-5Office CodeVACANT
1455-6Office CodeVACANT
1455-7Office CodeVACANT
1455-8Office CodeVACANT
1455-9Office CodeVACANT
1456-0Office CodeVACANT
1456-1Office CodeVACANT
1456-2Office CodeVACANT
1456-3Office CodeVACANT
1456-4Office CodeVACANT
1456-5Office CodeVACANT
1456-6Office CodeVACANT
1456-7Office CodeVACANT
1456-8Office CodeVACANT
1456-9Office CodeB. Capouch
1457-0Office CodeVACANT
1457-1Office CodeVACANT
1457-2Office CodeVACANT
1457-3Office CodeVACANT
1457-4Office CodeVACANT
1457-5Office CodeVACANT
1457-6Office CodeVACANT
1457-7Office CodeVACANT
1457-8Office CodeVACANT
1457-9Office CodeVACANT
1458-0Office CodeS. Bach
1458-1Office CodeS. Bach
1458-2Office CodeS. Bach
1458-3Office CodeS. Bach
1458-4Office CodeS. Bach
1458-5Office CodeS. Bach
1458-6Office CodeS. Bach
1458-7Office CodeS. Bach
1458-8Office CodeS. Bach
1458-9Office CodeS. Bach
1459-0Office CodeVACANT
1459-1Office CodeS. Thede1 wind Gate Way
1459-2Office CodeVACANT
1459-3Office CodeVACANT
1459-4Office CodeVACANT
1459-5Office CodeVACANT
1459-6Office CodeVACANT
1459-7Office CodeVACANT
1459-8Office CodeVACANT
1459-9Office CodeVACANT
1460-0Office CodeVACANT
1460-1Office CodeVACANT
1460-2Office CodeVACANT
1460-3Office CodeVACANT
1460-4Office CodeVACANT
1460-5Office CodeVACANT
1460-6Office CodeM. LipshultzAdministered by J Novack
1460-7Office CodeVACANT
1460-8Office CodeVACANT
1460-9Office CodeVACANT
1461-0Office CodeVACANT
1461-1Office CodeC. Brawner
1461-2Office CodeVACANT
1461-3Office CodeVACANT
1461-4Office CodeVACANT
1461-5Office CodeVACANT
1461-6Office CodeVACANT
1461-7Office CodeVACANT
1461-8Office CodeVACANT
1461-9Office CodeVACANT
1462-0Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1462-1Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1462-2Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1462-3Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1462-4Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1462-5Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1462-6Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1462-7Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1462-8Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1462-9Office CodeP. McCarterStromberg Carlson XY
1463-0Office CodeVACANT
1463-1Office CodeVACANT
1463-2Office CodeVACANT
1463-3Office CodeVACANT
1463-4Office CodeVACANT
1463-5Office CodeVACANT
1463-6Office CodeVACANT
1463-7Office CodeVACANT
1463-8Office CodeVACANT
1463-9Office CodeVACANT
1464-0Office CodeVACANT
1464-1Office CodeVACANT
1464-2Office CodeVACANT
1464-3Office CodeVACANT
1464-4Office CodeVACANT
1464-5Office CodeVACANT
1464-6Office CodeVACANT
1464-7Office CodeVACANT
1464-8Office CodeVACANT
1464-9Office CodeVACANT
1465-0Office CodeVACANT
1465-1Office CodeVACANT
1465-2Office CodeVACANT
1465-3Office CodeVACANT
1465-4Office CodeVACANT
1465-5Office CodeVACANT
1465-6Office CodeVACANT
1465-7Office CodeVACANT
1465-8Office CodeVACANT
1465-9Office CodeVACANT
1466-0Office CodeVACANT
1466-1Office CodeVACANT
1466-2Office CodeA. Perron
1466-3Office CodeVACANT
1466-4Office CodeA. PerronCS1000
1466-5Office CodeA. PerronCS1000
1466-6Office CodeA. Perron
1466-7Office CodeVACANT
1466-8Office CodeVACANT
1466-9Office CodeVACANT
1467-0Office CodeVACANT
1467-1Office CodeVACANT
1467-2Office CodeVACANT
1467-3Office CodeVACANT
1467-4Office CodeVACANT
1467-5Office CodeVACANT
1467-6Office CodeVACANT
1467-7Office CodeVACANT
1467-8Office CodeVACANT
1467-9Office CodeVACANT
1468-0Office CodeVACANT
1468-1Office CodeVACANT
1468-2Office CodeVACANT
1468-3Office CodeVACANT
1468-4Office CodeVACANT
1468-5Office CodeVACANT
1468-6Office CodeVACANT
1468-7Office CodeVACANT
1468-8Office CodeVACANT
1468-9Office CodeVACANT
1469-0Office CodeVACANT
1469-1Office CodeVACANT
1469-2Office CodeVACANT
1469-3Office CodeVACANT
1469-4Office CodeVACANT
1469-5Office CodeVACANT
1469-6Office CodeVACANT
1469-7Office CodeVACANT
1469-8Office CodeVACANT
1469-9Office CodeVACANT
1470-0Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1470-1Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1470-2Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1470-3Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1470-4Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1470-5Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1470-6Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1470-7Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1470-8Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1470-9Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1471-0Office CodeVACANT
1471-1Office CodeVACANT
1471-2Office CodeVACANT
1471-3Office CodeVACANT
1471-4Office CodeVACANT
1471-5Office CodeVACANT
1471-6Office CodeVACANT
1471-7Office CodeVACANT
1471-8Office CodeVACANT
1471-9Office CodeVACANT
1472-0Office CodeVACANT
1472-1Office CodeVACANT
1472-2Office CodeVACANT
1472-3Office CodeVACANT
1472-4Office CodeVACANT
1472-5Office CodeVACANT
1472-6Office CodeVACANT
1472-7Office CodeVACANT
1472-8Office CodeVACANT
1472-9Office CodeVACANT
1473-0Office CodeVACANT
1473-1Office CodeVACANT
1473-2Office CodeVACANT
1473-3Office CodeVACANT
1473-4Office CodeVACANT
1473-5Office CodeVACANT
1473-6Office CodeVACANT
1473-7Office CodeVACANT
1473-8Office CodeVACANT
1473-9Office CodeVACANT
1474-0Office CodeV. Burke
1474-1Office CodeV. Burke
1474-2Office CodeV. Burke
1474-3Office CodeV. Burke
1474-4Office CodeV. Burke
1474-5Office CodeV. Burke
1474-6Office CodeV. Burke
1474-7Office CodeV. Burke
1474-8Office CodeV. Burke
1474-9Office CodeV. Burke
1475-0Office CodeVACANT
1475-1Office CodeVACANT
1475-2Office CodeVACANT
1475-3Office CodeVACANT
1475-4Office CodeVACANT
1475-5Office CodeVACANT
1475-6Office CodeVACANT
1475-7Office CodeVACANT
1475-8Office CodeVACANT
1475-9Office CodeVACANT
1476-0Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1476-1Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1476-2Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1476-3Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1476-4Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1476-5Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1476-6Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1476-7Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1476-8Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1476-9Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 1 Rack TPL
1477-0Office CodeS. YoungTesting only, this office code is really available
1477-1Office CodeS. YoungTesting only, this office code is really available
1477-2Office CodeT. Grant
1477-3Office CodeS. YoungTesting only, this office code is really available
1477-4Office CodeS. YoungTesting only, this office code is really available
1477-5Office CodeS. YoungTesting only, this office code is really available
1477-6Office CodeS. YoungTesting only, this office code is really available
1477-7Office CodeS. YoungTesting only, this office code is really available
1477-8Office CodeS. YoungTesting only, this office code is really available
1477-9Office CodeS. YoungTesting only, this office code is really available
1478-0Office CodeVACANT
1478-1Office CodeVACANT
1478-2Office CodeVACANT
1478-3Office CodeVACANT
1478-4Office CodeVACANT
1478-5Office CodeVACANT
1478-6Office CodeVACANT
1478-7Office CodeVACANT
1478-8Office CodeVACANT
1478-9Office CodeVACANT
1479-0Office CodeVACANT
1479-1Office CodeVACANT
1479-2Office CodeVACANT
1479-3Office CodeVACANT
1479-4Office CodeVACANT
1479-5Office CodeVACANT
1479-6Office CodeVACANT
1479-7Office CodeVACANT
1479-8Office CodeVACANT
1479-9Office CodeVACANT
1480-0Office CodeVACANT
1480-1Office CodeVACANT
1480-2Office CodeVACANT
1480-3Office CodeVACANT
1480-4Office CodeVACANT
1480-5Office CodeVACANT
1480-6Office CodeVACANT
1480-7Office CodeVACANT
1480-8Office CodeVACANT
1480-9Office CodeVACANT
1481-0Office CodeVACANT
1481-1Office CodeVACANT
1481-2Office CodeVACANT
1481-3Office CodeVACANT
1481-4Office CodeVACANT
1481-5Office CodeVACANT
1481-6Office CodeVACANT
1481-7Office CodeVACANT
1481-8Office CodeVACANT
1481-9Office CodeT. Vierling
1482-0Office CodeVACANT
1482-1Office CodeVACANT
1482-2Office CodeVACANT
1482-3Office CodeVACANT
1482-4Office CodeVACANT
1482-5Office CodeVACANT
1482-6Office CodeVACANT
1482-7Office CodeVACANT
1482-8Office CodeVACANT
1482-9Office CodeVACANT
1483-0Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1483-1Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1483-2Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1483-3Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1483-4Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1483-5Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1483-6Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1483-7Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1483-8Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1483-9Office CodeG. ScottAE SxS
1484-0Office CodeVACANT
1484-1Office CodeVACANT
1484-2Office CodeVACANT
1484-3Office CodeVACANT
1484-4Office CodeVACANT
1484-5Office CodeVACANT
1484-6Office CodeVACANT
1484-7Office CodeVACANT
1484-8Office CodeVACANT
1484-9Office CodeF. Kienast
1485-0Office CodeVACANT
1485-1Office CodeVACANT
1485-2Office CodeVACANT
1485-3Office CodeVACANT
1485-4Office CodeVACANT
1485-5Office CodeVACANT
1485-6Office CodeVACANT
1485-7Office CodeVACANT
1485-8Office CodeVACANT
1485-9Office CodeVACANT
1486-0Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL013TB 3CL TOLL BOARD INWARD
1486-1Office CodeVACANT
1486-2Office CodeVACANT
1486-3Office CodeVACANT
1486-4Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SXY S-C XY SXS TPS
1486-5Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SXY
1486-6Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SXY
1486-7Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SXY
1486-8Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SXY
1486-9Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SXY S-C XY SXS TPS COIN
1487-0Office CodeVACANT
1487-1Office CodeVACANT
1487-2Office CodeVACANT
1487-3Office CodeVACANT
1487-4Office CodeVACANT
1487-5Office CodeVACANT
1487-6Office CodeVACANT
1487-7Office CodeVACANT
1487-8Office CodeVACANT
1487-9Office CodeVACANT
1488-0Office CodeS. Young
1488-1Office CodeS. Young
1488-2Office CodeS. Young
1488-3Office CodeS. Young
1488-4Office CodeS. Young
1488-5Office CodeS. Young
1488-6Office CodeS. Young
1488-7Office CodeS. Young
1488-8Office CodeS. Young
1488-9Office CodeS. Young
1489-0Office CodeW. Mackin
1489-1Office CodeVACANT
1489-2Office CodeVACANT
1489-3Office CodeVACANT
1489-4Office CodeVACANT
1489-5Office CodeVACANT
1489-6Office CodeVACANT
1489-7Office CodeVACANT
1489-8Office CodeVACANT
1489-9Office CodeT. VierlingAsterisk testing range
1490-0Office CodeVACANT
1490-1Office CodeVACANT
1490-2Office CodeVACANT
1490-3Office CodeVACANT
1490-4Office CodeVACANT
1490-5Office CodeVACANT
1490-6Office CodeVACANT
1490-7Office CodeVACANT
1490-8Office CodeVACANT
1490-9Office CodeVACANT
1491-0Office CodeVACANT
1491-1Office CodeVACANT
1491-2Office CodeVACANT
1491-3Office CodeVACANT
1491-4Office CodeVACANT
1491-5Office CodeVACANT
1491-6Office CodeVACANT
1491-7Office CodeVACANT
1491-8Office CodeVACANT
1491-9Office CodeVACANT
1492-0Office CodeS. Young
1492-1Office CodeS. Young
1492-2Office CodeS. Young
1492-3Office CodeS. Young
1492-4Office CodeS. Young
1492-5Office CodeS. Young
1492-6Office CodeS. Young
1492-7Office CodeS. Young
1492-8Office CodeS. Young
1492-9Office CodeS. Young
1493-0Office CodeVACANT
1493-1Office CodeVACANT
1493-2Office CodeVACANT
1493-3Office CodeVACANT
1493-4Office CodeVACANT
1493-5Office CodeVACANT
1493-6Office CodeVACANT
1493-7Office CodeVACANT
1493-8Office CodeVACANT
1493-9Office CodeVACANT
1494-0Office CodeVACANT
1494-1Office CodeVACANT
1494-2Office CodeVACANT
1494-3Office CodeVACANT
1494-4Office CodeP. FinneganMain
1494-5Office CodeVACANT
1494-6Office CodeB. ClarkVarious interconnected PBX and Key systems
1494-7Office CodeVACANT
1494-8Office CodeP. FinneganMeridian 1
1494-9Office CodeVACANT
1495-0Office CodeVACANT
1495-1Office CodeVACANT
1495-2Office CodeVACANT
1495-3Office CodeVACANT
1495-4Office CodeVACANT
1495-5Office CodeVACANT
1495-6Office CodeVACANT
1495-7Office CodeVACANT
1495-8Office CodeVACANT
1495-9Office CodeVACANT
1496-0Office CodeVACANT
1496-1Office CodeVACANT
1496-2Office CodeVACANT
1496-3Office CodeVACANT
1496-4Office CodeVACANT
1496-5Office CodeVACANT
1496-6Office CodeVACANT
1496-7Office CodeVACANT
1496-8Office CodeVACANT
1496-9Office CodeVACANT
1497-0Office CodeVACANT
1497-1Office CodeVACANT
1497-2Office CodeVACANT
1497-3Office CodeVACANT
1497-4Office CodeVACANT
1497-5Office CodeVACANT
1497-6Office CodeVACANT
1497-7Office CodeVACANT
1497-8Office CodeVACANT
1497-9Office CodeVACANT
1498-0Office CodeVACANT
1498-1Office CodeVACANT
1498-2Office CodeVACANT
1498-3Office CodeVACANT
1498-4Office CodeVACANT
1498-5Office CodeVACANT
1498-6Office CodeVACANT
1498-7Office CodeVACANT
1498-8Office CodeVACANT
1498-9Office CodeVACANT
1499-0Office CodeVACANT
1499-1Office CodeG. BlakelyITEC
1499-2Office CodeG. BlakelyITEC
1499-3Office CodeG. BlakelyITEC
1499-4Office CodeG. BlakelyIntercept recordings in Spanish
1499-5Office CodeVACANT
1499-6Office CodeVACANT
1499-7Office CodeVACANT
1499-8463Single NumberG. BlakelyTime of Day
1499-9Office CodeVACANT
1520-0Office CodeVACANT
1520-1Office CodeVACANT
1520-2Office CodeVACANT
1520-3Office CodeVACANT
1520-4Office CodeVACANT
1520-5Office CodeVACANT
1520-6Office CodeVACANT
1520-7Office CodeVACANT
1520-8Office CodeVACANT
1520-9Office CodeVACANT
1521-0Office CodeVACANT
1521-1Office CodeVACANT
1521-2Office CodeVACANT
1521-3Office CodeVACANT
1521-4Office CodeVACANT
1521-5Office CodeVACANT
1521-6Office CodeVACANT
1521-7Office CodeVACANT
1521-8Office CodeVACANT
1521-9Office CodeVACANT
1522-0Office CodeVACANT
1522-1Office CodeM. CarterDefinity PBX switch
1522-2Office CodeVACANT
1522-3Office CodeVACANT
1522-4Office CodeM. FoleyMatt's Phones
1522-5Office CodeVACANT
1522-6Office CodeVACANT
1522-7Office CodeVACANT
1522-8Office CodeVACANT
1522-9Office CodeVACANT
1523-0Office CodeVACANT
1523-1Office CodeVACANT
1523-2Office CodeVACANT
1523-3Office CodeVACANT
1523-4Office CodeVACANT
1523-5Office CodeVACANT
1523-6Office CodeVACANT
1523-7Office CodeVACANT
1523-8Office CodeVACANT
1523-9Office CodeVACANT
1524-0Office CodeVACANT
1524-1Office CodeVACANT
1524-2Office CodeVACANT
1524-3Office CodeVACANT
1524-4Office CodeVACANT
1524-5Office CodeVACANT
1524-6Office CodeVACANT
1524-7Office CodeVACANT
1524-8Office CodeVACANT
1524-9Office CodeVACANT
1525-0Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1525-1Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1525-2Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1525-3Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1525-4Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1525-5Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1525-6Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1525-7Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1525-8Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1525-9Office CodeM. Zaiontz
1526-0Office CodeVACANT
1526-1Office CodeVACANT
1526-2Office CodeVACANT
1526-3Office CodeVACANT
1526-4Office CodeVACANT
1526-5Office CodeVACANT
1526-6Office CodeVACANT
1526-7Office CodeVACANT
1526-8Office CodeVACANT
1526-9Office CodeVACANT
1527-0Office CodeR. Jennings
1527-1Office CodeR. Jennings
1527-2Office CodeR. Jennings
1527-3Office CodeR. Jennings
1527-4Office CodeR. Jennings
1527-5Office CodeR. Jennings
1527-6Office CodeR. Jennings
1527-7Office CodeR. Jennings
1527-8Office CodeR. Jennings
1527-9Office CodeR. Jennings
1528-0Office CodeVACANT
1528-1Office CodeVACANT
1528-2Office CodeE. Breese
1528-3Office CodeE. Breese
1528-4Office CodeVACANT
1528-5Office CodeVACANT
1528-6Office CodeVACANT
1528-7Office CodeVACANT
1528-8Office CodeVACANT
1528-9Office CodeVACANT
1529-0Office CodeVACANT
1529-1Office CodeVACANT
1529-2Office CodeVACANT
1529-3Office CodeVACANT
1529-4Office CodeVACANT
1529-5Office CodeVACANT
1529-6Office CodeVACANT
1529-7Office CodeVACANT
1529-8Office CodeVACANT
1529-9Office CodeVACANT
1530-0Office CodeVACANT
1530-1Office CodeVACANT
1530-2Office CodeVACANT
1530-3Office CodeVACANT
1530-4Office CodeVACANT
1530-5Office CodeVACANT
1530-6Office CodeVACANT
1530-7Office CodeVACANT
1530-8Office CodeVACANT
1530-9Office CodeVACANT
1531-0Office CodeVACANT
1531-1Office CodeVACANT
1531-2Office CodeVACANT
1531-3Office CodeVACANT
1531-4Office CodeG. ScottPanasonic KX-TA824
1531-5Office CodeVACANT
1531-6Office CodeVACANT
1531-7Office CodeVACANT
1531-8Office CodeVACANT
1531-9Office CodeVACANT
1532-0Office CodeVACANT
1532-1Office CodeVACANT
1532-2Office CodeVACANT
1532-3Office CodeR. BaxAsterisk Experimentation
1532-4Office CodeVACANT
1532-5Office CodeVACANT
1532-6Office CodeVACANT
1532-7Office CodeVACANT
1532-8Office CodeVACANT
1532-9Office CodeVACANT
1533-0Office CodeVACANT
1533-1Office CodeVACANT
1533-2Office CodeVACANT
1533-3Office CodeM. FoleyMatt's Phones
1533-4Office CodeVACANT
1533-5Office CodeVACANT
1533-6Office CodeVACANT
1533-7Office CodeVACANT
1533-8Office CodeVACANT
1533-9Office CodeVACANT
1534-0Office CodeVACANT
1534-1Office CodeVACANT
1534-2Office CodeVACANT
1534-3Office CodeVACANT
1534-4Office CodeVACANT
1534-5Office CodeVACANT
1534-6Office CodeVACANT
1534-7Office CodeVACANT
1534-8Office CodeVACANT
1534-9Office CodeVACANT
1535-0Office CodeVACANT
1535-1Office CodeVACANT
1535-2Office CodeB. LewisRock Creek Telephone Company
1535-3Office CodeVACANT
1535-4Office CodeVACANT
1535-5Office CodeVACANT
1535-6Office CodeVACANT
1535-7Office CodeVACANT
1535-8Office CodeVACANT
1535-9Office CodeB. LewisRock Creek Telephone Company
1536-0Office CodeVACANT
1536-1Office CodeVACANT
1536-2Office CodeVACANT
1536-3Office CodeVACANT
1536-4Office CodeVACANT
1536-5Office CodeVACANT
1536-6Office CodeVACANT
1536-7Office CodeVACANT
1536-8Office CodeVACANT
1536-9Office CodeVACANT
1537-0Office CodeVACANT
1537-1Office CodeVACANT
1537-2Office CodeVACANT
1537-3Office CodeD. CliffordBCM400 BEHIND A RASPBX
1537-4Office CodeVACANT
1537-5Office CodeVACANT
1537-6Office CodeS. BrownKNVLTNVS01 (softswitch)
1537-7Office CodeVACANT
1537-8Office CodeVACANT
1537-9Office CodeVACANT
1538-0Office CodeVACANT
1538-1Office CodeVACANT
1538-2Office CodeVACANT
1538-3Office CodeVACANT
1538-4Office CodeVACANT
1538-5Office CodeVACANT
1538-6Office CodeB. AdamsLEnnox-8
1538-7Office CodeVACANT
1538-8Office CodeVACANT
1538-9Office CodeVACANT
1539-0Office CodeVACANT
1539-1Office CodeVACANT
1539-2Office CodeVACANT
1539-3Office CodeVACANT
1539-4Office CodeVACANT
1539-5Office CodeVACANT
1539-6Office CodeVACANT
1539-7Office CodeVACANT
1539-8Office CodeVACANT
1539-9Office CodeVACANT
1540-0Office CodeVACANT
1540-1Office CodeVACANT
1540-2Office CodeVACANT
1540-3Office CodeVACANT
1540-4Office CodeVACANT
1540-5Office CodeVACANT
1540-6Office CodeVACANT
1540-7Office CodeVACANT
1540-8Office CodeVACANT
1540-9Office CodeVACANT
1541-0Office CodeVACANT
1541-1Office CodeJ. SimpsonExperimental
1541-2Office CodeVACANT
1541-3Office CodeVACANT
1541-4Office CodeS. SchmiechenAsterisk server to link groups of old phone collections in Eugene Oregon
1541-5Office CodeVACANT
1541-6Office CodeVACANT
1541-7Office CodeVACANT
1541-8Office CodeVACANT
1541-9Office CodeVACANT
1542-0Office CodeVACANT
1542-1Office CodeVACANT
1542-2Office CodeVACANT
1542-3Office CodeVACANT
1542-4Office CodeVACANT
1542-5Office CodeVACANT
1542-6Office CodeVACANT
1542-7Office CodeVACANT
1542-8Office CodeVACANT
1542-9Office CodeVACANT
