Test Numbers

The Collectors' Network

Collectors who wish to be active in the network are requested to create a test number on their site that will answer even if nobody is around. The reason for this is that we have an automated program that checks from time to time to see which office codes are reachable, and which are not.

By doing this, we can keep our directory current, and recoup those office codes that no longer are in use.

This doesn't have to be anything fancy, but can be if you want to show off. All we're looking for is an answer. Here are a few suggestions:

You get the idea -- anything that will answer the phone if you're not around or if you're asleep.

Here are examples of test numbers others have set up:

+1 499-8463   - -   Time of Day (Minneapolis)
+1 736-5000   - -   PEnnsylvania 6 Five Thousand
+1 594-3000   - -   Ed Norton's Lament
+1 867-5309   - -   Jenny, I've Got Your Number
+44 (0) 1 647 0005   - -   Talking Clock (UK - Male)
+44 (0) 268 8081   - -   Speaking Clock (UK - Female)
+61 (0) 82 1194   - -   Speaking Clock (Australia - Female)


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