Using an ATA to Connect to the Network

The Collectors' Network

While installing an ATA may be the most straightforward way of getting a minimum installation up and running, it is not without its caveats. Consider the following:

All in all, though, it's much easier to get things going with an ATA than it is to put together an Asterisk switch. Additionally, there is plenty of expertise on the VoIP Mailng List if you have questions.

So, what are the considerations in choosing an ATA? Here is a handy chart to help you decide.

Make and Model Rotary Dial
Number of
FXS Ports
Number of
FXO Ports
Digium IAXy Yes 1 - IAX2 Not exactly cheap for a 1-port ATA
Motorola VT1000 Yes 2 - SIP Locked to Vonage ordinarily. Look for one on eBay that is unlocked.
Sipura 2000 No 2 - SIP  
Sipura 3000 No 1 1 SIP  

So, how **do** you go about configuring one of these beasts once you have it? Here's the simple answer: Read the manual, and ask the person who will be hosting your ATA what settings you need but don't have the answers for. Typically, these would be:

Then, come back to the mailing list to ask questions if you need further help.