1543-0Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1543-1Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1543-2Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1543-3Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1543-4Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1543-5Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1543-6Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1543-7Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1543-8Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1543-9Office CodeP. McCarter#3 Crossbar
1544-0Office CodeVACANT
1544-1Office CodeVACANT
1544-2Office CodeVACANT
1544-3Office CodeVACANT
1544-4Office CodeVACANT
1544-5Office CodeVACANT
1544-6Office CodeVACANT
1544-7Office CodeVACANT
1544-8Office CodeVACANT
1544-9Office CodeVACANT
1545-0Office CodeVACANT
1545-1Office CodeVACANT
1545-2Office CodeVACANT
1545-3Office CodeVACANT
1545-4Office CodeVACANT
1545-5Office CodeVACANT
1545-6Office CodeVACANT
1545-7Office CodeVACANT
1545-8Office CodeVACANT
1545-9Office CodeVACANT
1546-0Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1546-1Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1546-2Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1546-3Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1546-4Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1546-5Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1546-6Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1546-7Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1546-8Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1546-9Office CodeC. DunneSXS
1547-0Office CodeVACANT
1547-1Office CodeD. Jones
1547-2Office CodeVACANT
1547-3Office CodeVACANT
1547-4Office CodeVACANT
1547-5Office CodeVACANT
1547-6Office CodeVACANT
1547-7Office CodeVACANT
1547-8Office CodeVACANT
1547-9Office CodeVACANT
1548-0Office CodeVACANT
1548-1Office CodeVACANT
1548-2Office CodeVACANT
1548-3Office CodeVACANT
1548-4Office CodeVACANT
1548-5Office CodeVACANT
1548-6Office CodeVACANT
1548-7Office CodeVACANT
1548-8Office CodeVACANT
1548-9Office CodeVACANT
1549-0Office CodeD. BuchananHolston Valley Telephone
1549-1Office CodeD. BuchananHolston Valley Telephone
1549-2Office CodeD. BuchananHolston Valley Telephone
1549-3Office CodeD. BuchananNumbers in this block are available for hosted SIP accounts for soft phones, ATAs or other SIP devices
1549-4Office CodeD. BuchananHolston Valley Telephone
1549-5Office CodeD. BuchananHolston Valley Telephone
1549-6Office CodeD. BuchananHolston Valley Telephone
1549-7Office CodeD. BuchananHolston Valley Telephone
1549-8Office CodeD. BuchananHolston Valley Telephone
1549-9Office CodeD. BuchananHolston Valley Telephone
1550-0Office CodeVACANT
1550-1Office CodeVACANT
1550-2Office CodeVACANT
1550-3Office CodeVACANT
1550-4Office CodeVACANT
1550-5Office CodeVACANT
1550-6Office CodeVACANT
1550-7Office CodeVACANT
1550-8Office CodeVACANT
1550-9Office CodeVACANT
1551-0Office CodeVACANT
1551-1Office CodeVACANT
1551-2Office CodeVACANT
1551-3Office CodeVACANT
1551-4Office CodeVACANT
1551-5Office CodeVACANT
1551-6Office CodeVACANT
1551-7Office CodeH. Harte
1551-8Office CodeVACANT
1551-9Office CodeVACANT
1552-0Office CodeVACANT
1552-1Office CodeVACANT
1552-2Office CodeVACANT
1552-3Office CodeVACANT
1552-4Office CodeVACANT
1552-5Office CodeVACANT
1552-6Office CodeVACANT
1552-7Office CodeVACANT
1552-8Office CodeVACANT
1552-9Office CodeVACANT
1553-0Office CodeVACANT
1553-1Office CodeVACANT
1553-2Office CodeVACANT
1553-3Office CodeVACANT
1553-4Office CodeVACANT
1553-5Office CodeVACANT
1553-6Office CodeVACANT
1553-7Office CodeVACANT
1553-8Office CodeVACANT
1553-9Office CodeVACANT
1554-0Office CodeVACANT
1554-1Office CodeVACANT
1554-2Office CodeVACANT
1554-3Office CodeVACANT
1554-4Office CodeVACANT
1554-5Office CodeVACANT
1554-6Office CodeVACANT
1554-7Office CodeVACANT
1554-8Office CodeVACANT
1554-9Office CodeVACANT
1555-0Office CodeJ. Alberts
1555-1Office CodeJ. Alberts
1555-2Office CodeJ. Alberts
1555-3Office CodeJ. Alberts
1555-4Office CodeJ. Alberts
1555-5Office CodeJ. Alberts
1555-6Office CodeJ. Alberts
1555-7Office CodeJ. Alberts
1555-8Office CodeJ. Alberts
1555-9Office CodeJ. Alberts
1556-0Office CodeVACANT
1556-1Office CodeVACANT
1556-2Office CodeVACANT
1556-3Office CodeVACANT
1556-4Office CodeVACANT
1556-5Office CodeVACANT
1556-6Office CodeVACANT
1556-7Office CodeVACANT
1556-8Office CodeVACANT
1556-9Office CodeVACANT
1557-0Office CodeVACANT
1557-1Office CodeVACANT
1557-2Office CodeVACANT
1557-3Office CodeVACANT
1557-4Office CodeVACANT
1557-5Office CodeVACANT
1557-6Office CodeVACANT
1557-7Office CodeVACANT
1557-8Office CodeVACANT
1557-9Office CodeVACANT
1558-0Office CodeH. Harte
1558-1Office CodeH. Harte
1558-2Office CodeH. Harte
1558-3Office CodeVACANT
1558-4Office CodeVACANT
1558-5Office CodeM. Cassidy
1558-6Office CodeVACANT
1558-7Office CodeH. Harte
1558-8Office CodeM. Cassidy
1558-9Office CodeH. Harte
1559-0Office CodeVACANT
1559-1Office CodeJ. Mauk
1559-2Office CodeVACANT
1559-3Office CodeVACANT
1559-4Office CodeVACANT
1559-5Office CodeVACANT
1559-6Office CodeVACANT
1559-7Office CodeVACANT
1559-8Office CodeVACANT
1559-9Office CodeVACANT
1560-0Office CodeVACANT
1560-1Office CodeVACANT
1560-2Office CodeVACANT
1560-3Office CodeVACANT
1560-4Office CodeVACANT
1560-5Office CodeVACANT
1560-6Office CodeVACANT
1560-7Office CodeVACANT
1560-8Office CodeVACANT
1560-9Office CodeVACANT
1561-0Office CodeVACANT
1561-1Office CodeVACANT
1561-2Office CodeVACANT
1561-3Office CodeVACANT
1561-4Office CodeVACANT
1561-5Office CodeVACANT
1561-6Office CodeVACANT
1561-7Office CodeVACANT
1561-8Office CodeVACANT
1561-9Office CodeVACANT
1562-0Office CodeVACANT
1562-1Office CodeVACANT
1562-2Office CodeVACANT
1562-3Office CodeVACANT
1562-4Office CodeVACANT
1562-5Office CodeVACANT
1562-6Office CodeVACANT
1562-7Office CodeVACANT
1562-8Office CodeVACANT
1562-9Office CodeVACANT
1563-0Office CodeVACANT
1563-1Office CodeVACANT
1563-2Office CodeVACANT
1563-3Office CodeVACANT
1563-4Office CodeVACANT
1563-5Office CodeVACANT
1563-6Office CodeVACANT
1563-7Office CodeVACANT
1563-8Office CodeVACANT
1563-9Office CodeVACANT
1564-0Office CodeVACANT
1564-1Office CodeVACANT
1564-2Office CodeVACANT
1564-3Office CodeVACANT
1564-4Office CodeN. Albert
1564-5Office CodeVACANT
1564-6Office CodeVACANT
1564-7Office CodeVACANT
1564-8Office CodeVACANT
1564-9Office CodeVACANT
1565-0Office CodeVACANT
1565-1Office CodeVACANT
1565-2Office CodeVACANT
1565-3Office CodeVACANT
1565-4Office CodeVACANT
1565-5Office CodeVACANT
1565-6Office CodeVACANT
1565-7Office CodeVACANT
1565-8Office CodeVACANT
1565-9Office CodeVACANT
1566-0Office CodeS. Kerman
1566-1Office CodeS. Kerman
1566-2Office CodeS. Kerman
1566-3Office CodeS. Kerman
1566-4Office CodeS. Kerman
1566-5Office CodeS. Kerman
1566-6Office CodeS. Kerman
1566-7Office CodeS. Kerman
1566-8Office CodeS. Kerman
1566-9Office CodeS. Kerman
1567-0Office CodeVACANT
1567-1Office CodeVACANT
1567-2Office CodeVACANT
1567-3Office CodeVACANT
1567-4Office CodeVACANT
1567-5Office CodeVACANT
1567-6Office CodeVACANT
1567-7Office CodeVACANT
1567-8Office CodeVACANT
1567-9Office CodeVACANT
1568-0Office CodeVACANT
1568-1Office CodeVACANT
1568-2Office CodeVACANT
1568-3Office CodeVACANT
1568-4Office CodeVACANT
1568-5Office CodeVACANT
1568-6Office CodeVACANT
1568-7Office CodeVACANT
1568-8Office CodeVACANT
1568-9Office CodeVACANT
1569-0Office CodeVACANT
1569-1Office CodeVACANT
1569-2Office CodeVACANT
1569-3Office CodeVACANT
1569-4Office CodeVACANT
1569-5Office CodeVACANT
1569-6Office CodeVACANT
1569-7Office CodeVACANT
1569-8Office CodeVACANT
1569-9Office CodeVACANT
1570-0Office CodeVACANT
1570-1Office CodeVACANT
1570-2Office CodeVACANT
1570-3Office CodeVACANT
1570-4Office CodeVACANT
1570-5Office CodeVACANT
1570-6Office CodeVACANT
1570-7Office CodeVACANT
1570-8Office CodeVACANT
1570-9Office CodeVACANT
1571-0Office CodeVACANT
1571-1Office CodeVACANT
1571-2Office CodeVACANT
1571-3Office CodeVACANT
1571-4Office CodeVACANT
1571-5Office CodeVACANT
1571-6Office CodeVACANT
1571-7Office CodeVACANT
1571-8Office CodeVACANT
1571-9Office CodeVACANT
1572-0Office CodeVACANT
1572-1Office CodeVACANT
1572-2Office CodeVACANT
1572-3Office CodeA. Bennett
1572-4Office CodeVACANT
1572-5Office CodeVACANT
1572-6Office CodeVACANT
1572-7Office CodeVACANT
1572-8Office CodeVACANT
1572-9Office CodeVACANT
1573-0Office CodeE. HymanTest line to mess around with.
1573-1Office CodeVACANT
1573-2Office CodeVACANT
1573-3Office CodeVACANT
1573-4Office CodeVACANT
1573-5Office CodeB. CaudleVirginia Computer Museum - Asterisk PBX and interconnected systems
1573-6Office CodeVACANT
1573-7Office CodeVACANT
1573-8Office CodeVACANT
1573-9Office CodeVACANT
1574-0Office CodeVACANT
1574-1Office CodeVACANT
1574-2Office CodeVACANT
1574-3Office CodeVACANT
1574-4Office CodeVACANT
1574-5Office CodeVACANT
1574-6Office CodeVACANT
1574-7Office CodeVACANT
1574-8Office CodeVACANT
1574-9Office CodeVACANT
1575-0Office CodeVACANT
1575-1Office CodeVACANT
1575-2Office CodeVACANT
1575-3Office CodeVACANT
1575-4Office CodeVACANT
1575-5Office CodeVACANT
1575-6Office CodeVACANT
1575-7Office CodeVACANT
1575-8Office CodeVACANT
1575-9Office CodeVACANT
1576-0Office CodeVACANT
1576-1Office CodeVACANT
1576-2Office CodeVACANT
1576-3Office CodeVACANT
1576-4Office CodeVACANT
1576-5Office CodeVACANT
1576-6Office CodeVACANT
1576-7Office CodeVACANT
1576-8Office CodeVACANT
1576-9Office CodeVACANT
1577-0Office CodeJ. Anderson
1577-1Office CodeJ. Anderson
1577-2Office CodeVACANT
1577-3Office CodeVACANT
1577-4Office CodeVACANT
1577-5Office CodeVACANT
1577-6Office CodeVACANT
1577-7Office CodeVACANT
1577-8Office CodeVACANT
1577-9Office CodeVACANT
1578-0Office CodeVACANT
1578-1Office CodeK. Tower
1578-2Office CodeVACANT
1578-3Office CodeVACANT
1578-4Office CodeVACANT
1578-5Office CodeVACANT
1578-6Office CodeVACANT
1578-7Office CodeVACANT
1578-8Office CodeVACANT
1578-9Office CodeVACANT
1579-0Office CodeVACANT
1579-1Office CodeVACANT
1579-2Office CodeVACANT
1579-3Office CodeVACANT
1579-4Office CodeVACANT
1579-5Office CodeVACANT
1579-6Office CodeVACANT
1579-7Office CodeVACANT
1579-8Office CodeVACANT
1579-9Office CodeVACANT
1580-0Office CodeVACANT
1580-1Office CodeVACANT
1580-2Office CodeVACANT
1580-3Office CodeVACANT
1580-4Office CodeVACANT
1580-5Office CodeC. GibbnerAsterisk tandem and other systems.
1580-6Office CodeVACANT
1580-7Office CodeVACANT
1580-8Office CodeVACANT
1580-9Office CodeVACANT
1581-0Office CodeVACANT
1581-1Office CodeVACANT
1581-2Office CodeVACANT
1581-3Office CodeVACANT
1581-4Office CodeVACANT
1581-5Office CodeVACANT
1581-6Office CodeVACANT
1581-7Office CodeVACANT
1581-8Office CodeVACANT
1581-9Office CodeVACANT
1582-0Office CodeVACANT
1582-1Office CodeVACANT
1582-2Office CodeVACANT
1582-3Office CodeVACANT
1582-4Office CodeVACANT
1582-5Office CodeVACANT
1582-6Office CodeVACANT
1582-7Office CodeVACANT
1582-8Office CodeVACANT
1582-9Office CodeVACANT
1583-0Office CodeVACANT
1583-1Office CodeVACANT
1583-2Office CodeVACANT
1583-3Office CodeVACANT
1583-4Office CodeVACANT
1583-5Office CodeVACANT
1583-6Office CodeVACANT
1583-7Office CodeVACANT
1583-8Office CodeVACANT
1583-9Office CodeVACANT
1584-0Office CodeVACANT
1584-1Office CodeVACANT
1584-2Office CodeVACANT
1584-3Office CodeVACANT
1584-4Office CodeVACANT
1584-5Office CodeVACANT
1584-6Office CodeVACANT
1584-7Office CodeVACANT
1584-8Office CodeVACANT
1584-9Office CodeVACANT
1585-0Office CodeVACANT
1585-1Office CodeJ. Hill
1585-2Office CodeVACANT
1585-3Office CodeVACANT
1585-4Office CodeVACANT
1585-5Office CodeVACANT
1585-6Office CodeVACANT
1585-7Office CodeVACANT
1585-8Office CodeVACANT
1585-9Office CodeVACANT
1586-0Office CodeVACANT
1586-1Office CodeVACANT
1586-2Office CodeVACANT
1586-3Office CodeVACANT
1586-4Office CodeL. PayneAdit 600 off of Asterisk as tandem.
1586-5Office CodeVACANT
1586-6Office CodeVACANT
1586-7Office CodeVACANT
1586-8Office CodeVACANT
1586-9Office CodeVACANT
1587-0Office CodeVACANT
1587-1Office CodeVACANT
1587-2Office CodeVACANT
1587-3Office CodeVACANT
1587-4Office CodeVACANT
1587-5Office CodeVACANT
1587-6Office CodeVACANT
1587-7Office CodeVACANT
1587-8Office CodeVACANT
1587-9Office CodeVACANT
1588-0Office CodeVACANT
1588-1Office CodeVACANT
1588-2Office CodeVACANT
1588-3Office CodeVACANT
1588-4Office CodeVACANT
1588-5Office CodeVACANT
1588-6Office CodeVACANT
1588-7Office CodeVACANT
1588-8Office CodeVACANT
1588-9Office CodeS. L200 Line SxS Switch
1589-0Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1589-1Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1589-2Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1589-3Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1589-4Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1589-5Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1589-6Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1589-7Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1589-8Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1589-9Office CodeL. Salter S&S Telephone Company (Larry & Eric Salter)
1590-0Office CodeVACANT
1590-1Office CodeVACANT
1590-2Office CodeVACANT
1590-3Office CodeVACANT
1590-4Office CodeVACANT
1590-5Office CodeVACANT
1590-6Office CodeVACANT
1590-7Office CodeVACANT
1590-8Office CodeVACANT
1590-9Office CodeVACANT
1591-0Office CodeVACANT
1591-1Office CodeVACANT
1591-2Office CodeVACANT
1591-3Office CodeVACANT
1591-4Office CodeVACANT
1591-5Office CodeVACANT
1591-6Office CodeVACANT
1591-7Office CodeVACANT
1591-8Office CodeVACANT
1591-9Office CodeVACANT
1592-0Office CodeVACANT
1592-1Office CodeVACANT
1592-2Office CodeVACANT
1592-3Office CodeVACANT
1592-4Office CodeVACANT
1592-5Office CodeVACANT
1592-6Office CodeVACANT
1592-7Office CodeVACANT
1592-8Office CodeVACANT
1592-9Office CodeVACANT
1593-0Office CodeVACANT
1593-1Office CodeVACANT
1593-2Office CodeVACANT
1593-3Office CodeVACANT
1593-4Office CodeVACANT
1593-5Office CodeVACANT
1593-6Office CodeVACANT
1593-7Office CodeVACANT
1593-8Office CodeVACANT
1593-9Office CodeVACANT
1594-0Office CodeP. Wills
1594-1Office CodeP. Wills
1594-2Office CodeP. Wills
1594-3Office CodeP. Wills
1594-4Office CodeP. Wills
1594-5Office CodeP. Wills
1594-6Office CodeP. Wills
1594-7Office CodeP. Wills
1594-8Office CodeP. Wills
1594-9Office CodeP. Wills
1595-0Office CodeVACANT
1595-1Office CodeVACANT
1595-2Office CodeVACANT
1595-3Office CodeVACANT
1595-4Office CodeVACANT
1595-5Office CodeVACANT
1595-6Office CodeVACANT
1595-7Office CodeVACANT
1595-8Office CodeVACANT
1595-9Office CodeVACANT
1596-0Office CodeVACANT
1596-1Office CodeVACANT
1596-2Office CodeVACANT
1596-3Office CodeVACANT
1596-4Office CodeT. GriffinNorthern SxS
1596-5Office CodeE. Sutherland
1596-6Office CodeVACANT
1596-7Office CodeVACANT
1596-8Office CodeVACANT
1596-9Office CodeVACANT
1597-0Office CodeW. Zinger
1597-1Office CodeW. Zinger
1597-2Office CodeVACANT
1597-3Office CodeVACANT
1597-4Office CodeVACANT
1597-5Office CodeVACANT
1597-6Office CodeVACANT
1597-7Office CodeVACANT
1597-8Office CodeVACANT
1597-9Office CodeVACANT
1598-0Office CodeVACANT
1598-1Office CodeVACANT
1598-2Office CodeVACANT
1598-3Office CodeVACANT
1598-4Office CodeVACANT
1598-5Office CodeVACANT
1598-6Office CodeVACANT
1598-7Office CodeVACANT
1598-8Office CodeVACANT
1598-9Office CodeVACANT
1599-0Office CodeVACANT
1599-1Office CodeVACANT
1599-2Office CodeVACANT
1599-3Office CodeE. SilvermanOn behalf of Eric Silverman
1599-4Office CodeVACANT
1599-5Office CodeVACANT
1599-6Office CodeVACANT
1599-7Office CodeVACANT
1599-8Office CodeVACANT
1599-9Office CodeE. SilvermanOn behalf of Eric Silverman
1600-0Office CodeVACANT
1620-0Office CodeVACANT
1620-1Office CodeVACANT
1620-2Office CodeVACANT
1620-3Office CodeVACANT
1620-4Office CodeVACANT
1620-5Office CodeVACANT
1620-6Office CodeVACANT
1620-7Office CodeVACANT
1620-8Office CodeVACANT
1620-9Office CodeVACANT
1621-0Office CodeVACANT
1621-1Office CodeVACANT
1621-2Office CodeVACANT
1621-3Office CodeVACANT
1621-4Office CodeVACANT
1621-5Office CodeVACANT
1621-6Office CodeVACANT
1621-7Office CodeVACANT
1621-8Office CodeVACANT
1621-9Office CodeVACANT
1622-0Office CodeJ. Smith
1622-1Office CodeJ. Smith
1622-2Office CodeJ. Smith
1622-3Office CodeJ. Smith
1622-4Office CodeJ. Smith
1622-5Office CodeJ. Smith
1622-6Office CodeJ. Smith
1622-7Office CodeJ. Smith
1622-8Office CodeJ. Smith
1622-9Office CodeJ. Smith
1623-0Office CodeK. Stanfield
1623-1Office CodeK. Stanfield
1623-2Office CodeK. Stanfield
1623-3Office CodeK. Stanfield
1623-4Office CodeK. Stanfield
1623-5Office CodeK. Stanfield
1623-6Office CodeK. Stanfield
1623-7Office CodeK. Stanfield
1623-8Office CodeK. Stanfield
1623-9Office CodeK. Stanfield
1624-0Office CodeVACANT
1624-1Office CodeVACANT
1624-2Office CodeVACANT
1624-3Office CodeA. DavidMADhouse Telephone Co. AE SxS TPL
1624-4Office CodeVACANT
1624-5Office CodeA. DavidMADhouse Telephone Co. AE SxS TPS
1624-6Office CodeVACANT
1624-7Office CodeVACANT
1624-8Office CodeA. DavidFXS Lines not on AE Switch
1624-9Office CodeVACANT
1625-0Office CodeVACANT
1625-1Office CodeVACANT
1625-2Office CodeVACANT
1625-3Office CodeVACANT
1625-4Office CodeVACANT
1625-5Office CodeVACANT
1625-6Office CodeVACANT
1625-7Office CodeVACANT
1625-8Office CodeS. Bonk II
1625-8000Single NumberS. Young
1625-8001Single NumberS. Young
1626-1Office CodeVACANT
1626-2Office CodeVACANT
1626-3Office CodeVACANT
1626-4Office CodeVACANT
1626-5Office CodeVACANT
1626-6Office CodeVACANT
1626-7Office CodeVACANT
1626-8Office CodeVACANT
1626-9Office CodeVACANT
1627-0Office CodeVACANT
1627-1Office CodeVACANT
1627-2Office CodeVACANT
1627-3Office CodeVACANT
1627-4Office CodeVACANT
1627-5Office CodeM. ThomasAsterisk Exchange
1627-6Office CodeVACANT
1627-7Office CodeVACANT
1627-8Office CodeVACANT
1627-9Office CodeVACANT
1628-0Office CodeVACANT
1628-1Office CodeVACANT
1628-2Office CodeVACANT
1628-3Office CodeVACANT
1628-4Office CodeVACANT
1628-5Office CodeVACANT
1628-6Office CodeVACANT
1628-7Office CodeVACANT
1628-8Office CodeM. McCoy1A2/Grandstream IP PBX
1628-9Office CodeVACANT
1629-0Office CodeVACANT
1629-1Office CodeVACANT
1629-2Office CodeVACANT
1629-3Office CodeVACANT
1629-4Office CodeVACANT
1629-5Office CodeVACANT
1629-6Office CodeVACANT
1629-7Office CodeVACANT
1629-8Office CodeVACANT
1629-9Office CodeVACANT
1630-0Office CodeVACANT
1630-1Office CodeVACANT
1630-2Office CodeVACANT
1630-3Office CodeVACANT
1630-4Office CodeVACANT
1630-5Office CodeVACANT
1630-6Office CodeVACANT
1630-7Office CodeVACANT
1630-8Office CodeVACANT
1630-9Office CodeVACANT
1631-0Office CodeVACANT
1631-1Office CodeVACANT
1631-2Office CodeVACANT
1631-3Office CodeVACANT
1631-4Office CodeVACANT
1631-5Office CodeVACANT
1631-6Office CodeVACANT
1631-7Office CodeVACANT
1631-8Office CodeVACANT
1631-9Office CodeVACANT
1632-0Office CodeVACANT
1632-1Office CodeVACANT
1632-2Office CodeVACANT
1632-3Office CodeVACANT
1632-4Office CodeVACANT
1632-5Office CodeVACANT
1632-6Office CodeS. CampbellSXS Demo switching arrangement
1632-7Office CodeVACANT
1632-8Office CodeVACANT
1632-9Office CodeVACANT
1633-0Office CodeVACANT
1633-1Office CodeVACANT
1633-2Office CodeVACANT
1633-3Office CodeVACANT
1633-4Office CodeVACANT
1633-5Office CodeVACANT
1633-6Office CodeVACANT
1633-7Office CodeVACANT
1633-8Office CodeVACANT
1633-9Office CodeVACANT
1634-0Office CodeVACANT
1634-1Office CodeVACANT
1634-2Office CodeVACANT
1634-3Office CodeVACANT
1634-4Office CodeVACANT
1634-5Office CodeVACANT
1634-6Office CodeVACANT
1634-7Office CodeVACANT
1634-8Office CodeVACANT
1634-9Office CodeVACANT
1635-0Office CodeVACANT
1635-1Office CodeVACANT
1635-2Office CodeW. CardwellAsterisk extensions and Step-by-Step switch.
1635-3Office CodeVACANT
1635-4Office CodeVACANT
1635-5Office CodeVACANT
1635-6Office CodeVACANT
1635-7Office CodeVACANT
1635-8Office CodeVACANT
1635-9Office CodeW. CardwellAsterisk extensions and Step-by-Step switch.
1636-0Office CodeVACANT
1636-1Office CodeVACANT
1636-2Office CodeVACANT
1636-3Office CodeVACANT
1636-4Office CodeVACANT
1636-5Office CodeVACANT
1636-6Office CodeVACANT
1636-7Office CodeVACANT
1636-8Office CodeVACANT
1636-9Office CodeVACANT
1637-0Office CodeVACANT
1637-1Office CodeVACANT
1637-2Office CodeM. Whitted
1637-3Office CodeVACANT
1637-4Office CodeVACANT
1637-5Office CodeVACANT
1637-6Office CodeVACANT
1637-7Office CodeVACANT
1637-8Office CodeVACANT
1637-9Office CodeVACANT
1638-0Office CodeVACANT
1638-1Office CodeVACANT
1638-2Office CodeVACANT
1638-3Office CodeVACANT
1638-4Office CodeVACANT
1638-5Office CodeVACANT
1638-6Office CodeVACANT
1638-7Office CodeVACANT
1638-8Office CodeVACANT
1638-9Office CodeVACANT
1639-0Office CodeR. Newland
1639-1Office CodeR. Newland
1639-2Office CodeR. Newland
1639-3Office CodeR. Newland
1639-4Office CodeR. Newland
1639-5Office CodeR. Newland
1639-6Office CodeR. Newland
1639-7Office CodeR. Newland
1639-8Office CodeR. Newland
1639-9Office CodeR. Newland
1640-0Office CodeVACANT
1640-1Office CodeVACANT
1640-2Office CodeVACANT
1640-3Office CodeVACANT
1640-4Office CodeVACANT
1640-5Office CodeVACANT
1640-6Office CodeVACANT
1640-7Office CodeVACANT
1640-8Office CodeVACANT
1640-9Office CodeVACANT
1641-0Office CodeVACANT
1641-1Office CodeVACANT
1641-2Office CodeVACANT
1641-3Office CodeVACANT
1641-4Office CodeVACANT
1641-5Office CodeVACANT
1641-6Office CodeVACANT
1641-7Office CodeVACANT
1641-8Office CodeVACANT
1641-9Office CodeVACANT
1642-0Office CodeVACANT
1642-1Office CodeVACANT
1642-2Office CodeVACANT
1642-3Office CodeVACANT
1642-4Office CodeVACANT
1642-5Office CodeVACANT
1642-6Office CodeVACANT
1642-7Office CodeVACANT
1642-8Office CodeVACANT
1642-9Office CodeVACANT
1643-0Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1643-1Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1643-2Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1643-3Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1643-4Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1643-5Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1643-6Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1643-7Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1643-8Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1643-9Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 643-3000 to 643-3999
1644-0Office CodeVACANT
1644-1Office CodeVACANT
1644-2Office CodeVACANT
1644-3Office CodeVACANT
1644-4Office CodeVACANT
1644-5Office CodeVACANT
1644-6Office CodeVACANT
1644-7Office CodeVACANT
1644-8Office CodeVACANT
1644-9Office CodeVACANT
1645-0Office CodeVACANT
1645-1Office CodeVACANT
1645-2Office CodeVACANT
1645-3Office CodeVACANT
1645-4Office CodeA. Reed
1645-5Office CodeA. Reed
1645-6Office CodeVACANT
1645-7Office CodeVACANT
1645-8Office CodeVACANT
1645-9Office CodeVACANT
1646-0Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
1646-1Office CodeVACANT
1646-2Office CodeVACANT
1646-3Office CodeVACANT
1646-4Office CodeVACANT
1646-5Office CodeVACANT
1646-6Office CodeVACANT
1646-7Office CodeVACANT
1646-8Office CodeVACANT
1646-9Office CodeVACANT
1647-0Office CodeVACANT
1647-1Office CodeVACANT
1647-2Office CodeVACANT
1647-3Office CodeVACANT
1647-4Office CodeVACANT
1647-5Office CodeVACANT
1647-6Office CodeVACANT
1647-7Office CodeVACANT
1647-8Office CodeVACANT
1647-9Office CodeVACANT
1648-0Office CodeVACANT
1648-1Office CodeVACANT
1648-2Office CodeVACANT
1648-3Office CodeVACANT
1648-4Office CodeVACANT
1648-5Office CodeVACANT
1648-6Office CodeVACANT
1648-7Office CodeR. SnyderMIT Dormline Ashdown CO AECo SxS test connector
1648-8Office CodeR. SnyderMIT Dormline Ashdown CO AECo SxS test connector
1648-9Office CodeR. SnyderMIT Dormline Ashdown CO AECo SxS test connector
1649-0Office CodeVACANT
1649-1Office CodeVACANT
1649-2Office CodeVACANT
1649-3Office CodeVACANT
1649-4Office CodeVACANT
1649-5Office CodeVACANT
1649-6Office CodeVACANT
1649-7Office CodeVACANT
1649-8Office CodeVACANT
1649-9Office CodeVACANT
1650-0Office CodeVACANT
1650-1Office CodeVACANT
1650-2Office CodeVACANT
1650-3Office CodeVACANT
1650-4Office CodeVACANT
1650-5Office CodeVACANT
1650-6Office CodeVACANT
1650-7Office CodeVACANT
1650-8Office CodeVACANT
1650-9Office CodeVACANT
1651-0Office CodeVACANT
1651-1Office CodeVACANT
1651-2Office CodeVACANT
1651-3Office CodeVACANT
1651-4Office CodeVACANT
1651-5Office CodeVACANT
1651-6Office CodeVACANT
1651-7Office CodeVACANT
1651-8Office CodeVACANT
1651-9Office CodeVACANT
1652-0Office CodeVACANT
1652-1Office CodeVACANT
1652-2Office CodeVACANT
1652-3Office CodeVACANT
1652-4Office CodeVACANT
1652-5Office CodeVACANT
1652-6Office CodeVACANT
1652-7Office CodeVACANT
1652-8Office CodeVACANT
1652-9Office CodeVACANT
1653-0Office CodeVACANT
1653-1Office CodeVACANT
1653-2Office CodeVACANT
1653-3Office CodeVACANT
1653-4Office CodeVACANT
1653-5Office CodeVACANT
1653-6Office CodeVACANT
1653-7Office CodeVACANT
1653-8Office CodeVACANT
1653-9Office CodeVACANT
1654-0Office CodeVACANT
1654-1Office CodeVACANT
1654-2Office CodeVACANT
1654-3Office CodeVACANT
1654-4Office CodeVACANT
1654-5Office CodeVACANT
1654-6Office CodeVACANT
1654-7Office CodeVACANT
1654-8Office CodeVACANT
1654-9Office CodeVACANT
1655-0Office CodeVACANT
1655-1Office CodeVACANT
1655-2Office CodeVACANT
1655-3Office CodeP. SimpsonFreePBX/Asterisk with Panasonic XK-TAW848
1655-4Office CodeVACANT
1655-5Office CodeVACANT
1655-6Office CodeVACANT
1655-7Office CodeVACANT
1655-8Office CodeVACANT
1655-9Office CodeVACANT
1656-0Office CodeVACANT
1656-1Office CodeVACANT
1656-2Office CodeVACANT
1656-3Office CodeVACANT
1656-4Office CodeVACANT
1656-5Office CodeVACANT
1656-6Office CodeVACANT
1656-7Office CodeVACANT
1656-8Office CodeVACANT
1656-9Office CodeVACANT
1657-0Office CodeVACANT
1657-1Office CodeVACANT
1657-2Office CodeD. AbramsAdministered by J. Novack
1657-3Office CodeVACANT
1657-4Office CodeVACANT
1657-5Office CodeVACANT
1657-6Office CodeVACANT
1657-7Office CodeVACANT
1657-8Office CodeVACANT
1657-9Office CodeA. SCX-100 office, Connections Museum
1658-0Office CodeVACANT
1658-1Office CodeVACANT
1658-2Office CodeVACANT
1658-3Office CodeVACANT
1658-4Office CodeVACANT
1658-5Office CodeVACANT
1658-6Office CodeVACANT
1658-7Office CodeVACANT
1658-8Office CodeVACANT
1658-9Office CodeVACANT
1659-0Office CodeVACANT
1659-1Office CodeVACANT
1659-2Office CodeVACANT
1659-3Office CodeVACANT
1659-4Office CodeVACANT
1659-5Office CodeVACANT
1659-6Office CodeVACANT
1659-7Office CodeR. Miller
1659-8Office CodeVACANT
1659-9Office CodeVACANT
1660-0Office CodeD. BrownAsterisk tandem with link to modem bank and key system
1660-1Office CodeD. BrownAsterisk tandem with link to modem bank and key system
1660-2Office CodeVACANT
1660-3Office CodeVACANT
1660-4Office CodeVACANT
1660-5Office CodeVACANT
1660-6Office CodeVACANT
1660-7Office CodeVACANT
1660-8Office CodeVACANT
1660-9Office CodeD. BrownNortel MIC, Cisco 3845
1661-0Office CodeVACANT
1661-1Office CodeVACANT
1661-2Office CodeVACANT
1661-3Office CodeVACANT
1661-4Office CodeVACANT
1661-5Office CodeVACANT
1661-6Office CodeVACANT
1661-7Office CodeVACANT
1661-8Office CodeVACANT
1661-9Office CodeVACANT
1662-0Office CodeVACANT
1662-1Office CodeVACANT
1662-2Office CodeVACANT
1662-3Office CodeVACANT
1662-4Office CodeVACANT
1662-5Office CodeVACANT
1662-6Office CodeVACANT
1662-7Office CodeVACANT
1662-8Office CodeVACANT
1662-9Office CodeVACANT
1663-0Office CodeVACANT
1663-1Office CodeVACANT
1663-2Office CodeVACANT
1663-3Office CodeVACANT
1663-4Office CodeVACANT
1663-5Office CodeVACANT
1663-6Office CodeVACANT
1663-7Office CodeVACANT
1663-8Office CodeVACANT
1663-9Office CodeVACANT
1664-0Office CodeVACANT
1664-1Office CodeVACANT
1664-2Office CodeVACANT
1664-3Office CodeVACANT
1664-4Office CodeVACANT
1664-5Office CodeVACANT
1664-6Office CodeVACANT
1664-7Office CodeVACANT
1664-8Office CodeVACANT
1664-9Office CodeVACANT
1665-0Office CodeJ. WilsonAsterisk Switch (Hopefully to point to some other Telco Gear)
1665-1Office CodeVACANT
1665-2Office CodeVACANT
1665-3Office CodeVACANT
1665-4Office CodeVACANT
1665-5Office CodeVACANT
1665-6Office CodeVACANT
1665-7Office CodeVACANT
1665-8Office CodeVACANT
1665-9Office CodeVACANT
1666-0Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1666-1Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1666-2Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1666-3Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1666-4Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1666-5Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1666-6Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1666-7Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1666-8Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1666-9Office CodeJ. NovackFalling Waters Telephone
1667-0Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1667-1Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1667-2Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1667-3Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1667-4Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1667-5Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1667-6Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1667-7Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1667-8Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1667-9Office CodeJ. NovackFWT Remote Node
1668-0Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1668-1Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1668-2Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1668-3Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1668-4Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1668-5Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1668-6Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1668-7Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1668-8Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1668-9Office CodeP. McCarterITEC
1669-0Office CodeT. Wisdom
1669-1Office CodeT. Wisdom
1669-2Office CodeT. Wisdom
1669-3Office CodeT. Wisdom
1669-4Office CodeT. Wisdom
1669-5Office CodeT. Wisdom
1669-6Office CodeT. Wisdom
1669-7Office CodeT. Wisdom
1669-8Office CodeT. Wisdom
1669-9Office CodeT. Wisdom
1670-0Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1670-1Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1670-2Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1670-3Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1670-4Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1670-5Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1670-6Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1670-7Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1670-8Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1670-9Office CodeS. YoungWawina System 75
1671-0Office CodeVACANT
1671-1Office CodeVACANT
1671-2Office CodeVACANT
1671-3Office CodeVACANT
1671-4Office CodeVACANT
1671-5Office CodeVACANT
1671-6Office CodeVACANT
1671-7Office CodeVACANT
1671-8Office CodeVACANT
1671-9Office CodeVACANT
1672-0Office CodeVACANT
1672-1Office CodeVACANT
1672-2Office CodeVACANT
1672-3Office CodeVACANT
1672-4Office CodeVACANT
1672-5Office CodeVACANT
1672-6Office CodeVACANT
1672-7Office CodeVACANT
1672-8Office CodeVACANT
1672-9Office CodeVACANT
1673-0Office CodeVACANT
1673-1Office CodeVACANT
1673-2Office CodeVACANT
1673-3Office CodeVACANT
1673-4Office CodeVACANT
1673-5Office CodeVACANT
1673-6Office CodeVACANT
1673-7Office CodeVACANT
1673-8Office CodeVACANT
1673-9Office CodeVACANT
1674-0Office CodeVACANT
1674-1Office CodeVACANT
1674-2Office CodeVACANT
1674-3Office CodeVACANT
1674-4Office CodeVACANT
1674-5Office CodeVACANT
1674-6Office CodeVACANT
1674-7Office CodeVACANT
1674-8Office CodeVACANT
1674-9Office CodeVACANT
1675-0Office CodeVACANT
1675-1Office CodeVACANT
1675-2Office CodeVACANT
1675-3Office CodeVACANT
1675-4Office CodeVACANT
1675-5Office CodeVACANT
1675-6Office CodeVACANT
1675-7Office CodeVACANT
1675-8Office CodeVACANT
1675-9Office CodeVACANT
1676-0Office CodeVACANT
1676-1Office CodeVACANT
1676-2Office CodeVACANT
1676-3Office CodeVACANT
1676-4Office CodeVACANT
1676-5Office CodeVACANT
1676-6Office CodeVACANT
1676-7Office CodeVACANT
1676-8Office CodeVACANT
1676-9Office CodeVACANT
1677-0Office CodeVACANT
1677-1Office CodeVACANT
1677-2Office CodeVACANT
1677-3Office CodeVACANT
1677-4Office CodeVACANT
1677-5Office CodeVACANT
1677-6Office CodeVACANT
1677-7Office CodeVACANT
1677-8Office CodeVACANT
1677-9Office CodeVACANT
1678-0Office CodeVACANT
1678-1Office CodeVACANT
1678-2Office CodeVACANT
1678-3Office CodeVACANT
1678-4Office CodeVACANT
1678-5Office CodeVACANT
1678-6Office CodeVACANT
1678-7Office CodeVACANT
1678-8Office CodeVACANT
1678-9Office CodeVACANT
1679-0Office CodeVACANT
1679-1Office CodeVACANT
1679-2Office CodeVACANT
1679-3Office CodeVACANT
1679-4Office CodeVACANT
1679-5Office CodeVACANT
1679-6Office CodeVACANT
1679-7Office CodeVACANT
1679-8Office CodeVACANT
1679-9Office CodeVACANT
1680-0Office CodeVACANT
1680-1Office CodeVACANT
1680-2Office CodeVACANT
1680-3Office CodeVACANT
1680-4Office CodeVACANT
1680-5Office CodeVACANT
1680-6Office CodeVACANT
1680-7Office CodeVACANT
1680-8Office CodeVACANT
1680-9Office CodeVACANT
1681-0Office CodeVACANT
1681-1Office CodeVACANT
1681-2Office CodeVACANT
1681-3Office CodeVACANT
1681-4Office CodeVACANT
1681-5Office CodeVACANT
1681-6Office CodeVACANT
1681-7Office CodeVACANT
1681-8Office CodeVACANT
1681-9Office CodeVACANT
1682-0Office CodeVACANT
1682-1Office CodeVACANT
1682-2Office CodeVACANT
1682-3Office CodeVACANT
1682-4Office CodeF. Hansche
1682-5Office CodeVACANT
1682-6Office CodeVACANT
1682-7Office CodeVACANT
1682-8Office CodeVACANT
1682-9Office CodeVACANT
1683-0Office Coden. Connections Museum10,000 line DMS-10 switcj
1683-1Office Coden. Connections Museum10,000 line DMS-10 switcj
1683-2Office Coden. Connections Museum10,000 line DMS-10 switcj
1683-3Office Coden. Connections Museum10,000 line DMS-10 switcj
1683-4Office Coden. Connections Museum10,000 line DMS-10 switcj
1683-5Office Coden. Connections Museum10,000 line DMS-10 switcj
1683-6Office CodeVACANT
1683-7Office CodeVACANT
1683-8Office CodeVACANT
1683-9Office CodeVACANT
1684-0Office CodeVACANT
1684-1Office CodeVACANT
1684-2Office CodeJ. Meyers
1684-3Office CodeVACANT
1684-4Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SX1 FTR SXS TPL
1684-5Office CodeVACANT
1684-6Office CodeVACANT
1684-7Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01SX1 FTR SXS TPL
1684-8Office CodeVACANT
1684-9Office CodeVACANT
1685-0Office CodeVACANT
1685-1Office CodeVACANT
1685-2Office CodeE. Greenberg507B switchboard behind an asterisk box. Future 556 board as well, I hope.
1685-3Office CodeVACANT
1685-4Office CodeVACANT
1685-5Office CodeVACANT
1685-6Office CodeVACANT
1685-7Office CodeVACANT
1685-8Office CodeVACANT
1685-9Office CodeVACANT
1686-0Office CodeVACANT
1686-1Office CodeVACANT
1686-2Office CodeVACANT
1686-3Office CodeVACANT
1686-4Office CodeK. Spacil
1686-5Office CodeVACANT
1686-6Office CodeVACANT
1686-7Office CodeVACANT
1686-8Office CodeVACANT
1686-9Office CodeVACANT
1687-0Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1687-1Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1687-2Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1687-3Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1687-4Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1687-5Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1687-6Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1687-7Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1687-8Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1687-9Office CodeJ. JonesEmbedded Linksys system
1688-0Office CodeJ. Jones
1688-1Office CodeJ. Jones
1688-2Office CodeJ. Jones
1688-3Office CodeJ. Jones
1688-4Office CodeJ. Jones
1688-5Office CodeJ. Jones
1688-6Office CodeJ. Jones
1688-7Office CodeJ. Jones
1688-8Office CodeJ. Jones
1688-9Office CodeJ. Jones
1689-0Office CodeVACANT
1689-1Office CodeVACANT
1689-2Office CodeVACANT
1689-3Office CodeVACANT
1689-4Office CodeJ. HarrisOption 61c, cs1000, cuff, asterisk and other type switches
1689-5Office CodeJ. HarrisOption 61c, cs1000, cuff, asterisk and other type switches
1689-6Office CodeVACANT
1689-7Office CodeVACANT
1689-8Office CodeVACANT
1689-9Office CodeVACANT
1690-0Office CodeVACANT
1690-1Office CodeVACANT
1690-2Office CodeVACANT
1690-3Office CodeVACANT
1690-4Office CodeVACANT
1690-5Office CodeVACANT
1690-6Office CodeVACANT
1690-7Office CodeVACANT
1690-8Office CodeVACANT
1690-9Office CodeVACANT
1691-0Office CodeVACANT
1691-1Office CodeVACANT
1691-2Office CodeVACANT
1691-3Office CodeVACANT
1691-4Office CodeVACANT
1691-5Office CodeVACANT
1691-6Office CodeVACANT
1691-7Office CodeVACANT
1691-8Office CodeVACANT
1691-9Office CodeVACANT
1692-0Office CodeVACANT
1692-1Office CodeVACANT
1692-2Office CodeVACANT
1692-3Office CodeVACANT
1692-4Office CodeVACANT
1692-5Office CodeVACANT
1692-6Office CodeVACANT
1692-7Office CodeVACANT
1692-8Office CodeVACANT
1692-9Office CodeVACANT
1693-0Office CodeVACANT
1693-1Office CodeVACANT
1693-2Office CodeVACANT
1693-3Office CodeVACANT
1693-4Office CodeVACANT
1693-5Office CodeVACANT
1693-6Office CodeVACANT
1693-7Office CodeVACANT
1693-8Office CodeVACANT
1693-9Office CodeVACANT
1694-0Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1694-1Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1694-2Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1694-3Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1694-4Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1694-5Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1694-6Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1694-7Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1694-8Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1694-9Office CodeS. YoungSystem 75 (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1695-0Office CodeVACANT
1695-1Office CodeVACANT
1695-2Office CodeI. LawsonLocal telephone switch & asterisk server
1695-3Office CodeVACANT
1695-4Office CodeVACANT
1695-5Office CodeVACANT
1695-6Office CodeVACANT
1695-7Office CodeVACANT
1695-8Office CodeVACANT
1695-9Office CodeVACANT
1696-0Office CodeVACANT
1696-1Office CodeVACANT
1696-2Office CodeVACANT
1696-3Office CodeVACANT
1696-4Office CodeVACANT
1696-5Office CodeVACANT
1696-6Office CodeVACANT
1696-7Office CodeVACANT
1696-8Office CodeVACANT
1696-9Office CodeVACANT
1697-0Office CodeVACANT
1697-1Office CodeVACANT
1697-2Office CodeVACANT
1697-3Office CodeVACANT
1697-4Office CodeVACANT
1697-5Office CodeVACANT
1697-6Office CodeVACANT
1697-7Office CodeVACANT
1697-8Office CodeVACANT
1697-9Office CodeVACANT
1698-0Office CodeVACANT
1698-1Office CodeVACANT
1698-2Office CodeVACANT
1698-3Office CodeVACANT
1698-4Office CodeVACANT
1698-5Office CodeVACANT
1698-6Office CodeVACANT
1698-7Office CodeVACANT
1698-8Office CodeVACANT
1698-9Office CodeVACANT
1699-0Office CodeVACANT
1699-1Office CodeVACANT
1699-2Office CodeVACANT
1699-3Office CodeVACANT
1699-4Office CodeVACANT
1699-5Office CodeVACANT
1699-6Office CodeVACANT
1699-7Office CodeVACANT
1699-8Office CodeVACANT
1699-9Office CodeVACANT
1700-0Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1700-1Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1700-2Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1700-3Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1700-4Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1700-5Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1700-6Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1700-7Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1700-8Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1700-9Office CodeC. PerkinsIntra-LATA
1709-0Office CodeA. Green
1709-1Office CodeA. Green
1709-2Office CodeA. Green
1709-3Office CodeA. Green
1709-4Office CodeA. Green
1709-5Office CodeA. Green
1709-6Office CodeA. Green
1709-7Office CodeA. Green
1709-8Office CodeA. Green
1709-9Office CodeA. Green
1722-0Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1722-1Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1722-2Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1722-3Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1722-4Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1722-5Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1722-6Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1722-7Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1722-8Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1722-9Office CodeA. SPanel office, Connections Museum
1723-0Office CodeVACANT
1723-1Office CodeVACANT
1723-2Office CodeVACANT
1723-3Office CodeVACANT
1723-4Office CodeVACANT
1723-5Office CodeVACANT
1723-6Office CodeVACANT
1723-7Office CodeVACANT
1723-8Office CodeVACANT
1723-9Office CodeVACANT
1724-0Office CodeD. MasseyDesk phone, call anytime, can leave message
1724-1Office CodeVACANT
1724-2Office CodeVACANT
1724-3Office CodeVACANT
1724-4Office CodeVACANT
1724-5Office CodeVACANT
1724-6Office CodeVACANT
1724-7Office CodeVACANT
1724-8Office CodeVACANT
1724-9Office CodeVACANT
1725-0Office CodeVACANT
1725-1Office CodeVACANT
1725-2Office CodeVACANT
1725-3Office CodeVACANT
1725-4Office CodeVACANT
1725-5Office CodeVACANT
1725-6Office CodeVACANT
1725-7Office CodeVACANT
1725-8Office CodeVACANT
1725-9Office CodeVACANT
1726-0Office CodeN. Hendrix
1726-1Office CodeN. Hendrix
1726-2Office CodeVACANT
1726-3Office CodeVACANT
1726-4Office CodeVACANT
1726-5Office CodeVACANT
1726-6Office CodeVACANT
1726-7Office CodeVACANT
1726-8Office CodeVACANT
1726-9Office CodeVACANT
1727-0Office CodeM. EnglehornHPKNMNENDS0
1727-1Office CodeVACANT
1727-2Office CodeVACANT
1727-3Office CodeVACANT
1727-4Office CodeVACANT
1727-5Office CodeVACANT
1727-6Office CodeVACANT
1727-7Office CodeG. HarrisonVoIP & Asterisk Interoperability & Testing
1727-8Office CodeVACANT
1727-9Office CodeVACANT
1728-0Office CodeVACANT
1728-1Office CodeVACANT
1728-2Office CodeVACANT
1728-3Office CodeVACANT
1728-4Office CodeVACANT
1728-5Office CodeVACANT
1728-6Office CodeVACANT
1728-7Office CodeVACANT
1728-8Office CodeVACANT
1728-9Office CodeB. MukaisuAsterisk Switch
1729-0Office CodeVACANT
1729-1Office CodeVACANT
1729-2Office CodeVACANT
1729-3Office CodeVACANT
1729-4Office CodeVACANT
1729-5Office CodeVACANT
1729-6Office CodeVACANT
1729-7Office CodeVACANT
1729-8Office CodeVACANT
1729-9Office CodeVACANT
1730-0Office CodeVACANT
1730-1Office CodeC. NowalkAsterisk switch
1730-2Office CodeVACANT
1730-3Office CodeVACANT
1730-4Office CodeVACANT
1730-5Office CodeVACANT
1730-6Office CodeVACANT
1730-7Office CodeVACANT
1730-8Office CodeVACANT
1730-9Office CodeVACANT
1731-0Office CodeVACANT
1731-1Office CodeVACANT
1731-2Office CodeVACANT
1731-3Office CodeVACANT
1731-4Office CodeR. SchlegelAsterisk switch to a series of Grandstream HT8XX ATAs
1731-5Office CodeVACANT
1731-6Office CodeVACANT
1731-7Office CodeVACANT
1731-8Office CodeVACANT
1731-9Office CodeVACANT
1732-0Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1732-1Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1732-2Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1732-3Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1732-4Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1732-5Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1732-6Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1732-7Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1732-8Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1732-9Office CodeM. BradleyREC Networks
1733-0Office CodeVACANT
1733-1Office CodeS. LTest Numbers and Old phone recordings
1733-2Office CodeVACANT
1733-3Office CodeVACANT
1733-4Office CodeVACANT
1733-5Office CodeVACANT
1733-6Office CodeVACANT
1733-7Office CodeVACANT
1733-8Office CodeVACANT
1733-9Office CodeJ. Morgan
1734-0Office CodeS. Caron
1734-1Office CodeS. Caron
1734-2Office CodeS. Caron
1734-3Office CodeS. Caron
1734-4Office CodeS. Caron
1734-5Office CodeVACANT
1734-6Office CodeVACANT
1734-7Office CodeVACANT
1734-8Office CodeVACANT
1734-9Office CodeVACANT
1735-0Office CodeVACANT
1735-1Office CodeVACANT
1735-2Office CodeVACANT
1735-3Office CodeVACANT
1735-4Office CodeVACANT
1735-5Office CodeVACANT
1735-6Office CodeVACANT
1735-7Office CodeVACANT
1735-8Office CodeVACANT
1735-9Office CodeM. FoleyMatt's Phones
1736-0Office CodeVACANT
1736-1Office CodeVACANT
1736-2Office CodeVACANT
1736-3Office CodeVACANT
1736-4Office CodeVACANT
1736-5000Single NumberJ. CovertPEnnsylvania 6-5000
1736-6Office CodeVACANT
1736-7Office CodeVACANT
1736-8Office CodeVACANT
1736-9Office CodeVACANT
1737-0Office CodeVACANT
1737-1Office CodeVACANT
1737-2Office CodeVACANT
1737-3Office CodeVACANT
1737-4Office CodeVACANT
1737-5Office CodeF. Perkins500 line step Switches
1737-6Office CodeVACANT
1737-7Office CodeVACANT
1737-8Office CodeVACANT
1737-9Office CodeVACANT
1738-0Office CodeVACANT
1738-1Office CodeVACANT
1738-2Office CodeVACANT
1738-3Office CodeP. Hope Tindall
1738-4Office CodeVACANT
1738-5Office CodeVACANT
1738-6Office CodeP. Hope Tindall
1738-7Office CodeVACANT
1738-8Office CodeVACANT
1738-9Office CodeVACANT
1739-0Office CodeVACANT
1739-1Office CodeVACANT
1739-2Office CodeVACANT
1739-3Office CodeVACANT
1739-4Office CodeVACANT
1739-5Office CodeVACANT
1739-6Office CodeVACANT
1739-7Office CodeVACANT
1739-8Office CodeVACANT
1739-9Office CodeVACANT
1740-0Office CodeVACANT
1740-1Office CodeVACANT
1740-2Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 740-2000 to 740-2999
1740-3Office CodeJ. ThorntonWestern Electric 740E Dial PBX
1740-4Office CodeVACANT
1740-5Office CodeJ. StefanickManhattan Project - 740-5000 to 740-5999
1740-6Office CodeVACANT
1740-7Office CodeVACANT
1740-8Office CodeVACANT
1740-9Office CodeVACANT
1741-0Office CodeVACANT
1741-1Office CodeVACANT
1741-2Office CodeVACANT
1741-3Office CodeR. BaxAsterisk Experimentation
1741-4Office CodeVACANT
1741-5Office CodeVACANT
1741-6Office CodeVACANT
1741-7Office CodeVACANT
1741-8Office CodeVACANT
1741-9Office CodeVACANT
1742-0Office CodeVACANT
1742-1Office CodeVACANT
1742-2Office CodeVACANT
1742-3Office CodeJ. McNeely
1742-4Office CodeVACANT
1742-5Office CodeVACANT
1742-6Office CodeVACANT
1742-7Office CodeVACANT
1742-8Office CodeVACANT
1742-9Office CodeVACANT
1743-0Office CodeVACANT
1743-1Office CodeVACANT
1743-2Office CodeVACANT
1743-3Office CodeVACANT
1743-4Office CodeVACANT
1743-5Office CodeVACANT
1743-6Office CodeVACANT
1743-7Office CodeVACANT
1743-8Office CodeVACANT
1743-9Office CodeVACANT
1744-0Office CodeVACANT
1744-1Office CodeVACANT
1744-2Office CodeVACANT
1744-3Office CodeVACANT
1744-4Office CodeVACANT
1744-5Office CodeVACANT
1744-6Office CodeVACANT
1744-7Office CodeVACANT
1744-8Office CodeVACANT
1744-9Office CodeVACANT
1745-0Office CodeVACANT
1745-1Office CodeVACANT
1745-2Office CodeVACANT
1745-3Office CodeVACANT
1745-4Office CodeVACANT
1745-5Office CodeVACANT
1745-6Office CodeVACANT
1745-7Office CodeVACANT
1745-8Office CodeVACANT
1745-9Office CodeVACANT
1746-0Office CodeVACANT
1746-1Office CodeVACANT
1746-2Office CodeVACANT
1746-3Office CodeVACANT
1746-4Office CodeVACANT
1746-5Office CodeVACANT
1746-6Office CodeVACANT
1746-7Office CodeVACANT
1746-8Office CodeVACANT
1746-9Office CodeVACANT
1747-0Office CodeVACANT
1747-1Office CodeVACANT
1747-2Office CodeVACANT
1747-3Office CodeVACANT
1747-4Office CodeVACANT
1747-5Office CodeVACANT
1747-6Office CodeVACANT
1747-7Office CodeVACANT
1747-8Office CodeVACANT
1747-9Office CodeVACANT
1748-0Office CodeP. Hope Tindall
1748-1Office CodeVACANT
1748-2Office CodeVACANT
1748-3Office CodeVACANT
1748-4Office CodeVACANT
1748-5Office CodeVACANT
1748-6Office CodeVACANT
1748-7Office CodeVACANT
1748-8Office CodeVACANT
1748-9Office CodeVACANT
1749-0Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1749-1Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1749-2Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1749-3Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1749-4Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1749-5Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1749-6Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1749-7Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1749-8Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1749-9Office CodeA. BloomGroups of numbers within 749 are available. Contact me if interested.
1750-0Office CodeVACANT
1750-1Office CodeVACANT
1750-2Office CodeVACANT
1750-3Office CodeVACANT
1750-4Office CodeVACANT
1750-5Office CodeVACANT
1750-6Office CodeVACANT
1750-7Office CodeVACANT
1750-8Office CodeVACANT
1750-9Office CodeVACANT
1751-0Office CodeVACANT
1751-1Office CodeVACANT
1751-2Office CodeVACANT
1751-3Office CodeVACANT
1751-4Office CodeVACANT
1751-5Office CodeD. CliffordVERULAM TELEPHONE CO communicating is our pleasure!
1751-6Office CodeVACANT
1751-7Office CodeVACANT
1751-8Office CodeVACANT
1751-9Office CodeVACANT
1752-0Office CodeVACANT
1752-1Office CodeVACANT
1752-2Office CodeVACANT
1752-3Office CodeA. S
1752-4Office CodeA. SX.25 numbering
1752-5Office CodeVACANT
1752-6Office CodeVACANT
1752-7Office CodeVACANT
1752-8Office CodeVACANT
1752-9Office CodeVACANT
1753-0Office CodeVACANT
1753-1Office CodeVACANT
1753-2Office CodeVACANT
1753-3Office CodeVACANT
1753-4Office CodeVACANT
1753-5Office CodeVACANT
1753-6Office CodeVACANT
1753-7Office CodeVACANT
1753-8Office CodeVACANT
1753-9Office CodeVACANT
1754-0Office CodeVACANT
1754-1Office CodeVACANT
1754-2Office CodeVACANT
1754-3Office CodeVACANT
1754-4Office CodeVACANT
1754-5Office CodeVACANT
1754-6Office CodeVACANT
1754-7Office CodeVACANT
1754-8Office CodeVACANT
1754-9Office CodeD. Mastrovito
1755-0Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1755-1Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1755-2Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1755-3Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1755-4Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1755-5Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1755-6Office CodeJ. Novack
1755-7Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1755-8Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1755-9Office CodeJ. Petrizze
1756-0Office CodeVACANT
1756-1Office CodeR. Fierce
1756-2Office CodeVACANT
1756-3Office CodeVACANT
1756-4Office CodeVACANT
1756-5Office CodeVACANT
1756-6Office CodeVACANT
1756-7Office CodeVACANT
1756-8Office CodeVACANT
1756-9Office CodeVACANT
1757-0Office CodeVACANT
1757-1Office CodeVACANT
1757-2Office CodeVACANT
1757-3Office CodeVACANT
1757-4Office CodeVACANT
1757-5Office CodeVACANT
1757-6Office CodeVACANT
1757-7Office CodeVACANT
1757-8Office CodeVACANT
1757-9Office CodeVACANT
1758-0Office CodeVACANT
1758-1Office CodeVACANT
1758-2Office CodeVACANT
1758-3Office CodeVACANT
1758-4Office CodeVACANT
1758-5Office CodeVACANT
1758-6Office CodeVACANT
1758-7Office CodeVACANT
1758-8Office CodeS. GemenyPLUTo New Horizons Audio snips that made history July 14, 2015
1758-9Office CodeVACANT
1759-0Office CodeVACANT
1759-1Office CodeVACANT
1759-2Office CodeVACANT
1759-3Office CodeVACANT
1759-4Office CodeVACANT
1759-5Office CodeVACANT
1759-6Office CodeVACANT
1759-7Office CodeVACANT
1759-8Office CodeVACANT
1759-9Office CodeVACANT
1760-0Office CodeVACANT
1760-1Office CodeVACANT
1760-2Office CodeVACANT
1760-3Office CodeVACANT
1760-4Office CodeVACANT
1760-5Office CodeVACANT
1760-6Office CodeVACANT
1760-7Office CodeVACANT
1760-8Office CodeVACANT
1760-9Office CodeVACANT
1761-0Office CodeVACANT
1761-1Office CodeVACANT
1761-2Office CodeVACANT
1761-3Office CodeVACANT
1761-4Office CodeVACANT
1761-5Office CodeVACANT
1761-6Office CodeVACANT
1761-7Office CodeVACANT
1761-8Office CodeVACANT
1761-9Office CodeVACANT
1762-0Office CodeD. Froula
1762-1Office CodeD. Froula
1762-2Office CodeD. Froula
1762-3Office CodeD. Froula
1762-4Office CodeD. Froula
1762-5Office CodeD. Froula
1762-6Office CodeD. Froula
1762-7Office CodeD. Froula
1762-8Office CodeD. Froula
1762-9Office CodeD. Froula
1763-0Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1763-1Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1763-2Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1763-3Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1763-4Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1763-5Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1763-6Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1763-7Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1763-8Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1763-9Office CodeS. YoungAE Plunger (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1764-0Office CodeVACANT
1764-1Office CodeVACANT
1764-2Office CodeVACANT
1764-3Office CodeVACANT
1764-4Office CodeVACANT
1764-5Office CodeVACANT
1764-6Office CodeVACANT
1764-7Office CodeVACANT
1764-8Office CodeVACANT
1764-9Office CodeJ. VitranoAsterisk PBX + phones for experimentation
1765-0Office CodeVACANT
1765-1Office CodeVACANT
1765-2Office CodeVACANT
1765-3Office CodeVACANT
1765-4Office CodeVACANT
1765-5Office CodeVACANT
1765-6Office CodeVACANT
1765-7Office CodeVACANT
1765-8Office CodeVACANT
1765-9Office CodeVACANT
1766-0Office CodeVACANT
1766-1Office CodeVACANT
1766-2Office CodeVACANT
1766-3Office CodeVACANT
1766-4Office CodeVACANT
1766-5Office CodeVACANT
1766-6Office CodeVACANT
1766-7Office CodeVACANT
1766-8Office CodeVACANT
1766-9Office CodeVACANT
1767-0Office CodeVACANT
1767-1Office CodeVACANT
1767-2676Single NumberJ. AlbertsPopcorn Time
1767-3Office CodeVACANT
1767-4Office CodeVACANT
1767-5Office CodeVACANT
1767-6Office CodeVACANT
1767-7Office CodeVACANT
1767-8Office CodeD. PursleyJane Barbe "Time Tribute"
1767-9Office CodeVACANT
1768-0Office CodeVACANT
1768-1Office CodeVACANT
1768-2Office CodeVACANT
1768-3Office CodeVACANT
1768-4Office CodeVACANT
1768-5Office CodeVACANT
1768-6Office CodeVACANT
1768-7Office CodeVACANT
1768-8Office CodeVACANT
1768-9Office CodeVACANT
1769-0Office CodeR. Newland
1769-1Office CodeR. Newland
1769-2Office CodeR. Newland
1769-3Office CodeR. Newland
1769-4Office CodeR. Newland
1769-5Office CodeR. Newland
1769-6Office CodeR. Newland
1769-7Office CodeR. Newland
1769-8Office CodeR. Newland
1769-9Office CodeR. Newland
1770-0Office CodeVACANT
1770-1Office CodeVACANT
1770-2Office CodeVACANT
1770-3Office CodeVACANT
1770-4Office CodeVACANT
1770-5Office CodeM. Pope
1770-6Office CodeVACANT
1770-7Office CodeVACANT
1770-8Office CodeVACANT
1770-9Office CodeVACANT
1771-0Office CodeVACANT
1771-1Office CodeVACANT
1771-2Office CodeVACANT
1771-3Office CodeVACANT
1771-4Office CodeVACANT
1771-5Office CodeVACANT
1771-6Office CodeVACANT
1771-7Office CodeVACANT
1771-8Office CodeVACANT
1771-9Office CodeVACANT
1772-0Office CodeVACANT
1772-1Office CodeVACANT
1772-2Office CodeVACANT
1772-3Office CodeD. Spafford
1772-4Office CodeVACANT
1772-5Office CodeVACANT
1772-6Office CodeVACANT
1772-7Office CodeVACANT
1772-8Office CodeR. SchlegelAsterisk acting as a tandem
1772-9Office CodeVACANT
1773-0Office CodeVACANT
1773-1Office CodeVACANT
1773-2Office CodeVACANT
1773-3Office CodeVACANT
1773-4Office CodeVACANT
1773-5Office CodeVACANT
1773-6Office CodeVACANT
1773-7Office CodeVACANT
1773-8Office CodeVACANT
1773-9Office CodeVACANT
1774-0Office CodeVACANT
1774-1Office CodeVACANT
1774-2Office CodeVACANT
1774-3Office CodeVACANT
1774-4Office CodeVACANT
1774-5Office CodeVACANT
1774-6Office CodeVACANT
1774-7Office CodeVACANT
1774-8Office CodeVACANT
1774-9Office CodeVACANT
1775-0Office CodeB. Campbell
1775-1Office CodeB. Campbell
1775-2Office CodeB. Campbell
1775-3Office CodeB. Campbell
1775-4Office CodeB. Campbell
1775-5Office CodeB. Campbell
1775-6Office CodeB. Campbell
1775-7Office CodeB. Campbell
1775-8Office CodeB. Campbell
1775-9Office CodeB. Campbell
1776-0Office CodeP. Flood
1776-1Office CodeP. Flood
1776-2Office CodeP. Flood
1776-3Office CodeP. Flood
1776-4Office CodeP. Flood
1776-5Office CodeP. Flood
1776-6Office CodeP. Flood
1776-7Office CodeP. Flood
1776-8Office CodeP. Flood
1776-9Office CodeP. Flood
1777-0Office CodeVACANT
1777-1Office CodeVACANT
1777-2Office CodeVACANT
1777-3Office CodeVACANT
1777-4Office CodeVACANT
1777-5Office CodeVACANT
1777-6Office CodeVACANT
1777-7Office CodeVACANT
1777-8Office CodeVACANT
1777-9Office CodeVACANT
1778-0Office CodeVACANT
1778-1Office CodeVACANT
1778-2Office CodeVACANT
1778-3Office CodeVACANT
1778-4Office CodeVACANT
1778-5Office CodeVACANT
1778-6Office CodeVACANT
1778-7Office CodeVACANT
1778-8Office CodeVACANT
1778-9Office CodeVACANT
1779-0Office CodeVACANT
1779-1Office CodeVACANT
1779-2Office CodeVACANT
1779-3Office CodeC. Christensen
1779-4Office CodeVACANT
1779-5Office CodeVACANT
1779-6Office CodeS. GemenyAT&G American Telephone & Gemeny of by-gone days
1779-7Office CodeVACANT
1779-8Office CodeVACANT
1779-9Office CodeVACANT
1780-0Office CodeVACANT
1780-1Office CodeVACANT
1780-2Office CodeVACANT
1780-3Office CodeVACANT
1780-4Office CodeVACANT
1780-5Office CodeVACANT
1780-6Office CodeVACANT
1780-7Office CodeVACANT
1780-8Office CodeVACANT
1780-9Office CodeVACANT
1781-0Office CodeVACANT
1781-1Office CodeVACANT
1781-2Office CodeVACANT
1781-3Office CodeVACANT
1781-4Office CodeVACANT
1781-5Office CodeVACANT
1781-6Office CodeVACANT
1781-7Office CodeVACANT
1781-8Office CodeVACANT
1781-9Office CodeVACANT
1782-0Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1782-1Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1782-2Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1782-3Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1782-4Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1782-5Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1782-6Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1782-7Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1782-8Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1782-9Office CodeJ. Kauffman
1783-0Office CodeVACANT
1783-1Office CodeVACANT
1783-2Office CodeVACANT
1783-3Office CodeVACANT
1783-4Office CodeVACANT
1783-5Office CodeVACANT
1783-6Office CodeVACANT
1783-7Office CodeVACANT
1783-8Office CodeVACANT
1783-9Office CodeVACANT
1784-0Office CodeJ. van Cleave
1784-1Office CodeVACANT
1784-2Office CodeVACANT
1784-3Office CodeJ. van Cleave
1784-4Office CodeVACANT
1784-5Office CodeVACANT
1784-6Office CodeVACANT
1784-7Office CodeVACANT
1784-8Office CodeVACANT
1784-9Office CodeVACANT
1785-0Office CodeVACANT
1785-1Office CodeVACANT
1785-2Office CodeVACANT
1785-3Office CodeVACANT
1785-4Office CodeVACANT
1785-5Office CodeVACANT
1785-6Office CodeVACANT
1785-7000Single NumberC. Lennartzgrandstream ht801
1785-8Office CodeVACANT
1785-9Office CodeVACANT
1786-0Office CodeVACANT
1786-1Office CodeVACANT
1786-2Office CodeVACANT
1786-3Office CodeVACANT
1786-4Office CodeVACANT
1786-5Office CodeVACANT
1786-6Office CodeVACANT
1786-7Office CodeVACANT
1786-8Office CodeVACANT
1786-9Office CodeVACANT
1787-0Office CodeVACANT
1787-1Office CodeVACANT
1787-2Office CodeVACANT
1787-3Office CodeVACANT
1787-4Office CodeVACANT
1787-5Office CodeVACANT
1787-6Office CodeVACANT
1787-7Office CodeVACANT
1787-8Office CodeVACANT
1787-9Office CodeVACANT
1788-0Office CodeVACANT
1788-1Office CodeVACANT
1788-2Office CodeVACANT
1788-3Office CodeVACANT
1788-4Office CodeVACANT
1788-5Office CodeVACANT
1788-6Office CodeVACANT
1788-7Office CodeVACANT
1788-8Office CodeVACANT
1788-9Office CodeVACANT
1789-0Office CodeVACANT
1789-1Office CodeVACANT
1789-2Office CodeVACANT
1789-3Office CodeVACANT
1789-4Office CodeVACANT
1789-5Office CodeVACANT
1789-6Office CodeVACANT
1789-7Office CodeVACANT
1789-8Office CodeVACANT
1789-9Office CodeVACANT
1790-0Office CodeVACANT
1790-1Office CodeVACANT
1790-2Office CodeVACANT
1790-3Office CodeVACANT
1790-4Office CodeVACANT
1790-5Office CodeVACANT
1790-6Office CodeVACANT
1790-7Office CodeVACANT
1790-8Office CodeVACANT
1790-9Office CodeVACANT
1791-0Office CodeVACANT
1791-1Office CodeVACANT
1791-2Office CodeVACANT
1791-3Office CodeVACANT
1791-4Office CodeVACANT
1791-5Office CodeVACANT
1791-6Office CodeVACANT
1791-7Office CodeVACANT
1791-8Office CodeVACANT
1791-9Office CodeVACANT
1792-0Office CodeE. SwansonJust playing with Asterisk so far. I will likely host some radio scanners, aviation AWOS/ATIS, and other recordings.
1792-1Office CodeVACANT
1792-2Office CodeVACANT
1792-3Office CodeVACANT
1792-4Office CodeVACANT
1792-5Office CodeVACANT
1792-6Office CodeE. SwansonJust playing with Asterisk so far. I will likely host some radio scanners, aviation AWOS/ATIS, and other recordings.
1792-6766Single NumberE. SwansonRotary desk phone DID
1792-8Office CodeVACANT
1792-9Office CodeVACANT
1793-0Office CodeVACANT
1793-1Office CodeVACANT
1793-2Office CodeVACANT
1793-3Office CodeVACANT
1793-4Office CodeVACANT
1793-5Office CodeVACANT
1793-6Office CodeVACANT
1793-7Office CodeVACANT
1793-8Office CodeVACANT
1793-9Office CodeVACANT
1794-0Office CodeVACANT
1794-1Office CodeVACANT
1794-2Office CodeVACANT
1794-3Office CodeVACANT
1794-4Office CodeVACANT
1794-5Office CodeVACANT
1794-6Office CodeVACANT
1794-7Office CodeVACANT
1794-8Office CodeVACANT
1794-9Office CodeVACANT
1795-0Office CodeVACANT
1795-1Office CodeVACANT
1795-2Office CodeVACANT
1795-3Office CodeVACANT
1795-4Office CodeVACANT
1795-5Office CodeVACANT
1795-6Office CodeVACANT
1795-7Office CodeVACANT
1795-8Office CodeVACANT
1795-9Office CodeVACANT
1796-0Office CodeVACANT
1796-1Office CodeVACANT
1796-2Office CodeVACANT
1796-3Office CodeVACANT
1796-4Office CodeVACANT
1796-5Office CodeVACANT
1796-6Office CodeVACANT
1796-7Office CodeVACANT
1796-8Office CodeVACANT
1796-9Office CodeVACANT
1797-0Office CodeVACANT
1797-1Office CodeVACANT
1797-2Office CodeVACANT
1797-3Office CodeVACANT
1797-4Office CodeVACANT
1797-5Office CodeVACANT
1797-6Office CodeVACANT
1797-7Office CodeVACANT
1797-8Office CodeVACANT
1797-9Office CodeVACANT
1798-0Office CodeVACANT
1798-1Office CodeVACANT
1798-2Office CodeVACANT
1798-3Office CodeVACANT
1798-4Office CodeVACANT
1798-5Office CodeVACANT
1798-6Office CodeVACANT
1798-7Office CodeVACANT
1798-8Office CodeVACANT
1798-9Office CodeVACANT
1799-0Office CodeVACANT
1799-1Office CodeVACANT
1799-2Office CodeVACANT
1799-3Office CodeVACANT
1799-4Office CodeVACANT
1799-5Office CodeVACANT
1799-6Office CodeVACANT
1799-7Office CodeVACANT
1799-8Office CodeVACANT
1799-9Office CodeM. AtwoodLambert Schuyler ruins
1800-0Office CodeVACANT
1820-0Office CodeVACANT
1820-1Office CodeVACANT
1820-2198Single NumberN. SmithMainline telephone
1820-3Office CodeVACANT
1820-4Office CodeVACANT
1820-5Office CodeVACANT
1820-6Office CodeVACANT
1820-7Office CodeVACANT
1820-8Office CodeVACANT
1820-9Office CodeVACANT
1821-0Office CodeS. Young
1821-1Office CodeS. Young
1821-2Office CodeS. Young
1821-3Office CodeS. Young
1821-4Office CodeS. Young
1821-5Office CodeS. Young
1821-6Office CodeS. Young
1821-7Office CodeS. Young
1821-8Office CodeS. Young
1821-9Office CodeS. YoungUsers
1822-0Office CodeVACANT
1822-1Office CodeVACANT
1822-2Office CodeVACANT
1822-3Office CodeVACANT
1822-4Office CodeP. Axmansxs switch
1822-5Office CodeVACANT
1822-6Office CodeVACANT
1822-7Office CodeVACANT
1822-8Office CodeVACANT
1822-9Office CodeVACANT
1823-0Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1823-1Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1823-2Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1823-3Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1823-4Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1823-5Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1823-6Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1823-7Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1823-8Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1823-9Office CodeK. HlavacsNE/WE 350/355A
1824-0Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1824-1Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1824-2Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1824-3Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1824-4Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1824-5Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1824-6Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1824-7Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1824-8Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1824-9Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A21
1825-0Office CodeVACANT
1825-1Office CodeR. Fierce
1825-2Office CodeVACANT
1825-3Office CodeT. Mathews
1825-4Office CodeVACANT
1825-5Office CodeVACANT
1825-6Office CodeVACANT
1825-7Office CodeVACANT
1825-8Office CodeVACANT
1825-9Office CodeVACANT
1826-0Office CodeT. GriffinNorthern SxS / Meridian 1
1826-1Office CodeVACANT
1826-2Office CodeT. GriffinNortel Norstar
1826-2466Single NumberT. GriffinNortel Vantage
1826-4Office CodeVACANT
1826-5Office CodeVACANT
1826-6Office CodeVACANT
1826-7Office CodeVACANT
1826-8Office CodeVACANT
1826-9Office CodeVACANT
1827-0Office CodeVACANT
1827-1Office CodeVACANT
1827-2Office CodeVACANT
1827-3Office CodeVACANT
1827-4Office CodeVACANT
1827-5Office CodeVACANT
1827-6Office CodeVACANT
1827-7Office CodeVACANT
1827-8Office CodeVACANT
1827-9Office CodeVACANT
1828-0Office CodeVACANT
1828-1Office CodeVACANT
1828-2Office CodeVACANT
1828-3Office CodeVACANT
1828-4Office CodeM. PratteAsterisk connected to a selection of miscellaneous modems
1828-5Office CodeVACANT
1828-6Office CodeVACANT
1828-7Office CodeVACANT
1828-8Office CodeVACANT
1828-9Office CodeVACANT
1829-0Office CodeVACANT
1829-1Office CodeVACANT
1829-2Office CodeVACANT
1829-3Office CodeVACANT
1829-4Office CodeVACANT
1829-5Office CodeVACANT
1829-6Office CodeVACANT
1829-7Office CodeVACANT
1829-8Office CodeVACANT
1829-9Office CodeVACANT
1830-0Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1830-1Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1830-2Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1830-3Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1830-4Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1830-5Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1830-6Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1830-7Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1830-8Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1830-9Office CodeA. SNo. 3 ESS, Connections Museum
1831-0Office CodeVACANT
1831-1Office CodeVACANT
1831-2Office CodeVACANT
1831-3Office CodeVACANT
1831-4Office CodeVACANT
1831-5Office CodeVACANT
1831-6Office CodeVACANT
1831-7Office CodeVACANT
1831-8Office CodeVACANT
1831-9Office CodeVACANT
1832-0Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1832-1Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1832-2Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1832-3Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1832-4Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1832-5Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1832-6Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1832-7Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1832-8Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1832-9Office CodeA. SNo. 1 crossbar, Connections Museum
1833-0Office CodeD. Alderdice
1833-1Office CodeD. Alderdice
1833-2Office CodeD. Alderdice
1833-3Office CodeD. Alderdice
1833-4Office CodeD. Alderdice
1833-5Office CodeD. Alderdice
1833-6Office CodeD. Alderdice
1833-7Office CodeD. Alderdice
1833-8Office CodeD. Alderdice
1833-9Office CodeD. Alderdice
1834-0Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1834-1Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1834-2Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1834-3Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1834-4Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1834-5Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1834-6Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1834-7Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1834-8Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1834-9Office Coden. Connections Museum1XB 2600hz inbound
1835-0Office CodeVACANT
1835-1Office CodeVACANT
1835-2Office CodeVACANT
1835-3Office CodeVACANT
1835-4Office CodeVACANT
1835-5Office CodeVACANT
1835-6Office CodeA. SwartzWE SxS 556A
1835-7Office CodeVACANT
1835-8Office CodeVACANT
1835-9Office CodeVACANT
1836-0Office CodeVACANT
1836-1187Single NumberT. GriffinMeridian 1
1836-2Office CodeVACANT
1836-3Office CodeVACANT
1836-4Office CodeVACANT
1836-5Office CodeVACANT
1836-6Office CodeVACANT
1836-7Office CodeK. Engstrom
1836-8Office CodeVACANT
1836-9Office CodeVACANT
1837-0Office CodeVACANT
1837-1Office CodeVACANT
1837-2Office CodeVACANT
1837-3Office CodeVACANT
1837-4Office CodeVACANT
1837-5Office CodeVACANT
1837-6Office CodeVACANT
1837-7Office CodeVACANT
1837-8Office CodeVACANT
1837-9Office CodeVACANT
1838-0Office CodeVACANT
1838-1Office CodeVACANT
1838-2Office CodeVACANT
1838-3Office CodeVACANT
1838-4Office CodeVACANT
1838-5Office CodeVACANT
1838-6Office CodeVACANT
1838-7Office CodeVACANT
1838-8Office CodeVACANT
1838-9Office CodeVACANT
1839-0Office CodeVACANT
1839-1Office CodeVACANT
1839-2Office CodeVACANT
1839-3Office CodeVACANT
1839-4Office CodeVACANT
1839-5Office CodeVACANT
1839-6Office CodeVACANT
1839-7Office CodeVACANT
1839-8Office CodeVACANT
1839-9Office CodeVACANT
1840-0Office CodeVACANT
1840-1Office CodeVACANT
1840-2Office CodeVACANT
1840-3Office CodeVACANT
1840-4Office CodeVACANT
1840-5Office CodeVACANT
1840-6Office CodeVACANT
1840-7Office CodeVACANT
1840-8Office CodeVACANT
1840-9Office CodeVACANT
1841-0Office CodeVACANT
1841-1Office CodeVACANT
1841-2Office CodeVACANT
1841-3Office CodeVACANT
1841-4Office CodeVACANT
1841-5Office CodeVACANT
1841-6Office CodeVACANT
1841-7Office CodeVACANT
1841-8Office CodeVACANT
1841-9Office CodeVACANT
1842-0Office CodeVACANT
1842-1Office CodeVACANT
1842-2Office CodeVACANT
1842-3Office CodeVACANT
1842-4Office CodeVACANT
1842-5Office CodeVACANT
1842-6Office CodeVACANT
1842-7Office CodeVACANT
1842-8Office CodeVACANT
1842-9Office CodeVACANT
1843-0Office CodeVACANT
1843-1Office CodeVACANT
1843-2Office CodeVACANT
1843-3Office CodeVACANT
1843-4Office CodeVACANT
1843-5Office CodeVACANT
1843-6Office CodeVACANT
1843-7Office CodeVACANT
1843-8Office CodeVACANT
1843-9Office CodeVACANT
1844-0Office CodeVACANT
1844-1Office CodeVACANT
1844-2Office CodeVACANT
1844-3Office CodeVACANT
1844-4Office CodeVACANT
1844-5Office CodeVACANT
1844-6Office CodeVACANT
1844-7Office CodeVACANT
1844-8Office CodeB. Clark
1844-9Office CodeVACANT
1845-0Office CodeVACANT
1845-1Office CodeVACANT
1845-2Office CodeVACANT
1845-3Office CodeVACANT
1845-4Office CodeVACANT
1845-5Office CodeVACANT
1845-6Office CodeVACANT
1845-7Office CodeVACANT
1845-8Office CodeVACANT
1845-9Office CodeVACANT
1846-0Office CodeVACANT
1846-1Office CodeVACANT
1846-2Office CodeVACANT
1846-3Office CodeVACANT
1846-4Office CodeVACANT
1846-5Office CodeVACANT
1846-6Office CodeVACANT
1846-7Office CodeVACANT
1846-8Office CodeVACANT
1846-9Office CodeVACANT
1847-0Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1847-1Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1847-2Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1847-3Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1847-4Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1847-5Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1847-6Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1847-7Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1847-8Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1847-9Office CodeS. YoungStromberg XY (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1848-0Office CodeVACANT
1848-1Office CodeVACANT
1848-2Office CodeVACANT
1848-3Office CodeVACANT
1848-4Office CodeVACANT
1848-5Office CodeVACANT
1848-6Office CodeVACANT
1848-7Office CodeVACANT
1848-8Office CodeVACANT
1848-9Office CodeVACANT
1849-0Office CodeVACANT
1849-1Office CodeVACANT
1849-2Office CodeVACANT
1849-3Office CodeVACANT
1849-4Office CodeVACANT
1849-5Office CodeVACANT
1849-6Office CodeVACANT
1849-7Office CodeVACANT
1849-8Office CodeVACANT
1849-9Office CodeVACANT
1850-0Office CodeL. Tighe
1850-1Office CodeL. Tighe
1850-2Office CodeL. Tighe
1850-3Office CodeL. Tighe
1850-4Office CodeL. Tighe
1850-5Office CodeL. Tighe
1850-6Office CodeL. Tighe
1850-7Office CodeL. Tighe
1850-8Office CodeL. Tighe
1850-9Office CodeL. Tighe
1851-0Office CodeVACANT
1851-1Office CodeVACANT
1851-2Office CodeVACANT
1851-3Office CodeVACANT
1851-4Office CodeVACANT
1851-5Office CodeVACANT
1851-6Office CodeVACANT
1851-7Office CodeVACANT
1851-8Office CodeVACANT
1851-9Office CodeVACANT
1852-0Office CodeVACANT
1852-1Office CodeVACANT
1852-2Office CodeP. SpuleckiVarious vintage handsets and eventually other equipment
1852-3Office CodeA. Sousa
1852-4Office CodeVACANT
1852-5Office CodeA. SwartzWE 555
1852-6Office CodeVACANT
1852-7Office CodeVACANT
1852-8Office CodeVACANT
1852-9Office CodeVACANT
1853-0Office CodeVACANT
1853-1212Single NumberJ. AlbertsTime of Day
1853-2Office CodeVACANT
1853-3Office CodeVACANT
1853-4Office CodeVACANT
1853-5Office CodeVACANT
1853-6Office CodeVACANT
1853-7Office CodeVACANT
1853-8Office CodeVACANT
1853-9Office CodeVACANT
1854-0Office CodeVACANT
1854-1Office CodeVACANT
1854-2Office CodeVACANT
1854-3Office CodeVACANT
1854-4Office CodeVACANT
1854-5Office CodeVACANT
1854-6Office CodeVACANT
1854-7Office CodeVACANT
1854-8Office CodeVACANT
1854-9Office CodeVACANT
1855-0Office CodeVACANT
1855-1Office CodeVACANT
1855-2Office CodeVACANT
1855-3Office CodeVACANT
1855-4Office CodeVACANT
1855-5Office CodeVACANT
1855-6Office CodeVACANT
1855-7Office CodeVACANT
1855-8Office CodeVACANT
1855-9Office CodeVACANT
1856-0Office CodeVACANT
1856-1Office CodeP. Triplett
1856-2Office CodeP. Triplett
1856-3Office CodeP. Triplett
1856-4Office CodeP. Triplett
1856-5Office CodeVACANT
1856-6Office CodeVACANT
1856-7Office CodeVACANT
1856-8Office CodeVACANT
1856-9Office CodeP. Triplett
1857-0Office CodeVACANT
1857-1Office CodeK. Spacil
1857-2Office CodeK. Spacil
1857-3Office CodeK. Spacil
1857-4Office CodeVACANT
1857-5Office CodeVACANT
1857-6Office CodeVACANT
1857-7Office CodeVACANT
1857-8Office CodeK. Spacil
1857-9Office CodeK. Spacil
1858-0Office CodeVACANT
1858-1Office CodeVACANT
1858-2Office CodeVACANT
1858-3Office CodeVACANT
1858-4Office CodeVACANT
1858-5Office CodeVACANT
1858-6Office CodeVACANT
1858-7Office CodeVACANT
1858-8Office CodeVACANT
1858-9Office CodeVACANT
1859-0Office CodeVACANT
1859-1Office CodeVACANT
1859-2Office CodeVACANT
1859-3Office CodeVACANT
1859-4Office CodeVACANT
1859-5Office CodeVACANT
1859-6Office CodeVACANT
1859-7Office CodeVACANT
1859-8Office CodeVACANT
1859-9Office CodeVACANT
1860-0Office CodeR. Walsh
1860-1Office CodeR. Walsh
1860-2Office CodeR. Walsh
1860-3Office CodeR. Walsh
1860-4Office CodeR. Walsh
1860-5Office CodeR. Walsh
1860-6Office CodeR. Walsh
1860-7Office CodeR. Walsh
1860-8Office CodeR. Walsh
1860-9Office CodeR. Walsh
1861-0Office CodeVACANT
1861-1Office CodeVACANT
1861-2Office CodeVACANT
1861-3Office CodeVACANT
1861-4Office CodeVACANT
1861-5Office CodeVACANT
1861-6Office CodeVACANT
1861-7Office CodeVACANT
1861-8Office CodeVACANT
1861-9Office CodeVACANT
1862-0Office CodeVACANT
1862-1Office CodeVACANT
1862-2Office CodeVACANT
1862-3Office CodeVACANT
1862-4Office CodeVACANT
1862-5Office CodeVACANT
1862-6Office CodeVACANT
1862-7Office CodeVACANT
1862-8Office CodeVACANT
1862-9Office CodeVACANT
1863-0Office CodeVACANT
1863-1Office CodeVACANT
1863-2Office CodeVACANT
1863-3Office CodeVACANT
1863-4Office CodeVACANT
1863-5Office CodeVACANT
1863-6Office CodeVACANT
1863-7Office CodeVACANT
1863-8Office CodeVACANT
1863-9Office CodeVACANT
1864-0Office CodeVACANT
1864-1Office CodeVACANT
1864-2Office CodeVACANT
1864-3Office CodeVACANT
1864-4Office CodeS. GemenyUNion 4-4000 Manual Board
1864-5Office CodeVACANT
1864-6Office CodeVACANT
1864-7Office CodeVACANT
1864-8Office CodeVACANT
1864-9Office CodeVACANT
1865-0Office CodeVACANT
1865-1Office CodeS. BrownKNVLTNVS01 (softswitch)
1865-2Office CodeVACANT
1865-3Office CodeVACANT
1865-4Office CodeVACANT
1865-5Office CodeT. GrantPDSEIL01EMS ITEC EMS-1 TPS
1865-6Office CodeVACANT
1865-7Office CodeVACANT
1865-8Office CodeVACANT
1865-9Office CodeVACANT
1866-0Office CodeVACANT
1866-1Office CodeVACANT
1866-2Office CodeVACANT
1866-3Office CodeVACANT
1866-4Office CodeVACANT
1866-5Office CodeVACANT
1866-6Office CodeVACANT
1866-7Office CodeVACANT
1866-8Office CodeVACANT
1866-9Office CodeVACANT
1867-0Office CodeVACANT
1867-1Office CodeVACANT
1867-2Office CodeVACANT
1867-3Office CodeVACANT
1867-4Office CodeVACANT
1867-5309Single NumberJ. CovertJenny
1867-6Office CodeVACANT
1867-7Office CodeT. GriffinKey Systems
1867-8Office CodeVACANT
1867-9Office CodeVACANT
1868-0Office CodeVACANT
1868-1Office CodeVACANT
1868-2Office CodeVACANT
1868-3Office CodeVACANT
1868-4Office CodeVACANT
1868-5Office CodeVACANT
1868-6Office CodeVACANT
1868-7Office CodeVACANT
1868-8Office CodeVACANT
1868-9Office CodeVACANT
1869-0Office CodeVACANT
1869-1Office CodeVACANT
1869-2Office CodeVACANT
1869-3Office CodeVACANT
1869-4Office CodeVACANT
1869-5Office CodeVACANT
1869-6Office CodeVACANT
1869-7Office CodeVACANT
1869-8Office CodeN. Hendrix
1869-9Office CodeVACANT
1870-0Office CodeVACANT
1870-1Office CodeVACANT
1870-2Office CodeVACANT
1870-3Office CodeVACANT
1870-4Office CodeVACANT
1870-5Office CodeVACANT
1870-6Office CodeVACANT
1870-7Office CodeVACANT
1870-8Office CodeVACANT
1870-9Office CodeJ. RosenthalAsterisk, various phones and test numbers
1871-0Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1871-1Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1871-2Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1871-3Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1871-4Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1871-5Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1871-6Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1871-7Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1871-8Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1871-9Office CodeA. HoppeVarious equipment. Please see directory listings.
1872-0Office CodeVACANT
1872-1Office CodeVACANT
1872-2Office CodeVACANT
1872-3Office CodeVACANT
1872-4Office CodeVACANT
1872-5Office CodeVACANT
1872-6Office CodeVACANT
1872-7Office CodeVACANT
1872-8Office CodeVACANT
1872-9Office CodeVACANT
1873-0Office CodeVACANT
1873-1Office CodeVACANT
1873-2Office CodeVACANT
1873-3Office CodeVACANT
1873-4Office CodeVACANT
1873-5Office CodeVACANT
1873-6Office CodeVACANT
1873-7Office CodeVACANT
1873-8Office CodeVACANT
1873-9Office CodeVACANT
1874-0Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1874-1Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1874-2Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1874-3Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1874-4Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1874-5Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1874-6Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1874-7Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1874-8Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1874-9Office CodeH. GieseStep CO and PBX Switches
1875-0Office CodeVACANT
1875-1Office CodeVACANT
1875-2Office CodeVACANT
1875-3Office CodeVACANT
1875-4Office CodeVACANT
1875-5Office CodeVACANT
1875-6Office CodeVACANT
1875-7Office CodeVACANT
1875-8Office CodeVACANT
1875-9Office CodeVACANT
1876-0Office CodeVACANT
1876-1Office CodeVACANT
1876-2Office CodeVACANT
1876-3Office CodeVACANT
1876-4Office CodeVACANT
1876-5Office CodeVACANT
1876-6Office CodeVACANT
1876-7Office CodeVACANT
1876-8Office CodeVACANT
1876-9Office CodeVACANT
1877-0Office CodeVACANT
1877-1Office CodeVACANT
1877-2Office CodeVACANT
1877-3Office CodeVACANT
1877-4Office CodeVACANT
1877-5Office CodeVACANT
1877-6Office CodeVACANT
1877-7Office CodeVACANT
1877-8Office CodeVACANT
1877-9Office CodeVACANT
1878-0Office CodeVACANT
1878-1Office CodeVACANT
1878-2Office CodeVACANT
1878-3Office CodeVACANT
1878-4Office CodeVACANT
1878-5Office CodeVACANT
1878-6Office CodeVACANT
1878-7Office CodeVACANT
1878-8Office CodeVACANT
1878-9Office CodeVACANT
1879-0Office CodeVACANT
1879-1Office CodeVACANT
1879-2Office CodeVACANT
1879-3Office CodeVACANT
1879-4Office CodeVACANT
1879-5Office CodeVACANT
1879-6Office CodeVACANT
1879-7Office CodeVACANT
1879-8Office CodeVACANT
1879-9Office CodeVACANT
1880-0Office CodeVACANT
1880-1Office CodeVACANT
1880-2Office CodeVACANT
1880-3Office CodeVACANT
1880-4Office CodeVACANT
1880-5Office CodeVACANT
1880-6Office CodeVACANT
1880-7Office CodeVACANT
1880-8Office CodeVACANT
1880-9Office CodeVACANT
1881-0Office CodeVACANT
1881-1Office CodeVACANT
1881-2Office CodeVACANT
1881-3Office CodeVACANT
1881-4Office CodeVACANT
1881-5Office CodeVACANT
1881-6Office CodeVACANT
1881-7Office CodeVACANT
1881-8Office CodeVACANT
1881-9Office CodeVACANT
1882-0Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1882-1Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1882-2Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1882-3Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1882-4Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1882-5Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1882-6Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1882-7Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1882-8Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1882-9Office CodeK. HlavacsAE 32A32
1883-0Office CodeVACANT
1883-1Office CodeVACANT
1883-2Office CodeVACANT
1883-3Office CodeVACANT
1883-4Office CodeA. SwartzWE 557A
1883-5Office CodeVACANT
1883-6Office CodeVACANT
1883-7Office CodeVACANT
1883-8Office CodeVACANT
1883-9Office CodeVACANT
1884-0Office CodeK. HerbertAsterisk interconnected with VG350 gateway
1884-1Office CodeK. HerbertAsterisk interconnected with VG350 gateway
1884-2Office CodeVACANT
1884-3Office CodeVACANT
1884-4Office CodeG. BlakelyITEC EMS-1
1884-5Office CodeVACANT
1884-6Office CodeVACANT
1884-7Office CodeVACANT
1884-8Office CodeVACANT
1884-9Office CodeVACANT
1885-0Office CodeVACANT
1885-1Office CodeVACANT
1885-2Office CodeVACANT
1885-3Office CodeR. MarksAST-Linux on HPt730, NorstarMICS via PRI, 756A crossbar PBX, 555 PBX switchboard, 552 dial auxiary switchboard, 3CL ~ 5D (4w) toll switchboard.
1885-4Office CodeVACANT
1885-5Office CodeVACANT
1885-6Office CodeVACANT
1885-7Office CodeVACANT
1885-8Office CodeVACANT
1885-9Office CodeVACANT
1886-0Office CodeVACANT
1886-1Office CodeVACANT
1886-2Office CodeVACANT
1886-3Office CodeVACANT
1886-4Office CodeVACANT
1886-5Office CodeVACANT
1886-6Office CodeVACANT
1886-7Office CodeVACANT
1886-8Office CodeVACANT
1886-9Office CodeVACANT
1887-0Office CodeVACANT
1887-1Office CodeVACANT
1887-2Office CodeVACANT
1887-3Office CodeVACANT
1887-4Office CodeVACANT
1887-5Office CodeVACANT
1887-6Office CodeVACANT
1887-7Office CodeVACANT
1887-8Office CodeVACANT
1887-9Office CodeVACANT
1888-0Office CodeVACANT
1888-1Office Codew. sherwood 555 Switchboard
1888-2Office Codew. sherwood 555 Switchboard
1888-3Office CodeJ. Museum
1888-4Office CodeG. BlakelyITEC
1888-5Office CodeJ. Museum
1888-6Office CodeVACANT
1888-7Office CodeVACANT
1888-8Office CodeVACANT
1888-9Office CodeVACANT
1889-0Office CodeS. Casalino
1889-1Office CodeS. Casalino
1889-2Office CodeS. Casalino
1889-3Office CodeS. Casalino
1889-4Office CodeS. Casalino
1889-5Office CodeS. Casalino
1889-6Office CodeS. Casalino
1889-7Office CodeS. Casalino
1889-8Office CodeS. Casalino
1889-9Office CodeS. Casalino
1890-0Office CodeVACANT
1890-1Office CodeVACANT
1890-2Office CodeVACANT
1890-3Office CodeVACANT
1890-4Office CodeVACANT
1890-5Office CodeVACANT
1890-6Office CodeVACANT
1890-7Office CodeVACANT
1890-8Office CodeVACANT
1890-9Office CodeVACANT
1891-0Office CodeVACANT
1891-1Office CodeVACANT
1891-2Office CodeJ. NealeWill drive several pbx and ATA FXS ports
1891-3Office CodeVACANT
1891-4Office CodeVACANT
1891-5Office CodeVACANT
1891-6Office CodeVACANT
1891-7Office CodeVACANT
1891-8Office CodeVACANT
1891-9Office CodeVACANT
1892-0Office CodeVACANT
1892-1Office CodeVACANT
1892-2Office CodeVACANT
1892-3Office CodeVACANT
1892-4Office CodeVACANT
1892-5Office CodeVACANT
1892-6Office CodeVACANT
1892-7Office CodeVACANT
1892-8Office CodeVACANT
1892-9Office CodeVACANT
1893-0Office CodeVACANT
1893-1Office CodeVACANT
1893-2Office CodeVACANT
1893-3Office CodeVACANT
1893-4Office CodeVACANT
1893-5Office CodeVACANT
1893-6Office CodeVACANT
1893-7Office CodeVACANT
1893-8Office CodeVACANT
1893-9Office CodeVACANT
1894-0Office CodeVACANT
1894-1Office CodeVACANT
1894-2Office CodeVACANT
1894-3Office CodeVACANT
1894-4Office CodeVACANT
1894-5Office CodeVACANT
1894-6Office CodeVACANT
1894-7Office CodeVACANT
1894-8Office CodeVACANT
1894-9Office CodeVACANT
1895-0Office CodeVACANT
1895-1Office CodeVACANT
1895-2Office CodeVACANT
1895-3Office CodeVACANT
1895-4Office CodeVACANT
1895-5Office CodeVACANT
1895-6Office CodeVACANT
1895-7Office CodeVACANT
1895-8Office CodeVACANT
1895-9Office CodeVACANT
1896-0Office CodeVACANT
1896-1Office CodeVACANT
1896-2Office CodeVACANT
1896-3Office CodeVACANT
1896-4Office CodeVACANT
1896-5Office CodeVACANT
1896-6Office CodeVACANT
1896-7Office CodeVACANT
1896-8Office CodeVACANT
1896-9Office CodeVACANT
1897-0Office CodeVACANT
1897-1Office CodeVACANT
1897-2Office CodeVACANT
1897-3Office CodeVACANT
1897-4Office CodeVACANT
1897-5Office CodeVACANT
1897-6Office CodeVACANT
1897-7Office CodeVACANT
1897-8Office CodeVACANT
1897-9Office CodeVACANT
1898-0Office CodeVACANT
1898-1Office CodeVACANT
1898-2Office CodeVACANT
1898-3Office CodeVACANT
1898-4Office CodeVACANT
1898-5Office CodeVACANT
1898-6Office CodeVACANT
1898-7Office CodeVACANT
1898-8Office CodeVACANT
1898-9Office CodeVACANT
1899-0Office CodeVACANT
1899-1Office CodeVACANT
1899-2Office CodeVACANT
1899-3Office CodeVACANT
1899-4Office CodeVACANT
1899-5Office CodeVACANT
1899-6Office CodeVACANT
1899-7Office CodeVACANT
1899-8Office CodeVACANT
1899-9Office CodeVACANT
1920-0Office CodeB. Williams
1920-1Office CodeVACANT
1920-2Office CodeVACANT
1920-3Office CodeVACANT
1920-4Office CodeVACANT
1920-5Office CodeVACANT
1920-6Office CodeVACANT
1920-7Office CodeVACANT
1920-8Office CodeVACANT
1920-9Office CodeVACANT
1921-0Office CodeVACANT
1921-1Office CodeVACANT
1921-2Office CodeVACANT
1921-3Office CodeVACANT
1921-4Office CodeVACANT
1921-5Office CodeVACANT
1921-6Office CodeVACANT
1921-7Office CodeVACANT
1921-8Office CodeVACANT
1921-9Office CodeVACANT
1922-0Office CodeK. LairCUCM Install with some VG224s (I don't have any classic telephone gear)
1922-1Office CodeVACANT
1922-2Office CodeVACANT
1922-3Office CodeVACANT
1922-4Office CodeVACANT
1922-5Office CodeVACANT
1922-6Office CodeVACANT
1922-7Office CodeVACANT
1922-8Office CodeVACANT
1922-9Office CodeVACANT
1923-0Office CodeVACANT
1923-1Office CodeJ. ChurchillWaikiki Telephone Museum
1923-2Office CodeVACANT
1923-3Office CodeVACANT
1923-4Office CodeVACANT
1923-5Office CodeVACANT
1923-6Office CodeVACANT
1923-7Office CodeVACANT
1923-8Office CodeVACANT
1923-9Office CodeVACANT
1924-0Office CodeVACANT
1924-1Office CodeVACANT
1924-2Office CodeVACANT
1924-3Office CodeVACANT
1924-4Office CodeVACANT
1924-5Office CodeVACANT
1924-6Office CodeVACANT
1924-7Office CodeVACANT
1924-8Office CodeVACANT
1924-9Office CodeVACANT
1925-0Office CodeVACANT
1925-1Office CodeVACANT
1925-2Office CodeVACANT
1925-3Office CodeVACANT
1925-4Office CodeVACANT
1925-5Office CodeVACANT
1925-6Office CodeVACANT
1925-7Office CodeVACANT
1925-8Office CodeVACANT
1925-9Office CodeVACANT
1926-0Office CodeJ. Hill
1926-1Office CodeVACANT
1926-2Office CodeVACANT
1926-3Office CodeVACANT
1926-4Office CodeVACANT
1926-5Office CodeVACANT
1926-6Office CodeVACANT
1926-7Office CodeVACANT
1926-8Office CodeVACANT
1926-9Office CodeVACANT
1927-0Office CodeVACANT
1927-1Office CodeVACANT
1927-2Office CodeVACANT
1927-3Office CodeVACANT
1927-4Office CodeVACANT
1927-5Office CodeVACANT
1927-6Office CodeVACANT
1927-7Office CodeVACANT
1927-8Office CodeVACANT
1927-9Office CodeVACANT
1928-0Office CodeVACANT
1928-1Office CodeVACANT
1928-2Office CodeVACANT
1928-3Office CodeVACANT
1928-4Office CodeVACANT
1928-5Office CodeVACANT
1928-6Office CodeVACANT
1928-7Office CodeVACANT
1928-8Office CodeVACANT
1928-9Office CodeVACANT
1929-0Office Coden. Connections Museum
1929-1Office CodeF. Hearne
1929-2Office CodeVACANT
1929-3Office CodeVACANT
1929-4Office CodeVACANT
1929-5Office CodeVACANT
1929-6Office CodeVACANT
1929-7Office CodeVACANT
1929-8Office CodeVACANT
1929-9Office CodeVACANT
1930-0Office CodeVACANT
1930-1Office CodeVACANT
1930-2Office CodeVACANT
1930-3Office CodeVACANT
1930-4Office CodeVACANT
1930-5Office CodeVACANT
1930-6Office CodeVACANT
1930-7Office CodeVACANT
1930-8Office CodeVACANT
1930-9Office CodeVACANT
1931-0Office CodeVACANT
1931-1Office CodeVACANT
1931-2Office CodeVACANT
1931-3Office CodeVACANT
1931-4Office CodeVACANT
1931-5Office CodeVACANT
1931-6Office CodeVACANT
1931-7Office CodeVACANT
1931-8Office CodeVACANT
1931-9Office CodeVACANT
1932-0Office CodeVACANT
1932-1Office CodeVACANT
1932-2Office CodeVACANT
1932-3Office CodeVACANT
1932-4Office CodeVACANT
1932-5Office CodeVACANT
1932-6Office CodeVACANT
1932-7Office CodeVACANT
1932-8Office CodeVACANT
1932-9Office CodeVACANT
1933-0Office CodeJ. Day
1933-1Office CodeJ. Day
1933-2Office CodeJ. Day
1933-3Office CodeJ. Day
1933-4Office CodeJ. Day
1933-5Office CodeJ. Day
1933-6Office CodeJ. Day
1933-7Office CodeJ. Day
1933-8Office CodeJ. Day
1933-9Office CodeJ. Day
1934-0Office CodeVACANT
1934-1Office CodeVACANT
1934-2Office CodeVACANT
1934-3Office CodeVACANT
1934-4Office CodeVACANT
1934-5Office CodeVACANT
1934-6Office CodeVACANT
1934-7Office CodeVACANT
1934-8Office CodeVACANT
1934-9Office CodeVACANT
1935-0Office CodeVACANT
1935-1Office CodeVACANT
1935-2Office CodeVACANT
1935-3Office CodeVACANT
1935-4Office CodeVACANT
1935-5Office CodeVACANT
1935-6Office CodeVACANT
1935-7Office CodeVACANT
1935-8Office CodeVACANT
1935-9Office CodeVACANT
1936-0Office CodeVACANT
1936-1212Single NumberJ. AlbertsWeather
1936-2Office CodeVACANT
1936-3Office CodeVACANT
1936-4Office CodeVACANT
1936-5Office CodeVACANT
1936-6Office CodeVACANT
1936-7Office CodeVACANT
1936-8Office CodeVACANT
1936-9Office CodeVACANT
1937-0Office CodeVACANT
1937-1Office CodeVACANT
1937-2Office CodeVACANT
1937-3Office CodeVACANT
1937-4Office CodeVACANT
1937-5Office CodeVACANT
1937-6Office CodeVACANT
1937-7Office CodeVACANT
1937-8Office CodeVACANT
1937-9Office CodeVACANT
1938-0Office CodeC. Alderson
1938-1Office CodeVACANT
1938-2Office CodeVACANT
1938-3Office CodeVACANT
1938-4Office CodeVACANT
1938-5Office CodeVACANT
1938-6Office CodeVACANT
1938-7Office CodeVACANT
1938-8Office CodeVACANT
1938-9Office CodeVACANT
1939-0Office CodeD. Warner
1939-1Office CodeVACANT
1939-2Office CodeVACANT
1939-3Office CodeVACANT
1939-4Office CodeVACANT
1939-5Office CodeVACANT
1939-6Office CodeVACANT
1939-7Office CodeVACANT
1939-8Office CodeVACANT
1939-9Office CodeVACANT
1940-0Office CodeVACANT
1940-1Office CodeVACANT
1940-2Office CodeVACANT
1940-3Office CodeVACANT
1940-4Office CodeVACANT
1940-5Office CodeVACANT
1940-6Office CodeVACANT
1940-7Office CodeVACANT
1940-8Office CodeVACANT
1940-9Office CodeVACANT
1941-0Office CodeVACANT
1941-1Office CodeVACANT
1941-2Office CodeVACANT
1941-3Office CodeVACANT
1941-4Office CodeVACANT
1941-5Office CodeVACANT
1941-6Office CodeVACANT
1941-7Office CodeVACANT
1941-8Office CodeVACANT
1941-9Office CodeVACANT
1942-0Office CodeS. Flocke
1942-1Office CodeS. Flocke
1942-2Office CodeK. Spacil
1942-3Office CodeS. Flocke
1942-4Office CodeS. Flocke
1942-5Office CodeS. Flocke
1942-6Office CodeS. Flocke
1942-7Office CodeS. Flocke
1942-8Office CodeS. Flocke
1942-9Office CodeS. Flocke
1943-0Office CodeVACANT
1943-1Office CodeVACANT
1943-2Office CodeVACANT
1943-3Office CodeVACANT
1943-4Office CodeVACANT
1943-5Office CodeVACANT
1943-6Office CodeVACANT
1943-7Office CodeVACANT
1943-8Office CodeVACANT
1943-9Office CodeVACANT
1944-0Office CodeVACANT
1944-1Office CodeVACANT
1944-2Office CodeVACANT
1944-3Office CodeVACANT
1944-4Office CodeVACANT
1944-5Office CodeVACANT
1944-6Office CodeVACANT
1944-7Office CodeVACANT
1944-8Office CodeVACANT
1944-9Office CodeVACANT
1945-0Office CodeS. Young
1945-1Office CodeS. Young
1945-2Office CodeS. Young
1945-3Office CodeS. Young
1945-4Office CodeS. Young
1945-5Office CodeS. Young
1945-6Office CodeS. Young
1945-7Office CodeS. Young
1945-8Office CodeS. Young
1945-9Office CodeS. Young
1946-0Office CodeVACANT
1946-1Office CodeVACANT
1946-2Office CodeVACANT
1946-3Office CodeVACANT
1946-4Office CodeVACANT
1946-5Office CodeVACANT
1946-6Office CodeVACANT
1946-7Office Codej. HenniganAsterisk with various test devices, Panasonic back end driving old phones.
1946-8Office CodeVACANT
1946-9Office CodeVACANT
1947-0Office CodeVACANT
1947-1Office CodeVACANT
1947-2Office CodeVACANT
1947-3Office CodeVACANT
1947-4Office CodeVACANT
1947-5Office CodeVACANT
1947-6Office CodeVACANT
1947-7Office CodeVACANT
1947-8Office CodeVACANT
1947-9Office CodeVACANT
1948-0Office CodeJ. Museum
1948-1Office CodeJ. Museum
1948-2Office CodeJ. Museum
1948-3Office CodeJ. Museum
1948-4Office CodeJ. Museum
1948-5Office CodeJ. Museum
1948-6Office CodeJ. Museum
1948-7Office CodeJ. Museum
1948-8Office CodeJ. Museum
1948-9Office CodeJ. Museum
1949-0Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1949-1Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1949-2Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1949-3Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1949-4Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1949-5Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1949-6Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1949-7Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1949-8Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1949-9Office CodeS. YoungITEC (Shane Young/Bob Riddell)
1950-0Office CodeVACANT
1950-1Office CodeVACANT
1950-2Office CodeVACANT
1950-3Office CodeVACANT
1950-4Office CodeVACANT
1950-5Office CodeVACANT
1950-6Office CodeVACANT
1950-7Office CodeVACANT
1950-8Office CodeVACANT
1950-9Office CodeVACANT
1951-0Office CodeVACANT
1951-1Office CodeVACANT
1951-2Office CodeVACANT
1951-3Office CodeVACANT
1951-4Office CodeVACANT
1951-5Office CodeVACANT
1951-6Office CodeVACANT
1951-7Office CodeVACANT
1951-8Office CodeVACANT
1951-9Office CodeVACANT
1952-0Office CodeVACANT
1952-1Office CodeVACANT
1952-2Office CodeVACANT
1952-3Office CodeVACANT
1952-4Office CodeVACANT
1952-5Office CodeVACANT
1952-6Office CodeVACANT
1952-7Office CodeVACANT
1952-8Office CodeVACANT
1952-9Office CodeVACANT
1953-0Office CodeVACANT
1953-1Office CodeVACANT
1953-2Office CodeVACANT
1953-3Office CodeVACANT
1953-4Office CodeVACANT
1953-5Office CodeVACANT
1953-6Office CodeVACANT
1953-7Office CodeVACANT
1953-8Office CodeVACANT
1953-9Office CodeVACANT
1954-0Office CodeVACANT
1954-1Office CodeVACANT
1954-2Office CodeVACANT
1954-3Office CodeVACANT
1954-4Office CodeVACANT
1954-5Office CodeVACANT
1954-6Office CodeVACANT
1954-7Office CodeVACANT
1954-8Office CodeVACANT
1954-9Office CodeVACANT
1955-0Office CodeC. Perkins
1955-1Office CodeC. Perkins
1955-2Office CodeC. Perkins
1955-3Office CodeC. Perkins
1955-4Office CodeC. Perkins
1955-5Office CodeC. Perkins
1955-6Office CodeC. Perkins
1955-7Office CodeC. Perkins
1955-8Office CodeC. Perkins
1955-9Office CodeC. Perkins
1956-0Office CodeVACANT
1956-1Office CodeVACANT
1956-2Office CodeVACANT
1956-3Office CodeVACANT
1956-4Office CodeVACANT
1956-5Office CodeVACANT
1956-6Office CodeVACANT
1956-7Office CodeVACANT
1956-8Office CodeVACANT
1956-9Office CodeVACANT
1957-0Office CodeVACANT
1957-1Office CodeVACANT
1957-2Office CodeVACANT
1957-3Office CodeVACANT
1957-4Office CodeVACANT
1957-5Office CodeVACANT
1957-6Office CodeVACANT
1957-7Office CodeVACANT
1957-8Office CodeVACANT
1957-9Office CodeVACANT
1958-0Office CodeJ. TalbotSC-XY (up), EON Millenium (up), Panasonic 30810 (up), Harris/DTS 110 PBX (soon)
1958-1Office CodeJ. TalbotSC-XY (up), EON Millenium (up), Panasonic 30810 (up), Harris/DTS 110 PBX (soon)
1958-2Office CodeJ. TalbotSC-XY (up), EON Millenium (up), Panasonic 30810 (up), Harris/DTS 110 PBX (soon)
1958-3Office CodeVACANT
1958-4Office CodeVACANT
1958-5Office CodeVACANT
1958-6Office CodeVACANT
1958-7Office CodeVACANT
1958-8Office CodeJ. TalbotSC-XY (up), EON Millenium (up), Panasonic 30810 (up), Harris/DTS 110 PBX (soon)
1958-9Office CodeJ. TalbotSC-XY (up), EON Millenium (up), Panasonic 30810 (up), Harris/DTS 110 PBX (soon)
1959-0Office CodeVACANT
1959-1Office CodeVACANT
1959-2Office CodeVACANT
1959-3Office CodeVACANT
1959-4Office CodeVACANT
1959-5Office CodeVACANT
1959-6Office CodeVACANT
1959-7Office CodeVACANT
1959-8Office CodeVACANT
1959-9Office CodeVACANT
1960-0Office CodeVACANT
1960-1Office CodeVACANT
1960-2Office CodeVACANT
1960-3Office CodeVACANT
1960-4Office CodeVACANT
1960-5Office CodeVACANT
1960-6Office CodeVACANT
1960-7Office CodeVACANT
1960-8Office CodeVACANT
1960-9Office CodeVACANT
1961-0Office CodeVACANT
1961-1Office CodeVACANT
1961-2Office CodeVACANT
1961-3Office CodeVACANT
1961-4Office CodeVACANT
1961-5Office CodeVACANT
1961-6Office CodeVACANT
1961-7Office CodeVACANT
1961-8Office CodeVACANT
1961-9Office CodeVACANT
1962-0Office CodeVACANT
1962-1Office CodeVACANT
1962-2Office CodeVACANT
1962-3Office CodeVACANT
1962-4Office CodeVACANT
1962-5Office CodeVACANT
1962-6Office CodeVACANT
1962-7Office CodeVACANT
1962-8Office CodeVACANT
1962-9Office CodeVACANT
1963-0Office CodeVACANT
1963-1Office CodeVACANT
1963-2Office CodeVACANT
1963-3Office CodeV. Tuzon
1963-4Office CodeV. Tuzon
1963-5Office CodeVACANT
1963-6Office CodeVACANT
1963-7Office CodeVACANT
1963-8Office CodeVACANT
1963-9Office CodeVACANT
1964-0Office CodeVACANT
1964-1Office CodeVACANT
1964-2Office CodeVACANT
1964-3Office CodeVACANT
1964-4Office CodeVACANT
1964-5Office CodeVACANT
1964-6Office CodeVACANT
1964-7Office CodeVACANT
1964-8Office CodeVACANT
1964-9Office CodeVACANT
1965-0Office CodeVACANT
1965-1Office CodeVACANT
1965-2Office CodeVACANT
1965-3Office CodeVACANT
1965-4Office CodeVACANT
1965-5Office CodeVACANT
1965-6Office CodeVACANT
1965-7Office CodeVACANT
1965-8Office CodeVACANT
1965-9Office CodeVACANT
1966-0Office CodeVACANT
1966-1Office CodeVACANT
1966-2Office CodeVACANT
1966-3Office CodeVACANT
1966-4Office CodeVACANT
1966-5Office CodeVACANT
1966-6Office CodeVACANT
1966-7Office CodeVACANT
1966-8Office CodeVACANT
1966-9Office CodeVACANT
1967-0Office Code. The Telephone MuseumKennebunkport WE 555
1967-1Office Code. The Telephone MuseumKennebunkport WE 555
1967-2Office Code. The Telephone MuseumKennebunkport WE 555
1967-3Office Code. The Telephone MuseumNarragansett by the Sea 555
1967-4Office Code. The Telephone MuseumKennebunkport WE 555
1967-5Office Code. The Telephone MuseumKennebunkport WE 555
1967-6Office Code. The Telephone MuseumKennebunkport WE 555
1967-7Office Code. The Telephone MuseumKennebunkport WE 555
1967-8Office Code. The Telephone MuseumKennebunkport WE 555
1967-9Office Code. The Telephone MuseumKennebunkport WE 555
1968-0Office CodeVACANT
1968-1Office CodeVACANT
1968-2Office CodeVACANT
1968-3Office CodeVACANT
1968-4Office CodeVACANT
1968-5Office CodeVACANT
1968-6Office CodeVACANT
1968-7Office CodeVACANT
1968-8Office CodeVACANT
1968-9Office CodeVACANT
1969-0Office CodeVACANT
1969-1Office CodeVACANT
1969-2Office CodeVACANT
1969-3Office CodeVACANT
1969-4Office CodeVACANT
1969-5Office CodeVACANT
1969-6Office CodeVACANT
1969-7Office CodeVACANT
1969-8Office CodeVACANT
1969-9Office CodeVACANT
1970-0Office CodeVACANT
1970-1Office CodeVACANT
1970-2Office CodeVACANT
1970-3Office CodeVACANT
1970-4Office CodeVACANT
1970-5Office CodeVACANT
1970-6Office CodeVACANT
1970-7Office CodeVACANT
1970-8Office CodeVACANT
1970-9Office CodeVACANT
1971-0Office CodeVACANT
1971-1Office CodeVACANT
1971-2Office CodeVACANT
1971-3Office CodeVACANT
1971-4Office CodeVACANT
1971-5Office CodeVACANT
1971-6Office CodeVACANT
1971-7Office CodeVACANT
1971-8Office CodeVACANT
1971-9Office CodeVACANT
1972-0Office CodeVACANT
1972-1Office CodeVACANT
1972-2Office CodeVACANT
1972-3Office CodeVACANT
1972-4Office CodeVACANT
1972-5Office CodeVACANT
1972-6Office CodeVACANT
1972-7Office CodeVACANT
1972-8Office CodeVACANT
1972-9Office CodeVACANT
1973-0Office CodeVACANT
1973-1Office CodeVACANT
1973-2Office CodeM. Herson
1973-3Office CodeM. Herson
1973-4Office CodeVACANT
1973-5Office CodeVACANT
1973-6Office CodeVACANT
1973-7Office CodeVACANT
1973-8Office CodeVACANT
1973-9Office CodeVACANT
1974-0Office CodeVACANT
1974-1Office CodeVACANT
1974-2Office CodeVACANT
1974-3Office CodeVACANT
1974-4Office CodeVACANT
1974-5Office CodeVACANT
1974-6Office CodeVACANT
1974-7Office CodeVACANT
1974-8Office CodeVACANT
1974-9Office CodeVACANT
1975-0Office CodeVACANT
1975-1Office CodeVACANT
1975-2Office CodeVACANT
1975-3Office CodeVACANT
1975-4Office CodeVACANT
1975-5Office CodeVACANT
1975-6Office CodeVACANT
1975-7Office CodeVACANT
1975-8Office CodeVACANT
1975-9Office CodeVACANT
1976-0Office CodeVACANT
1976-1Office CodeVACANT
1976-2Office CodeVACANT
1976-3Office CodeVACANT
1976-4Office CodeVACANT
1976-5Office CodeVACANT
1976-6Office CodeVACANT
1976-7Office CodeVACANT
1976-8Office CodeVACANT
1976-9Office CodeVACANT
1977-0Office CodeVACANT
1977-1Office CodeVACANT
1977-2Office CodeVACANT
1977-3Office CodeVACANT
1977-4Office CodeVACANT
1977-5Office CodeVACANT
1977-6Office CodeVACANT
1977-7Office CodeVACANT
1977-8Office CodeVACANT
1977-9Office CodeVACANT
1978-0Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1978-1Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1978-2Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1978-3Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1978-4Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1978-5Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1978-6Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1978-7Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1978-8Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1978-9Office CodeV. ValentineUFIXIT Bar
1979-0Office CodeVACANT
1979-1Office CodeVACANT
1979-2Office CodeVACANT
1979-3Office CodeVACANT
1979-4Office CodeVACANT
1979-5Office CodeVACANT
1979-6Office CodeVACANT
1979-7Office CodeVACANT
1979-8Office CodeVACANT
1979-9Office CodeVACANT
1980-0Office CodeVACANT
1980-1Office CodeVACANT
1980-2Office CodeVACANT
1980-3Office CodeVACANT
1980-4Office CodeVACANT
1980-5Office CodeVACANT
1980-6Office CodeVACANT
1980-7Office CodeVACANT
1980-8Office CodeVACANT
1980-9Office CodeVACANT
1981-0Office CodeVACANT
1981-1Office CodeVACANT
1981-2Office CodeVACANT
1981-3Office CodeVACANT
1981-4Office CodeVACANT
1981-5Office CodeVACANT
1981-6Office CodeVACANT
1981-7Office CodeVACANT
1981-8Office CodeVACANT
1981-9Office CodeVACANT
1982-0Office CodeVACANT
1982-1Office CodeVACANT
1982-2Office CodeVACANT
1982-3Office CodeVACANT
1982-4Office CodeVACANT
1982-5Office CodeVACANT
1982-6Office CodeVACANT
1982-7Office CodeVACANT
1982-8Office CodeVACANT
1982-9Office CodeVACANT
1983-0Office CodeVACANT
1983-1Office CodeVACANT
1983-2Office CodeVACANT
1983-3Office CodeVACANT
1983-4Office CodeVACANT
1983-5Office CodeVACANT
1983-6Office CodeVACANT
1983-7Office CodeVACANT
1983-8Office CodeVACANT
1983-9Office CodeVACANT
1984-0Office CodeVACANT
1984-1Office CodeVACANT
1984-2Office CodeVACANT
1984-3Office CodeVACANT
1984-4Office CodeVACANT
1984-5Office CodeVACANT
1984-6Office CodeVACANT
1984-7Office CodeVACANT
1984-8Office CodeVACANT
1984-9Office CodeVACANT
1985-0Office CodeVACANT
1985-1Office CodeVACANT
1985-2Office CodeVACANT
1985-3Office CodeVACANT
1985-4Office CodeVACANT
1985-5Office CodeVACANT
1985-6Office CodeVACANT
1985-7Office CodeVACANT
1985-8Office CodeVACANT
1985-9Office CodeVACANT
1986-0Office CodeVACANT
1986-1Office CodeVACANT
1986-2Office CodeVACANT
1986-3Office CodeVACANT
1986-4Office CodeVACANT
1986-5Office CodeVACANT
1986-6Office CodeVACANT
1986-7Office CodeVACANT
1986-8Office CodeVACANT
1986-9Office CodeVACANT
1987-0Office CodeVACANT
1987-1Office CodeVACANT
1987-2Office CodeVACANT
1987-3Office CodeVACANT
1987-4Office CodeVACANT
1987-5Office CodeVACANT
1987-6Office CodeM. Francisco
1987-7Office CodeVACANT
1987-8Office CodeVACANT
1987-9Office CodeVACANT
1988-0Office CodeVACANT
1988-1Office CodeVACANT
1988-2Office CodeVACANT
1988-3Office CodeVACANT
1988-4Office CodeVACANT
1988-5Office CodeVACANT
1988-6Office CodeVACANT
1988-7Office CodeVACANT
1988-8Office CodeVACANT
1988-9Office CodeVACANT
1989-0Office CodeD. WhiteHNSNTNASKS0 NEXCom 9890123 FXS
1989-1Office CodeD. WhiteHNSNTNASKS0 NEXCom 9890123 FXS
1989-2Office CodeD. WhiteHNSNTNASKS0 NEXCom 9890123 FXS
1989-3Office CodeD. WhiteHNSNTNASKS0 NEXCom 9890123 FXS
1989-4Office CodeVACANT
1989-5Office CodeVACANT
1989-6Office CodeVACANT
1989-7Office CodeVACANT
1989-8Office CodeD. OlewineAsterisk Interconnection
1989-9Office CodeVACANT
1990-0Office CodeJ. Jonestesting DDNS
1990-1Office CodeVACANT
1990-2Office CodeVACANT
1990-3Office CodeVACANT
1990-4Office CodeVACANT
1990-5Office CodeVACANT
1990-6Office CodeVACANT
1990-7Office CodeVACANT
1990-8Office CodeVACANT
1990-9Office CodeM. KanoAsterisk & Telephony Experiments
1991-0Office CodeVACANT
1991-1Office CodeVACANT
1991-2Office CodeVACANT
1991-3Office CodeVACANT
1991-4Office CodeVACANT
1991-5Office CodeVACANT
1991-6Office CodeVACANT
1991-7Office CodeVACANT
1991-8Office CodeVACANT
1991-9Office CodeVACANT
1992-0Office CodeVACANT
1992-1Office CodeVACANT
1992-2Office CodeVACANT
1992-3Office CodeVACANT
1992-4Office CodeVACANT
1992-5Office CodeVACANT
1992-6Office CodeVACANT
1992-7Office CodeVACANT
1992-8Office CodeVACANT
1992-9Office CodeVACANT
1993-0Office CodeVACANT
1993-1Office CodeVACANT
1993-2Office CodeVACANT
1993-3Office CodeVACANT
1993-4Office CodeVACANT
1993-5Office CodeVACANT
1993-6Office CodeVACANT
1993-7Office CodeVACANT
1993-8Office CodeVACANT
1993-9Office CodeVACANT
1994-0Office Code. The Telephone MuseumFort Kent Magneto
1994-1Office CodeVACANT
1994-2Office CodeVACANT
1994-3Office CodeVACANT
1994-4Office CodeVACANT
1994-5Office CodeVACANT
1994-6Office CodeVACANT
1994-7Office CodeVACANT
1994-8Office CodeVACANT
1994-9Office CodeVACANT
1995-0Office CodeVACANT
1995-1Office CodeVACANT
1995-2Office CodeVACANT
1995-3Office CodeVACANT
1995-4Office CodeVACANT
1995-5Office CodeVACANT
1995-6Office CodeVACANT
1995-7Office CodeVACANT
1995-8Office CodeVACANT
1995-9Office CodeVACANT
1996-0Office CodeVACANT
1996-1Office CodeVACANT
1996-2Office CodeVACANT
1996-3Office CodeVACANT
1996-4Office CodeVACANT
1996-5Office CodeVACANT
1996-6Office CodeVACANT
1996-7Office CodeVACANT
1996-8Office CodeVACANT
1996-9Office CodeVACANT
1997-0Office CodeVACANT
1997-1Office CodeVACANT
1997-2Office CodeVACANT
1997-3Office CodeVACANT
1997-4Office CodeVACANT
1997-5Office CodeVACANT
1997-6Office CodeVACANT
1997-7Office CodeVACANT
1997-8Office CodeVACANT
1997-9Office CodeVACANT
1998-0Office CodeVACANT
1998-1Office CodeVACANT
1998-2Office CodeVACANT
1998-3Office CodeVACANT
1998-4Office CodeVACANT
1998-5Office CodeVACANT
1998-6Office CodeVACANT
1998-7Office CodeVACANT
1998-8Office CodeVACANT
1998-9Office CodeVACANT
1999-0Office CodeT. WisdomIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
1999-1Office CodeS. YoungIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
1999-2Office CodeT. WisdomIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
1999-3Office CodeS. YoungIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
1999-4Office CodeT. WisdomIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
1999-5Office CodeS. YoungIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
1999-6Office CodeS. YoungIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
1999-7Office CodeS. YoungIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
1999-7580Single NumberS. YoungBob Riddell KX-TD1232
1999-8Office CodeS. YoungIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
1999-8999Single NumberS. YoungTest number 999-8999
1999-9Office CodeT. WisdomIndividual Line Assignment for Hosted ATAs
78312Office CodeC. Lauter
273Office CodeI. Jolly
3110Office CodeI. Jolly
311100Office CodeI. Jolly
311800Office CodeI. Jolly
3120Office CodeI. Jolly
312100Office CodeR. van der Vlugt
312200Office CodeI. Jolly
312260Office CodeI. Jolly
312267Office CodeI. Jolly
31245Office CodeR. Enthoven
3129Office CodeR. Enthoven
3133Office CodeI. Jolly
31332451234Single NumberI. Jolly
313400Office CodeI. JollyHosted lines
313494Office CodeI. Jolly
31349455555Single NumberI. Jolly
314400Office CodeI. Jolly
3150Office CodeG. van Til050 (city) and 059xx (villages) are areacodes (“netnummers” in Dutch) for the province “Groningen” in the Netherlands, where I was born and have lived for my whole life.
3151Office CodeR. de ManAsterisk+FreePBX serving @Norm51: Cisco SPA941 (ip phones), MicroSIP / Zoiper Lite (softphones) and GrandStream HT802 (ata adapters) for connecting oldskool PTT T65 rotary phones (pulse dialers)
315712Office CodeI. Jolly
315900Office CodeG. van Til
315903Office CodeG. van Til
3171Office CodeR. van der Vlugt
3172Office CodeI. Jolly
3174Office CodeT. StegemanMy local area code
318377Office CodeI. Jolly
318809Office CodeI. Jolly
318819Office CodeF. GarnierThe areacode of the town that I live in (Elst), in the province Gelderland. It has been in use till 1969.
31900Office CodeF. GarnierFor speaking clock.
3216Office CodeJ. Silkens
3231Office CodeI. Jolly
3252Office CodeI. Jolly
332280Office CodeP. Clark
33698Office CodeC. Lauter
3498722Office CodeA. WyanCisco ATA and other experiments
361Office CodeI. Jolly
3612703807Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
362Office CodeI. Jolly
36212025964Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
368Office CodeI. Jolly
3683311619Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
3683534194Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
3685329001Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
3699947389Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
3751Office CodeC. Lauter
375148Office CodeI. Jolly
3930Office CodeI. JollyHosted Asterisk line
411Office CodeI. Jolly
4117372691Single NumberC. Lauterhosted single line
4117372692Single NumberC. LauterHosted single line
41184507Office CodeC. LauterHosted number block for Th. Neukom, Afoltern, ZH, Switzerland
41523752727Single NumberC. LauterCNET Connection for Phone Museum in Islikon, TG, Switzerland. Hosted line, off Christoph Lauter
41523752728Single NumberC. LauterCNET Connection for Phone Museum in Islikon, TG, Switzerland. Hosted line, off Christoph Lauter
415267019Office CodeC. LauterHosted lines for René Lorétan, Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland. Hosted off Christoph Lauter's server.
41717773316Single NumberC. LauterHosted line for Mirko Wuest, Switzerland
430Office CodeI. Jolly
431Office CodeI. Jolly
431203111Office CodeC. LauterBlock of numbers for Norman Dulosy, Laa an der Thaya, Austria
431203112Office CodeC. LauterBlock of numbers for Norman Dulosy, Laa an der Thaya, Austria
431203119Office CodeC. LauterBlock of numbers for Norman Dulosy, Laa an der Thaya, Austria. The block of numbers is actually a single number in Vienna but Austrian numbers were always DIDs until <= 2010.
431311Office CodeC. LauterBlock of numbers for Norman Dulosy, Laa an der Thaya, Austria. The block is a Vienna block with the modern Vienna area code.
432Office CodeI. Jolly
432228290Single NumberC. LauterHosted number
4322393326Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
4322438179Office CodeC. LauterHosted lines (10) for Reinhart Siegert, Klosterneuburg, Austria
43224387777Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
43227922Office CodeC. LauterHosted number block for Karl Tiefenbacher in Kirchberg am Wagram, Austria.
4322819Office CodeC. LauterHosted block
432522207Office CodeC. LauterBlock of numbers for Norman Dulosy, Laa an der Thaya, Austria.
432529Office CodeC. LauterHosted block of numbers
43268267890Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
433Office CodeI. Jolly
434Office CodeI. Jolly
435Office CodeI. Jolly
436Office CodeI. Jolly
437Office CodeI. Jolly
43720Office CodeC. LauterFull Austrian area code for Norman Dulosy, Laa an der Thaya, Austria
437245Office CodeC. LauterHosted block for Alfred Hochleithner, Lambach, Austria.
438Office CodeI. Jolly
439Office CodeI. Jolly
4400Office CodeI. Jolly
4403Office CodeI. Jolly
440333Office CodeP. BlakeTo connect a PMBX3 and other lines that existed at Scotlands Secret Bunker museum.
44073Office CodeI. Jolly
44100Single NumberI. Jolly
441246Office CodeI. Jolly
441247Office CodeP. Streatfield
441252Office CodeI. Jolly
441283Office CodeI. Jolly
441286Office CodeI. Jolly
441306Office CodeI. Jolly
441333Office CodeI. Jolly
441354Office CodeI. Jolly
4413541Office CodeA. Clark
441386Office CodeI. Jolly
441405Office CodeP. Streatfield
4414053123Single NumberI. Jolly
441407Office CodeP. Streatfield
441408Office CodeI. Jolly
441421Office CodeN. Young
441428Office CodeI. Jolly
441432Office CodeI. Jolly
441448Office CodeP. Streatfield
441473Office CodeI. Jolly
441475Office CodeM. Champion
441476Office CodeN. Young
4414841484Single NumberK. TroyPBX to modem rack
441487Office CodeP. Streatfield
441523Office CodeA. Clark
441526Office CodeP. Ash
441542Office CodeA. Clark
441560Office CodeM. Champion
441580Office CodeA. Clark
441605Office CodeI. Rivett
4416060Office CodeS. Barton-CollinsAdditional range
4416061Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
4416062Office CodeS. Barton-CollinsAdditional code
4416063Office CodeS. Barton-CollinsAdditional code
4416064Office CodeS. WarnesAdditional code
4416233669Single NumberS. Barton-CollinsSingle line
4416239003Single NumberS. Barton-Collinssingle line
441636Office CodeA. Clark
441647Office CodeA. Clark
4416577Office CodeA. ClarkLondon 657 (Sanderstead) 7000 range
441690Office CodeI. Jolly
441703Office CodeI. Jolly
441728Office CodeP. Streatfield
441737Office CodeP. Streatfield
441738Office CodeA. Clark
44174Single NumberI. Jolly
441776Office CodeI. Jolly
441793Office CodeI. Jolly
441825Office CodeI. Jolly
441837Office CodeP. Streatfield
441842Office CodeI. Rivett
441866Office CodeN. Young
441925Office CodeA. Clark
441930Office CodeI. Jolly
441944Office CodeI. Jolly
441965Office CodeA. Clark
44201Office CodeI. Jolly
44203Office CodeI. Jolly
442032Office CodeR. Harris
4420333Office CodeR. Harris
44205Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
442053Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
442054Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
4420573Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
4421247Office CodeI. Jolly
4421308Office CodeM. Fletcher
4421788Office CodeM. FletcherAsterisk exchange
44224Office CodeI. Jolly
442272Office CodeP. White
442273Office CodeP. White
44238Office CodeI. Jolly
4423971Office CodeP. Evans
4423975Office CodeP. Evans
4423981Office CodeP. Evans
44240Office CodeI. JollyAsterisk switch
44244Office CodeI. Jolly
44245Office CodeI. Jolly
44246Office CodeI. Jolly
4424681Office CodeA. Cooper
4424687Office CodeA. Cooper
44248Office CodeI. Jolly
44252Office CodeA. Clark
44253Office CodeA. Clark
4425326153Single NumberI. Jolly
4425351094Single NumberI. Jolly
44257Office CodeI. Jolly
44266Office CodeJ. Robinson
44268Office CodeM. Taylor
44272Office CodeI. Jolly
44272624Office CodeP. Seward-Prior
442736Office CodeI. Jolly
44276Office CodeI. Duffy
44277Office CodeM. Taylor
44278Office CodeI. Jolly
442813Office CodeI. Jolly
44282Office CodeI. JollyAsterisk code
44286Office CodeI. Jolly
44287Office CodeA. Tebbutt
44291Office CodeI. Jolly
44296Office CodeI. Jolly
44298Office CodeA. Clark
44304Office CodeI. Jolly
44307Office CodeM. Loach
4431Office CodeI. Jolly
44320Office CodeI. Jolly
44321Office CodeI. Jolly
44323Office CodeI. Jolly
44326Office CodeI. Jolly
44327Office CodeI. Jolly
4432987Office CodeJ. Kay
44332Office CodeI. Jolly
44336Office CodeI. Jolly
44338Office CodeI. Jolly
44339Office CodeI. Jolly
443446Office CodeM. ThorpeAsterisk to ATAs
44352Office CodeI. Jolly
44363Office CodeI. JollyCode on hosted Asterisk
44366Office CodeI. Jolly
4436664Office CodeI. DuffyHosted lines
4436665Office CodeI. DuffyHosted lines
44366874Office CodeI. DuffyHosted lines
44372Office CodeI. Jolly
44382Office CodeI. Jolly
44385Office CodeI. Jolly
44392Office CodeI. Jollyhosting ATAs
44393Office CodeI. Jolly
44395Office CodeI. Jolly
44397Office CodeI. Jolly
444012Office CodeP. BlakeAsterisk exchange
444013Office CodeP. BlakeAsterisk exchange
444017Office CodeP. BlakeAsterisk Exchange
44404Office CodeI. Jolly
44407Office CodeI. Jolly
44411Office CodeI. Jolly
44412Office CodeI. Jolly
44413Office CodeI. Jolly
44420Office CodeI. Jolly
444204Office CodeI. Rivett
44421Office CodeI. Jolly
4442123Office CodeG. Jones
4442126Office CodeG. Jones
44426Office CodeI. Jolly
44442Office CodeI. Jolly
44447Office CodeI. Jolly
44449Office CodeI. Jolly
44455Office CodeI. Jolly
44457Office CodeI. JollyExchange code
44459Office CodeI. Jolly
44462Office CodeI. Jolly
44473Office CodeI. Jolly
44474Office CodeI. Jolly
44481Office CodeI. Jolly
44483Office CodeI. Jolly
44484Office CodeI. JollyAsterisk code
44486Office CodeI. Jolly
444862Office CodeW. Collison
44494Office CodeI. Jollyasterisk switch
44495Office CodeI. Jolly
44502Office CodeI. Jolly
44507Office CodeI. Jolly
4451Office CodeI. Jolly
4452221Office CodeS. Barton-CollinsAdditional code
4452222Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
4452231Office CodeS. Barton-CollinsAdditional code
4452232Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
44524Office CodeI. Jolly
44526Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
4452682Office CodeI. Jolly
44530Office CodeI. Jolly
44532Office CodeI. Jolly
44533Office CodeI. Jolly
44535Office CodeI. Jolly
4453729Office CodeR. Grant
4453750Office CodeR. Grant
44541Office CodeI. Jolly
44542Office CodeI. Jolly
44543Office CodeI. Jolly
44545Office CodeP. Evans
44546Office CodeI. Jolly
44551Office CodeI. Jolly
44555Office CodeI. Jolly
44562Office CodeI. Jolly
44564Office CodeI. Jolly
445757Office CodeM. Loach
44579Office CodeG. Whiting
44580Office CodeI. Jolly
44582Office CodeP. Evans
445827Office CodeI. Jolly
445828Office CodeI. Jolly
44592Office CodeI. Jollyrecreating local codes
44594Office CodeI. Jolly
445944Office CodeD. Telecoms Group
44601Office CodeI. Jolly
4460124Office CodeI. Rivett
4460126Office CodeI. Rivett
4460129Office CodeI. Rivett
4460135Office CodeI. Rivett
446017Office CodeI. Rivett
446018Office CodeI. Rivett
44602Office CodeI. Jolly
44603Office CodeI. Jolly
44604Office CodeI. Jolly
44605Office CodeI. Jolly
44606Office CodeI. Jolly
4461Office CodeI. Jolly
4461343Office CodeD. Storer
4461445Office CodeD. Storer
44622Office CodeI. Jolly
44625Office CodeI. Jolly
44626Office CodeI. Jolly
44639Office CodeI. Jolly
446396Office CodeD. Humphreys
4463970Office CodeD. Humphreys
44640Office CodeA. Clark
44642Office CodeI. Jolly
446422Office CodeA. Tebbutt
446423Office CodeA. Tebbutt
446424Office CodeA. Tebbutt
446425Office CodeA. Tebbutt
446426Office CodeA. Tebbutt
44645Office CodeM. ThorpeAsterisk switch
44649Office CodeI. Jolly
446493Office CodeA. Tebbutt
44654Office CodeI. JollyGSC & UAXs
446582Office CodeS. Barton-Collinstelephone exchange
446583Office CodeS. Barton-Collinstelephone exchange
446584Office CodeI. JollyTelephone Exchange
446585Office CodeS. Barton-CollinsTelephone Exchange
446586Office CodeS. Barton-CollinsTelephone exchange
4466477Office CodeP. GlentonAsterisk Experimentation
44676Office CodeI. Jolly
44684Office CodeI. Jolly
446892Office CodeP. Streatfield
446893Office CodeP. Streatfield
446894Office CodeA. Clark
446896Office CodeP. Streatfield
44690Office CodeI. Jolly
44691Office CodeI. Jolly
44695Office CodeI. Jolly
44701Office CodeI. Jolly
44702Office CodeI. Jolly
44703Office CodeI. Jolly
44704Office CodeI. Jolly
44705Office CodeJ. Kay
44706Office CodeS. Barlow
4470630556Single NumberI. Jolly
4470630557Single NumberI. Jolly
44707Office CodeI. Jolly
44709Office CodeI. Jolly
4470984Office CodeC. Blackett
44723Office CodeI. Jolly
447304Office CodeJ. Kay
4473081Office CodeJ. Kay
44734Office CodeI. Jolly
44737Office CodeN. Booth
44738Office CodeM. Scott
44739Office CodeI. Jolly
44742Office CodeI. Jolly
44754Office CodeS. Barton-Collins
44766Office CodeI. Jolly
44773Office CodeI. Jolly
4477589Office CodeI. DuffyHosted UAX code
44789Office CodeI. Jolly
44795Office CodeI. Jolly
44803Office CodeS. Warnes
44804Office CodeS. Warnes
44805Office CodeI. Jolly
448081Single NumberM. Stuff
4482289230Single NumberP. Evans
44825Office CodeI. Jolly
44827Office CodeI. Jolly
44837Office CodeI. Jolly
44843Office CodeI. Jolly
44854Office CodeI. Jolly
44855Office CodeI. Jolly
44859Office CodeI. Jolly
44865Office CodeM. Loach
44867Office CodeM. Loach
4486734Office CodeI. Jolly
4486736Office CodeI. Jolly
4486984Office CodeI. Rivett
44870Office CodeI. Jolly
44871Office CodeI. Jolly
44878Office CodeI. Jolly
44880Office CodeI. Jolly
44883Office CodeI. Jolly
44884Office CodeI. Jollyhosting ATAs
44886Office CodeI. Jolly
448943Office CodeD. Lerche
44900Office CodeI. Jolly
44902Office CodeI. JollyCode for Wolverhampton GSC
44904Office CodeI. Jolly
44923Office CodeI. JollyAsterisk Area Code
4492485Office CodeA. Clark
44929Office CodeI. Jolly
44930Office CodeI. Jolly
44933Office CodeI. Jolly
4493334Office CodeH. BinghamVarious ATAs
4493335Office CodeH. BinghamVarious ATAs
4493344Office CodeH. BinghamVarious ATAs
4493345Office CodeH. BinghamVarious ATAs
44934Office CodeI. Jolly
44935Office CodeI. Jolly
44936Office CodeI. Jolly
449363Office CodeA. Clark
44942Office CodeI. Jolly
44944Office CodeI. Jolly
449442Office CodeD. Richards
449442258Single NumberI. Jolly
44945Office CodeP. Snelling
44947Office CodeI. Jolly
44961Office CodeM. HarroldAsterisk exchange code
44962Office CodeI. Jolly
44964Office CodeI. Jolly
44967Office CodeI. Jolly
44970Office CodeM. Loach
44974Office CodeM. Loach
44977Office CodeI. Jolly
44978Office CodeI. Jolly
44981Office CodeI. Jolly
44987Office CodeI. Jolly
44992Office CodeI. Jolly
44999Office CodeJ. Kay
459Office CodeI. Jolly
46122Office CodeI. Jolly
463021Office CodeP. FassbergTeleverket A329 Lerum
463390510Single NumberJ. Covert
46520Office CodeI. Jolly
465201Office CodeP. FassbergAsterisk tandem
465203Office CodeP. FassbergAsterisk tandem
465206Office CodeP. FassbergAsterisk tandem
465207Office CodeP. FassbergAsterisk tandem
465208Office CodeP. FassbergAsterisk tandem
465209Office CodeP. FassbergAsterisk tandem
4676Office CodeM. Thornberg
4676466Office CodeP. FassbergAsterisk tandem
468Office CodeP. FassbergAsterisk Tandem Stockholm
471231Single NumberI. Jolly
471232Single NumberI. Jolly
471233Single NumberI. Jolly
471234Single NumberI. Jolly
472Office CodeI. Jolly
4762Office CodeI. Jolly
4790Office CodeI. Jolly
48126101010Single NumberP. DajczakAsterisk with Dialogic Diva cards
48126101011Single NumberP. DajczakAsterisk with Dialogic Diva cards
49119Single NumberJ. Covert
49203Office CodeM. Hamer
49208Office CodeM. Hamer
49209Office CodeI. Jolly
49211Office CodeI. Jolly
4923021Office CodeM. HerbersFor connecting PABXes and payphones
492349Office CodeM. HerbersFor connecting PABXes and payphones
4930Office CodeH. Weltesimulated ISDN office using yate with variety of PDH/ISDN equipment connected (PBX, RAS, ...)
4940340821Single NumberC. LauterHosted number for Ole Warrelmann, president of German phone collectors
4940454546Single NumberC. LauterHosted number for Ole Warrelmann, president of German phone collectors
49404609040Office CodeC. LauterHosted number block for Sammler- und Interessensgemeinschaft e.V. (German Telephone Collectors Association)
4940483090Single NumberC. LauterHosted number for Ole Warrelmann, president of German phone collectors
49431Office CodeH. Welteyate softswitch + Auerswald COMmander 2 ISDN PBX
494464Office CodeH. WelteSiemens digital EWSD switch for ISDN + PSTN
494952802Office CodeM. AllerkampOld PABX via ISDN switching
4951716789Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
495176292Single NumberC. LauterHosted line
49521Office CodeU. KrachAlcatel OXE with German EMD system connected
495423Office CodeU. KrachGerman EMD System
496131Office CodeH. Schuetz
496243Office CodeI. Jolly
49711Office CodeB. Beck
497221Office CodeC. LauterHosted numbers
497457Office CodeB. Beck
49811Office CodeU. Krach
49911Office CodeH. Welteyate softswitch
499621Office CodeC. Lauter
562Office CodeI. Jolly
563Office CodeI. Jolly
6102Office CodeI. McLean
6102637Office CodeW. Garth
6103888888Single NumberK. LockwoodMelbourne (0)3888888 on an Australian-made GPO 801 telephone.
611194Single NumberB. Bong
611223Single NumberB. Bong
61247Office CodeS. EwingBlue Mountains Telephone Collection
61249Office CodeB. Bong
612791Office CodeS. Ewing
61311Office CodeR. Schipper
61357Office CodeR. Schipper
6136075Single NumberR. Schipper
6137135Office CodeD. Partridge
61381Office CodeR. Schipper
613812Office CodeR. Schipper
61382Office CodeR. Schipper
61384Office CodeR. Schipper
61387Office CodeB. Bong
613876962Single NumberJ. WrigleyUS Bell South payphone in Melbourne, Australia
6139740Office CodeA. Brownlie
614Office CodeB. Bong
615Office CodeB. Bong
616Office CodeB. Bong
6162Office CodeK. Maftoum
616254Office CodeF. FriedlanderCommander S PABX for now, perhaps other things too later
617Office CodeB. Bong
617882Office CodeJ. BoneYeastar VoIP switch feeding into ATA for Manual switchboards and handsets
6180Office CodeB. Bong
6181Office CodeB. Bong
61812Office CodeJ. Ryan
6182Office CodeJ. Ryan
6183Office CodeB. Bong
6184Office CodeB. Bong
6185Office CodeW. Collison
6186Office CodeB. Bong
6187Office CodeJ. Ryan
6188Office CodeJ. Ryan
6189Office CodeJ. Ryan
619Office CodeB. Bong
640Office Code. Dunder
64001Single Number. Dunder
641Single Number. Dunder
642Office Code. Dunder
6425Office Code. Dunder
643Office Code. Dunder
644Office CodeI. JollyHosting ATAs
64428Office CodeB. Roguski
645Office Code. Dunder
646Office Code. Dunder
6467Office CodeB. Roguski
647Office Code. Dunder
6470Office CodeR. van Ryn
647127Office CodeA. SAsterisk replica exchange
6475Office Code. Dunder
647823Office CodeA. S10k-number block for miscellaneous purposes
6481Office Code. Dunder
6482Office Code. Dunder
6483Office Code. Dunder
64840Office Code. Dunder
64841Office Code. Dunder
64842Office Code. Dunder
64843Office Code. Dunder
64844Office Code. Dunder
64845Office Code. Dunder
64847Office Code. Dunder
64848Office Code. Dunder
64849Office Code. Dunder
6485Office Code. Dunder
648532Office Code. Dunder
6486Office Code. Dunder
6487Office Code. Dunder
6488Office Code. Dunder
6489Office Code. Dunder
6493Office CodeM. Technology
64987Single Number. Dunder
86718Office CodeI. Jolly
867283Office CodeP. Yuu
290Office CodeI. Jolly
2902Office CodeI. Jolly
35341Office CodeJ. Mulrane
35344Office CodeJ. Mulrane
35348Office CodeJ. Mulraneaddition code on asterisk
35351Office CodeI. Jolly
35361Office CodeI. Jolly
3536166Office CodeI. Jolly
35816Office CodeI. Jolly
35821Office CodeI. Jolly
3589Office CodeI. Jolly
3803244Office CodeC. LauterHosted line for Yura Tudriy, Drohobych, Ukraine
380552Office CodeC. LauterHosted line for Nikolay Tzyapa, Kherson, Ukraine
4205Office CodeJ. Pesak
420634Office CodeI. Jolly
68630Office CodeI. Jolly


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